Monday, July 21, 2008

Little bit sick.

I'm sorry it's been a few days since I last posted. I've been under the weather. I really don't feel like talking about it, actually. But I'm on my way back to being healthy...just new a few more days to recover.

When I started to feel better this afternoon, Mommy and I ran around the living room a lot. I showed off my legs and my running form. Pretty good, don't ya think?

I have an awesome teeth-brushing video to show you. I'll post it tomorrow when I have the time to wait for the silly video to download. I have to ask my Mommy for help with it and she's working on a big project (editing a novel that will be released shortly).

I can't believe I've forgotten to tell you this story! The other day, Mommy went to get me after my nap and when she walked in, she saw that I had taken my pants off, my mattress pad and sheets off, and had thrown everything else out of my bed. She'd heard some funny sounds through the monitor before I fell asleep, but I always play and read before I nap, so she thought nothing of it. Turns out that I fell asleep and napped on a plastic mattress. Yuck! I really didn't care though...I slept well.

Well, I'll tell you more about brushing my teeth and learning sign language tomorrow. I love you!

Love, TJ


Friday, July 18, 2008

Dancin' the Jig


Monday, July 14, 2008

Dumbees don't like peas!

First off, I would like to address a question that has been bothering me since my birth. Why does Elmo wear pajamas when he doesn't wear clothes at any other time? I just don't get it. Please feel free to leave me a comment with your answer! : )

Okay, on to the blog. Yesterday at dinner I tried to feed my blue and green dumbee (truck) some peas. He didn't eat them! I even put them on my fork and brought it right up to his mouth...but he didn't "open wide". I don't understand that either. Hmmm. Maybe he shouldn't get dessert. (Mommy didn't have the camera with her when I fed the dumbee his peas, so she staged this picture. What a weirdo.)

Mommy and I needed to get out of the house this afternoon because we were missing Daddy so badly. So we went to the park and Mommy got a second run in for the day. She pushed me for a few miles while I leaned back and made animal noises at the ducks and dogs. Some guy was riding a noisy motorbike on the trails (not allowed) and I imitated the sound of his bike. Mommy laughed at how cute my noises were.

We went to McDonald's after that for my dinner. What a treat! I nearly ate a whole cheeseburger while driving my new Transformer car all over Mommy's arms and legs. Gotta love those Happy Meal toys! Maybe someday Mommy will let me go to the Playland playground there. She never lets me!

Love, TJ


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Budic?

Yes, folks, it's true. I'm getting a BROTHER! A little, hairy brother! Nope, my Mommy is not going to have another baby just yet. But we are adopting a new best friend! His name right now is Logan, but we'll be renaming him Rocky. Doesn't he look like a Rocky?

Poor Rocky started out with a rough life. He was found as a puppy with his collar embedded in his neck. He had to have expensive surgery and they were going to put him down!!! Can you believe it? But his "angel on earth" saved him and brought him home to her husband and other dogs...where she helped him get better. That's where WE come in. We'd been looking into getting a dog for awhile. We even saw a few other doggies - great doggies - just not the right ones for us. Mommy and Daddy were going to stop looking for awhile, but then he popped into their lives and when we met him...we knew! It was love. : )

Rocky likes to give me kisses and lets me kiss him right back. After we go on a little vacation, we're going to have Rocky come live with us for good. I can't wait and my Mommy and Daddy are so excited. Hooray!!!

As promised, here is a video of me talking. Mommy took 4 videos and this is one of the cutest. I'm so silly!!!

Love, TJ


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wringing my hands...Pulling on my shorts

Yesterday was an especially great day...for no reason other than that I got to hang out with my Daddy a lot. I always get quality time with him, but tonight I needed him more than ever. Just before dinner, the storm we'd been waiting for starting moving in. And I mean FAST. We all watched from the window as the clouds blew by and the sky went from bright blue to black. Before it even thundered, I showed my "shark mouth" frown and started to cry. I was wringing my hands and pulling on my shorts - pathetically cute. I couldn't even eat my dinner! So, I clung like Curious George to my Daddy's neck and he went over to the couch where we snuggled up. Mommy put Elmo on TV and we all watched the movie for awhile. It was crazy with thunder and lightening and rain...and I'd cry out every once in awhile. But I never left my Daddy's chest. And I'll never forget it. Once things got under control, Mommy fed me my dinner on the couch. That was so much fun!!!

