Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Runnin' Man

What can I say? Running is in my genes -- this past Saturday, Mommy and Daddy and I went to Finnie Stadium's new track for an alumni event. The Sparky Adams Invite was being held there and about 5 other events were happening on campus as well. The day was beautiful and could not have been any prettier!Love was in the air, I guess, because I fell in love with Maddy Adkins. She's a young lady nearly a year younger than me (10 whole months, maybe!) but all I wanted to do was chase her and hug her. Daddy had to run out onto the field a ton of times to get me back. I'm tellin' you, I've been bitten by the love bug! I sobbed when Mommy took me home and kept asking to "See Maddy! See Maddy!" I hope to see her again one day. Daddy said he'd hook me up. He's good for it!
Mommy ran a race the next day and I cheered my heart out for her! I jumped up and down and she loved it...more than I will ever know! I ran like a mad man afterward and cheered for other runners too. I even joined Mommy for her cool down while Daddy pushed me in the baby jogger.
No wonder I love to run! I put a mop down on the floor today and jumped over it during my usual evening routine of doing laps around the dining room table. Take a look at my form. Not bad for a little guy! Love, Runnin' Man TJ


Muddy Mud

Well this might be the dirtiest blog I ever write! : ) I got to hang out at my friend Jackson's house last week and had the most fun there! Mommy drove me there so we could hang out with Jackson and Miss Amie in the sunshine. It was a little chilly but all in good fun!

We played inside for awhile but being boys, we needed to get out pretty quickly. So we took shovels and buckets down to the "ceek" and splashed around. At first, I couldn't believe Mommy was letting me get all muddy and jump in my boots and stuff, but I had to obey her and jump right in. Jackson and I explored the creek and then I crouched down to get into digging for a very long time. Maybe I should be a catcher? Anyway, we got so dirty and wet and Mommy and Miss Amie got to watch us and laugh and talk. Everyone had such an awesome time.

After the muddy part, we had snack at the picnic table and played around with dry pebbles and wagons near the house. Their garage had a HUGE tractor in it and I got to touch it!!! Wow-maybe I'll get to have a big tractor like that one day. Lunchtime was fun and we had more playtime after that. But I got tired and crabby near the end so we had to go home. I took a super good nap too. Thanks Jackson and Miss Amie!!!!

Love, TJ


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Newest American Idol

This morning, Mommy was talking with excitement to CC on the phone in the car and I was in the back seat (obviously). At one point, I yelled out "Mommy, are you freakin' out?" Yes, I actually did say that and we're not sure where I picked it up. She didn't say "I'm freaking out" at any time during the conversation so...anyone have an idea?Mommy worked all day in the office on Tuesday and met Daddy for a lunch date. JUST THE TWO OF THEM! Daddy picked Mommy up and drove her to the Union (her request) where they shared lunch. Actually, they each got their own lunch but you know what I mean. Anyhow, they felt so old going in there...and looked a little out of place too but it was so much fun. Mommy was giggly and Daddy was smiley. Giggly and Smiley love each other and it makes me happy. It was really very romantic.Here are a few pictures of me playing with my glow-in-the-dark foam - a cool Easter prize. I like the google eyes the best. Mommy asked if I wanted to sing Wheels on the Bus after lunch and I did. After my first round, she grabbed the camera for this video. I get my singing ability from my mom. Sorry guys. By the way, I like to sing in a very low voice. Kinda funny.

Goodnight all! Love, TJ


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Max and Wooby

Don't I look like a baseball player here? At church on Sunday, a lady asked me how old I was and she was surprised to hear me say two. She guessed I was 3! She said I looked like I'd be a good football player someday and Mommy answered, "we're hoping for a left-handed pitcher." The lady laughed and said I should play for the Indians right now! Haha. It was kind of funny and kind of sad. I'm not sure why people keep thinking I'm so big for being two. I'm actually under the average weight (almost 31 lbs). Maybe it's because I'm so smart and so darn cute!

