Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chicken Fried

The other day, I got TJ buckled into his carseat and then started the car. I had driven it home from work the night before and hadn't turned the radio off so it was blasting "mommy songs". Instead of just turning it off, I turned it softer and was about to put one of TJ's favorite CDs in when we both heard these lyrics to what I'm guessing is a popular song right now. I have no idea who sings it but it says, "even when the sky is falling down...dooooown...dooown...."

TJ piped up quickly and said, "What is this, Mom? Chicken Little?" Ohhh my gosh, I almost drove off the road. It took me half a second to catch what he meant but then I had to agree. Yep. Yep, it was about Chicken Little.

---- I just noticed that my Mom wrote this blog instead of me. But I'm too tired to make her change it so it's going to stay for now. G'nite friends!

Love, TJ


Monday, March 29, 2010

i don't know how to say this...

I really don't know how to tell you all this, but I'm just going to come out and say it. I am the best kid in the whole world. And...I am Iron Man. Oh, and...I am ten years old.

I don't say I'm the 'best kid ever' in a boastful's just that I am the sweetest, lovingest (yes, it's a word) kid on earth and the absolute freaking joy of my Mommy's and Daddy's life. They can't get enough of me and I like that.

I'm not perfect, of course. That's obvious. I have power struggles and trouble listening sometimes...things like that. But on any given day, I listen well and my Mom and Dad know they're lucky. Mommy watched me follow directions wonderfully during Open Gym today at the Rec and she was so proud! I sat nicely when I was asked to, helped clean up, sang songs, ran around like a complete nut, and counted balls in the parachute...then after I chased down a kid for a ball and knocked him over, I said sorry and gave him the ball back.
I have the greatest, funniest personality and I'm just plain fun to be around! And if you're looking for energy - boy, I've got it. From the time I wake up to the time I fall asleep in bed, I am moving a mile a minute. I get that from my Daddy. I'm the perfect match for my family.

Maybe this is all just review...but I haven't written in so long that I wanted you all to remember who I am. I like to tell people I'm "this many...ten...I'm this many...ten" and hold up all my fingers. I tell anyone and everyone 72,000 times a day that I'm Iron Man, Devastator, Bumblebee, "that kid" (and point, yes, point), Timmy, TJ Butterfly, and so on. Then I assign other people names. Like this: "Daddy's a Daddy Optimus Prime, you're a Mommy Optimus Prime, and I'm a TJ Optimus Prime". That's how our day goes. Every day. And the Budic family loves every minute of it. That's us! How are you?


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lovely Ladies...

Let's try this again...I typed up a long and wonderful blog last week only to have it freeze and delete before saving. So, I'm over my frustration and hoping to post this tonight. Here goes...

Tuesdays was a nutty day! After a good morning, my Auntie Melissa came over to play with me while Mommy went to work at noon. We built mega-blocks castles and knocked them down, played games, went outside to play and ate snacks and goodies all day. I was "Iron Man" or "Devastator" all day long and was sure to remind Auntie over and over. We also had fun with puzzles! See, I pretend that I can't find the last piece of the puzzle, then whip it out from behind my back so that she's thrilled I found it. I'm such a trickster! : ) Around 5, my Aunt CC came over to watch me for an hour and we played too...and ate snacks like Whales. Then my Aunt Val came to hang with me and play even MORE! She was over until 7 when Mommy got home from work. How cool was it that I got to see all 3 of my aunts in one day!!! It was a crazy day and Mommy and Daddy are very appreciative of everyone's help with me. Truly, truly. I'm lucky to have so many people who love me...

Wednesday was pretty crazy too! My Doddy was in Phoenix, Arizona for a few days and took the red eye to be home with me. Want to hear where I was when he got home that morning? Running in the park with Mommy!!! Here's how it happened. Mommy's training for the Cleveland Marathon and needs to cram in the miles whenever she can, but she doesn't like to be away from me. So we tried the babyjogger (or as I call it now...the stroller since there is no baby involved) for the first time in over a year. With a blanket, fruit snacks and a few books along for the ride, I was a champion partner for Mommy. We had the GREATEST time running together through the park - over the thunder bridge, under the train tressel, and up and down hills. We laughed and goofed a lot and then after awhile, I asked Mommy if we could race. So Mommy unbuckled me...and chased me. Then I chased her. I don't remember laughing that hard in a long time - and Mommy too. I shrieked so loud, then as I climbed into my seat, we saw Daddy pull into the parking lot. DODDY!!! It was a perfect moment. A series of perfect moments.

After awhile, Mommy headed to work and Grandma came over to play with me. She brought green cookies and St. Patrick's Day movies and books. It was so fun!! She likes to read to me and play games and is always so sweet to me. Mommy hopes I'm as nice to her as she is to me. She even made me my favorite sandwich and brought it along for my lunch. Woohoo!! We went to the park as well, then Doddy took me to track practice to watch the guys practice the steeplechase. I did some practicing myself. : )
I'm sure I missed a lot here...but my little brain forgets things quickly. Sorry friends!!