I've been saying a lot of cute things lately. In addition to all the other words I already know, Daddy taught me how to say clock ("cot" and sometimes "coc" ... hide your giggles, please) and I also say "doddi" for cracker, "col" for cold, "hoe" for hole, and "ezza" for elephant. But by far the greatest word I've ever said was said today for the first time. Mommy took me out for lunch to Cici's Pizza with my friends Sophie and Emily. She talked about pizza all morning and all the way to the restaurant so I was extra ready to say it out loud. Mommy asked, "What are we having for lunch, TJ?" And I belted out "PEEPA!"
I continued to yell PEEPA a few times and then whispered it some more. I've said it all day long and Mommy can't get enough of it. She'll be taping me saying it be looking for that video soon. In the meantime, take a look at me eating on a big boy chair (hooray for the Kaboost!) and playing with my Legos. When you watch the video, be sure to keep an eye on my expression just before the Legos break apart. Classic!!!
Love, TJ the PEEPA head


Monday, July 7, 2008

TJ the Builder

I am CRAZY about Lego toys!!! I build and build and build...and purse my lips...and concentrate so hard. Then I run over to my Mommy and Daddy and yell in my low-booming-excited voice something in my own language that means "LOOK WHAT I DID! LOOK GUYS!" I like to make towers as big as I can. Aren't I so cute?

Shoot, I am going to have the strongest legs ever. I do squats (like this picture shows) pretty much all day long.

I am so into cars too. I drive my dumbees around all over the place. AND I line them up - as always. My car garage has become the center of my attention for the past few weeks. I'm addicted to driving all my cars down the garage ramp. I get so angry when I try to fit a bigger bobby or dumbee down the ramp and it doesn't fit. Ohhh I get so angry. It's okay though. Mommy just takes me away from it for awhile and I forget that I was ever frustrated. (Until it happens again, of course.)

Like my chocolate face? Our friends Joe and Nancy made an incredible bowl of dirt for our Fourth of July dessert. I ate it all up the next day! Mommy didn't let me have any the night they brought it over because it was bedtime for me and she didn't want the sugar rush to keep me up. I slept well that night. : )

I should note that when Mommy set the little bowl of dirt in front of me, I used my spoon and get every single bite into my mouth. None on my shirt. None on my tray. And none in my hair (that's rare)! Except for the smears on my face, I ate the whole bowl.

Mommy thinks I look like Daddy in this picture. (Minus the chocolate face). What do you think?

Love, TJ the Builder


Friday, July 4, 2008

Aww man!

Well, today was the big race day...and Mommy lost. Daddy pushed me to a 17:00 finish and Mommy was sadly 2 1/2 minutes back. She felt really good during the race...but didn't run especially well. She can't complain though - she won some money (2nd place female) and she's so happy to be running and racing. She'll get faster one of these days...

At the start of the race, a boy cut Daddy off and it nearly tipped me over in the babyjogger. Mommy yelped because she saw it happen from behind. Oops. I was fine though...and I helped cheer Daddy on for the last mile. I also used my antennae legs to help with navigation. (Antennae legs = I stick one or both of my legs up in the air while in my babyjogger for minutes at a time or longer)

After the race, we went to my friend Kate's house and had burgers and dogs. Speaking of dogs, their neighbors have 3 Great Danes and a teeny dog. I had fun looking at the "horsies". We played in Kate's little house and then went to a parade. We found out that I am afraid of clowns. Very afraid! It was so hot outside but we had a great time. Kate's parents and my parents had fun collecting candy. I got to suck on a sucker for a little while but I wasn't allowed to hold it by myself. It was my 2nd sucker ever so it was a super treat.

I fell asleep in the car about a mile from our driveway. Mommy transferred me to my bed and I slept a WHOPPING 35 minutes. Ugh. I got my leg stuck between the bars of my crib and it woke me up.

I am talking to my macaroni and cheese (Scooby Doo and mystery machine shapes) right now, so I'm gonna end this blog. Happy Fourth of July everyone!

Love, TJ the Winner


Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Verdict: Guilty

Mommy caught Daddy in the garage tonight...oiling up the wheels on the babyjogger. Awww, Mommy is calling you out Daddy!

Just so all of you Daddy and Mommy are racing in the downtown Matthews 4th of July 5k tomorrow morning. Daddy challenged Mommy to a "race within a race". Daddy is going to push me, and Mommy is gonna run on her own. Daddy said he can beat Mommy by 2 minutes...and Mommy disagreed. So, when the gun goes off tomorrow - whoa nelly, it's gonna be fun!

Check the blog tomorrow to see results of the race!!!

Love, TJ Racer

p.s. I look like such a big boy in these pictures...and Mommy is so sad that I'm growing up. I do love to color...mostly because I like to put the crayons and markers in my mouth. Nummy!


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Legos are painful!

My Mommy says that Lego toys really hurt! She steps on them by accident sometimes and says "owie" pretty loud. They stick to you when you step hard enough - then when you put your foot down, they hurt you again! Good think I don't step on them. When will she learn!?!

I really wanted to wear my Mommy's shorts yesterday. She was carrying them upstairs after she changed out of her jammies. I kept pointing at them saying "peez peez" and since I asked so nicely, she put them on me and folded them in the back so they'd sorta stay on. Do I look pretty in pink? : )

I hate to put a damper on this blog, but please (peez!) don't post a comment if you're selling something! I love that I have lots of friends and family members who read this. But if you're trying to sell me something or make a comment about my Aunt Carey's wedding just to sell some flowers, well, that's just plain old rude. Thank you!

Love, TJ Bucket-head


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