CC had a day off on Monday, so she and Mommy took me to the mall. I GO MALL! I GO MALL! When Mommy asked if I wanted to go to the mall, she was surprised that I got so excited. Thinking that I'd be tired from the long weekend, she thought she'd have to prep me a lot more for the trip. I made it easy on her. I sat nicely in my neon green stroller and let her push me around. We window shopped (half the stores weren't even open at 10:20am) and got CC's glasses fixed. happened.
We walked by the Build-a-Bear Workshop and CC asked me if I wanted to make a new friend. She wasn't sure if I'd "get it" but surprise, surprise, I got it alright!!! I ran around like a happy, crazy man and picked out my animal. A doggie!
The nice lady filled him up with fluff and I squeezed him to see if he felt soft enough. Then I picked out a heart...and she had me rub it on my nose so he'd be funny like me. I rubbed it on my head so he'd be smart like me. And, well, a few other things I forget. Then I kissed the heart and put it inside.
Next was BATHTIME! It was really fun to give my doggie an air bath because I felt like I was taking care of him. I was a little shy of the air bath at first, but then "washed" him and brushed him. I talked the whole time too.
It came time to name him. I couldn't think of a name so Mommy came up with some and said "How about Sam? How about Marty? How about..." I said nope to all those. She suggested Max, and my eyes lit up! MAX AND WOOBY! MAX AND WOOBY HIS NAME! One of my favorite shows is Max and Ruby and I wanted that to be my doggie's name. The rest is history!
I had fun typing out MaxAndRuby's birth certificate and put him in his box home. I listened like a very good boy and jumped back into my stroller so Mommy and CC could push me around a little more. Then we went home and Max and Ruby sat on my lap the whole time. Awwww.
At bathtime last night, I came up to Mommy and tapped her leg. "We best friends, Mommy?" Her heart burst. I asked her again and she squeezed me so hard and told me that we were definitely best friends. (I had just seen Dora's Best Friends Day episode) When I got into bed, I jumped up and down a little and said "Best kid in da world! I'm best kid in da world!" Mommy laughed so hard. When Daddy got home, she found out that he had told me that a few hours earlier. A million times. I don't forget much, folks!

G'nite everyone!!! Love, TJ


Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Ears...

Oh gracious, this week was crazy. Mommy started work in the office on a more regular (still part-time) basis and had a big Ebenezer Flea day at Redwood Elementary School. Daddy left for Canada on Friday for a bachelor party (yes, on Easter weekend) and that's when my fever flew into action.I had a high fever for 3 days following a 10-day cold and my ears hurt so badly that I winced in pain for hours upon hours. Mommy felt helpless to make me feel better but she tried everything she could. Mostly, she just rocked me and played with my sweaty hair. She sang to me for 3 days straight. Mommy took me to see the doctor and I was sad when we sat down on the crinkly paper. I hid my face in Mommy's neck and answered the doctor's questions between sobs and tears. "Mommy's doctor. Not TJ's doctor" I kept saying. My chest heaved and I clung to my Mom for dear life. She saved me and even gave me fruit snacks.

The doctor said I have a double ear infection and a sinus infection. I am SUCH a good boy about taking my bubble gum flavor! Mommy smelled it and lots of memories came back. Not good ones, either.
Why is it that I'm always sick on holidays? I puked all Thanksgiving Day, had a bad cold for Christmas and now, Easter was a sicky day too. Oh boy, what's the next holiday? I need to prepare.

I wore my suit and tie (the one I wore when CC married Uh Paul) to church in the morning and then went to Bondi's and Poppy's for Easter brunch. I got an Easter basket and looked for eggs all over the back yard. Each time I saw one, I said "ohhh wow!" and my green eyes got really big and wide. Daddy came home in the afternoon before we left for Grandma's and Grandpa's Easter dinner at the Santoriella's. I didn't eat much of anything - I actually ate like Tiny Tim. Had some crust of bread and maybe an olive or two. But I got Easter baskets from all my friends and family there too. WOW! I did have some room in my tummy for cookies and candies. It seriously was like Christmas Day. Thanks Easter Bunny!

Love, TJ


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Wipers on the Bus...

Hi kitty-cat! Where you going? Bye kitty-cat. Have a good day! Go home, Kitty! Go home!

This was the conversation I had with the black cat outside our house today. This cute kitty likes to sun himself on our back deck and sleep on the slide in our backyard. I think he's an outdoor cat who "lives" next door, but he sure likes coming to see me! Mommy likes it because there's a glass window/door separating us! (She's got silly allergies that make her eyes itchy...but don't let her take any Benadryl. She gets goofy.)

As Mommy, Daddy and I were walking outside today (after talking with the cat) another mom and dad walked past us with a baby. I waved and said 'hi baby' then looked up at Daddy. "Daddy and Mommy, I said. You my Daddy. That her Daddy. You my Daddy. Her Mommy and Daddy (pointing to the other family). Anudder one. You my Daddy - you my Mommy. Mommy and Daddy. And TJ." (Mommy cried.)

I want to see Jackson and Miss Amie at MUMS tomorrow at church. But no friends. I don't want to see friends and I made that clear to Mommy. "We'll see", Mommy said, but I know what that means. We're going to see friends tomorrow. I just might cooperate - and I might now. Either way, my Mommy thinks I'm the coolest.

