Sunday, July 26, 2009


Mommy and Grandma took me to the zoo a few days before my big car trip down south. We had so much fun! I have to admit, I talked more about the cranes and construction workers than the zoo animals, but it was too cool to pass up.

Grandma walked me around nearly the whole zoo and I held her hand most of the time. I was a good boy! So good that she bought me awesome zoo vehicles that I just HAD to sleep with when I got home. She asked me if I wanted something else in the store too and I said "no, just these cars." How sweet is that!
I must tell you all that it took a LOT of convincing to get me into the dinosaur exhibit. And I mean A LOT of convincing. But somehow, Grandma and Mommy "tricked" me into thinking that I did want to see the dinosaurs. About 7 strides in, I started to cry and Mommy had to run me through to the end. I sobbed and hated that they moved. At the end, I got brave enough for a picture on one that DID NOT move. But cried a little more on the way out.On the drive home, Mommy asked me which part of the zoo/animals was my favorite. Wanna know what I said? THE DINOSAURS! Oh my gosh, Mommy just laughed, shook her head, then called Grandma to tell her. What a silly guy I am!

I played in my new tent after that. Grandma and Grandpa got it for me as a surprise. I loved it so much that I took it to the beach in Hilton Head...I'll write about that very soon.What an awesome trip to the zoo. Thanks, Grandma! Love, TJ


Saturday, July 11, 2009

How many funnel cakes?!?

I got to go to 2 fairs in the past several days. How awesome is my LIFE!!! Last weekend, Bondi, Poppy, Nonny, Momma and I went to Retroland (Grindstone Festival)! I got to play games like Pick Up Rubber Duck and won a CAR! I even rode on the Merry-Go-Round. Bondi held me tight so I wouldn't fall off and I made sure I said that a few times. "I won't fall off!" : ) Then Nonny bought me some french fries and I ate them with lots of ketchup. The funnel cake was my favorite...and Mommy's too. We looked at all the fun rides, but I was too nervous for most of them. Poppy showed me a cute puppy and helped me color my lion mask. I wore that lion mask proudly all afternoon and all night. Rarr! It was so fun!Daddy and Mommy took me back to Retroland the next day and I got to ride the Pumpkin Ride with Daddy. He twirled us around and I didn't feel sick at all. "That was FUN, Daddy!" We got another funnel cake...oh yes, we did!Yesterday morning, CC and Momma took me on a walk around town and got me a cookie. We saw dump trucks and diggers everywhere! I got to help walk Julius, but he was a little too strong for me so I let CC help. I asked if we could go to the cool (pool) and Momma said YES! So, CC went to Chicago in an airplane and we went to the Incredible Cool (my name for it since I can't say Middleburg Heights pool) and had tons of fun. I jumped into the water holding Mommy's thumbs and counted "1,2,3 JUMP!" at least 40 times. (Her arms are sore today!) Then after my nap, we went over to Uncle Bill's and Auntie Melissa's house to pick up some shirts. They have a cool shirt business, so keep them in mind! ( I got to see their new cool in the backyard. : ) I'm gonna go swim there soon.
After that, we hopped on over to Grandma's and Grandpa's house. I just wanted to play with the hot rods and trucks there so badly. When we pulled in the driveway, they were ready to go to the fair. WOW! I got to ride on a choo-choo 3 times...once with Daddy, then Grandma, then Grandpa. I was a little too afraid of the slides and other rides. Note my face in the picture below. I got to play games and then Grandma had me play a passing game. I threw the football and made it through the hole on my third try! I won a huge hammer and it squeaks when I hit Mommy on the head with it. Then Daddy stepped up and hit 3 bball shots in a row. Nice work, Daddy! He won me a stuffed choo-choo! And yes, the night ended with a funnel cake. Yum! Then we went to Grandma's and Grandpa's to play with the Matchbox promised. What a week!Today, we had a family reunion and I played in a big red barn and in a cabin and a tee-pee. Daddy and I played football with some kids and I caught on how to play rough. My arms are all scratched up...and Mommy is trying to fathom watching me play pee-wee football someday. She might be pretty nervous about that. Poppy was happy to see his relatives and I was glad to meet them. We had a great time and I was red, sweaty and exhausted when we left. After a bath and dry clothes, I was ready to nap like a champ!

Whew...I'm sure you're tired of reading this so I'll quit for now. Later! : ) TJ


Monday, July 6, 2009

Doggies and Castles

"Momma! Wook at all that wood!" That was my boisterous quote from this morning's trip to the "Castle Playground" we frequent. Mommy's friend Miss Amie told her about it and we love it there now. Hopefully, Jackson and Nate and Cooper and my other friends can come soon too. My favorite parts are the red chair swing and the tunnel slide. I like the swing because I close my eyes and "p-tend like I flying like Buzz White-ear". Except I don't want to fall down and break my arm off. Yes, I said that to Momma today. She laughed so hard she nearly needed one of my diapers.
This is the puppy Mommy discovered on Thursday at Retroland...also known as Coe Lake. (I'll explain later). He's a beagle-bulldog mix and pretty much exactly what my Mommy has always wanted in a dog. I got to meet him...he's the Mayor's dog. Maybe someday we can be brothers or at least play together. Mommy got teary-eyed when he came over. She loves him as much as I do.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Petey Fish is Sleeping?

This morning (about 10 minutes ago), I ran over to my Momma and said "PETEY FISH IS SLEEPING! LIKE THIS!" and I acted it out. Mommy smiled but deep down she looked kinda sad too. I'm not sure why -- Petey was just sleeping!

Mommy took him upstairs so he could finish his nap. I wonder if I'll remember to ask about him later today. (Mommy hopes not.)

Stay tuned for what happens next. WE don't even know yet!

Love, TJ


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