Tuesday, November 13, 2012

All Pro Dads! Go BROWNS!

Hand in hand with Lou Groza Football league, comes All Pro Dads programming. TJ's school hosts this for kids and their dads and it's usually breakfast before school. But tonight, it was an extra special evening program with lots of activities, Browns players and super action! Tim and TJ came home like they had just been at the Super Bowl...with stars in their eyes! As you can see, T got to try on some pads and also drew a sweet picture, threw some good passes, raced on a sheet and got a new lunch box! 


We love LEGO!

We invest in Lego : ) TJ is a fanatic and I must admit that we are too! Our little man got started on Lego building when a coworker of Tim's bought him a starter set a few years ago. It's been the consistent answer to the question, "what should we play now?" ever since.

Yes, they hurt when you step on them. And if you're barefoot and happen to step back down on them before you swipe them off your foot, they will make you cry out again! However, Lego never disappoints. They don't break. They don't look one way in a catalog or on the box, and look like something else when you open them. They build upon each other and they live a long time!

TJ got his first Lego Hero Factory last Christmas. Since then, any prize or reward for a full sticker chart has been a Hero Factory or mini Lego figure. Well, we've accumulated many and this weekend we discovered that we were missing about 3 key parts to completing all of his Hero Factory "guys" at the same time. I'm actually surprised that we haven't lost more than that! Well, Tim went online and discovered that you can order replacement parts through Lego customer service. (Here I thought they'd make you buy a whole new set!) So he selected the parts we needed and ordered them quite easily. A day later, however, he got an email from Lego saying that they weren't going to charge us. Yes, you read that correctly. They wanted to let us know our new parts were on their way and that we should enjoy them without paying this time. I nearly fell over. How sweet is that. Woohoo!!!

Thank you, Lego. Seriously, what a way to make a customer feel pretty awesome. We'll continue to enjoy building and maybe implement even more family Lego nights!  


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