I went simming in the cool with Poppy today. Daddy bought me a Spiderman suit this weekend and I got to use it today so Mommy could work. I worked up such a huge appetite that I ate 2 hot dogs for lunch and slept 3 hours. I think Mommy is going to take me swimming a lot more now. I went last week with CC and Mommy and had the best nap then too. Hmmmm. It was worth it. I had so much fun!!!

At dinner Sunday night, I got to see Auntie Wissa, Uh Bill, Damma and Dampa. I'm going to phoenetically spell their names because it's kinda cute that I say their names this way. When I grow up enough to call them Grandma and Grandpa, I'll spell it correctly. Anyhow, their doggie Vader went to heaven last week. It's very sad because Vadey was such a good boy. Mommy and Daddy didn't tell me and weren't sure that I'd notice he wasn't there - enough to say anything. But, I did. Dampa was playin' trucks with me on the floor and I said "Where's Vader?" It kind of blew everyone's socks off.

Need a keenex, Mommy. I got boogers. In my nose, I got boogers. I said this very loudly at the grocery store the other day. Lots of ladies in the dry pasta row laughed. Mommy did too, and then she wiped my boogers.

You not goin' running today. You not going running. I not nap now. I not tired. No, you not workin' today, Daddy. This is my new way of saying that I don't want something to happen. Aww!

By the way, Daddy got Mommy windshield wipers for her birthday on Tuesday, and I am taking notes. That must be so romantic!!! Good job, Daddy! : ) Actually, Daddy treats Mommy like it's her birthday every day. She's very lucky and she knows it.

Love, TJ who's-the-cat? who's-the-cat? who's-the-cat?


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sidewalk Chalk and Wormies

This is gonna be a good one. I'll start with the other morning...I was brushing my "teef" in the sink while Mommy was putting on her makeup. I hopped down from my stool, grabbed her eyelash curler and took off laughing. When she found me, I was lying/laying (whatever!) on the bed and had taken off the two rubber rings. I put them on my tummy and said "Wook Mommy! I a snowman!" Am I creative or what? Mommy tackled me and I'm pretty sure I peed my pants from her tickling me.

Mommy learned a very big lesson yesterday. She was very excited that the library had Ratatouille and we watched some of it last night. Well, I was totally entranced in the movie and watched almost 30 minutes of it. Wow! After we watched the rat cooking, I wanted to cook and said so. We cooked in my play kitchen for awhile and then it was time for bed. After the bedtime routine, Mommy left my room and I shrieked out in fear about 4 minutes later. She came right in because I was actually hysterical. "I see Ratatouille! I see Ratatouille! I sared! I sared!" Oh, and I was scared. Mommy had to sing to me for almost an hour until I would let her go - I had my shark-mouth cry goin' and everything. So, Mommy learned that I'm getting older and my brain is getting more developed and more creative so EVERY SINGLE minute of tv I watch is going to be happy and not scary. No more Disney movies (except Cars) and even no more Peter Pan for awhile. Mommy feels bad that she made me scared...

Hey, guess what!? I have nipples! Actually, I have two nipples! Last night I was rubbing my bewwy (belly) and ran into a nipple. I asked Mommy "what's on my bewwy?" She told me it was my nipple and that I had two! It was exciting to me. I looked at them in the mirror today and laughed.

This morning, Mommy and I went out in our backyard. We haven't been in the backyard much since we moved here, so we decided to do some raking and sweeping and playing on the slide and swing. I climbed up high on the slide and made sure I yelled "I so tall!" to Mommy each time. By the 4th time down, I wasn't scared anymore. In fact, I skipped saying ready, set, go and just went for it.

We took a break from sliding and raking to draw on the driveway. I got sidewalk chalk from Grandma and Grandpa so we broke that out and colored up the cement! Mommy drew me a dinosaur and a sun and wrote some fun words like "worm" and "tj has boogers". I drew some things and talked about what I was doing, but then got distracted by all the squirmy wormies. What'zat? What'zat? We named them all Shermie the Wormie after a Backyardigans episode. Mommy was surprised that I wanted to pick them up and didn't have much of a problem with it until they wriggled around in my hand. I carried them around and then threw them once they tickled me too much. I learned over and over that if you pick up a Shermie the Wormie too tightly, they break in two. Gulp. Mommy felt a little sick after I sent a few worms to heaven. The pretty, chalked-up driveway became a little worm graveyard when I was through.

After my nap and some inside play, Daddy took me outside so Mommy could make dinner and get some work done too. We went to the Metroparks and I got to skip rocks and swing with my strong Daddy. He's my new favorite verse in the song "Wheels Bus Around". More on that later. We had a great time and I got nice and hungry. I ate a great dinner and then went BACK OUTSIDE for a final round of playtime. Daddy and I finished in the backyard while Mommy ran. What a day!

Love, Mr. T


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