I do have to add that Thursday morning was great fun too. Mommy and I did the stroller run in the park thing again...then just stayed out in the park to read books and dig in the dirt for awhile. It was so relaxing and Mommy just ate it all up. She loves that kind of a day!!

Love you guys...


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Go to your HOME!

I'm home! Home! HOME!

We've successfully and completely moved into our new house...which is my home sweet home until I go to college and it feels great. I can't describe the feeling of it - but this whole family is super thrilled ... and relaxed here. We've felt displaced for a long time now, and can finally get back in the groove.

All the packing and moving took its toll on me. For about two weeks, I was in a toddler funk. But yesterday, Mommy declared that I was back. She literally looked at me and said, "there you are TJ!" She missed me. : )

So you want to hear about our perfect day yesterday? The unperfectest part about it was that Daddy wasn't there. He was at work. But as far as Mommy-and-me days go, it was SWEET!

I woke up early - again - and we had warm blueberry waffles. We read lots and lots of books and then watched a healthy dose of Tom & Jerry...then Super Hero Squad. It's amazing how much I've taken to watching Tom bash Jerry on the head and vice versa. And all of this action/drama without talking. It may be violent, but it's quiet violence. Ha! (Was that a confusing sentense or what!?!)

After a nice warm up of a morning, we went to open gym at the rec center. I am absolutely crazy about open gym and I get so excited as we walk in that I'm practically out of breath before I even get my shoes off. Mommy watches me for a bit, then goes up to run on the treadmill before coming back to see me do the clean up songs and the parachute part. Oh gosh, she just beams with pride as she watches me follow directions and LISTEN to the teachers. Amazing! After that, we went to get groceries to fill up our bare cupboards. I like grocery shopping with Mommy...and she likes having me along. A few weeks back, she went at night while I was asleep and Daddy was home with me. Mommy thought it'd be nice to do it without distraction but man, oh man, she missed me!

We unpacked the bags of food, had a yummy lunch and then hit the road on my new bike. I rode to the mailbox two blocks down to mail a few letters and decided to keep going. The weather was so nice that we decided to check out the neighborhood. Well, our planned 20 minute bike ride turned into a 75 minute bike ride over snow drifts and through enormous puddles of dirty melted snow. It was glorious and we had a ball! When we finally rolled up into the driveway, I said "Shew! That was a LONG bike ride!"

I went pantless for quiet time after that. My jeans were soaked and I didn't feel like putting new pants on so I just hung out in my undies for a bit. Mommy did some work while I had quiet time and I was very good about it. Then we did a few errands, had a cheeseburger at McDonald's and then picked Uncle Ben up for a Bible Study we were checking out at Caden's and Lillian's. Us kids had the entire basement to ourselves...9 of us boys and 1 girl, I think. From upstairs, it sounded horrible and Mommy had a hard time sitting still. We knew we couldn't stay long from the start because I have a sorta strict bedtime (especially since I'm trying to get back on track since the move) so we jetted early. Maybe next time...

After that long and wonderful day, I fell asleep like a champ and slept like a zombie. What a fun day to go back to being myself. Love you! Countdown until soccer starts pretty soon. G'nite!


Well, I started this blog weeks ago...and I'm only getting to it now. So...sorry! : ) I will call it "Family Time"!

I sure love my family and I'm so happy and lucky that I get to live near them now. The other day (back when I started writing this), my Aunt CC and Uncle Paul called to see if I could come over and play. Well, I jumped up and down like a crazy man and agreed. Mommy dropped me off in my snowpants and all my gear ready to play with the doggies outside.

I built an enormous snow fort (decorated with some yellow snow, no doubt) and had a ball! After awhile out in the cold, we needed to warm up. So, they fed me cheese curls, chicken nuggets, two bowls of ice cream and hot chocolate. Oh - and some marshmallows on top. When Mommy picked me up and heard about my "meal" she laughed out loud and said it would be an interesting next few hours. And it was. I was off the wall for a short while then fell asleep on the couch for an hour. Nice!

Auntie Melissa and Grandma have been coming over to TJ-sit (NOT babysit) while Mommy is at her office twice a week. I wrestle and ride my bike with Auntie Melissa. We color too sometimes but mostly I just tell her to color things. I usually have to poop while she's here with I'm sure she thinks is pretty special. : ) I love seeing her more often and she brings good snacks. Grandma brought movies last time and I talked about them a lot when Mommy got home. She brought a special sticker and coloring work book too. I am really rockin' my colors lately! Grandma reads me books a lot too and makes good voices and she wore me out so much that I fell asleep on the couch as Daddy was walking in the door from his work. I'm so silly!

Thanks, Family!!! I miss you guys!
Love, TJ


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