Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Soccer and Love

What to write...what to write. Well, Mommy stood in the living room for the entire last quarter of the Cavs game tonight with her hands on her mouth. It wasn't a very pretty game but they won after all. She didn't know it but I was hiding behind the couch the entire time taking stats for LeBron. He's my hero - after Daddy, that is.

9.9 times out of 10, I get more than psyched to see my Bondi and Poppy on the days my Mommy works at the office. But today was a different story. As we were driving over to their house, I told Mommy that this was the best day ever. She gave me the "awww TJ!" look as she peered over her shoulder at me. And then told me every day for the past 3 1/2 years have been the best days ever for her too. And the 11 months before that were the best too, since she married my Dad. Well, we pulled up to Bondi's and Poppy's house and I got out very excitedly. My friends next door were out playing and I took off to get my bike out of their garage. Mommy took that as a 'hit the road mom' sign from me and headed back to the car to head to work. NOT what I wanted. I saw her turn toward the car and let out a scream from the garage. MOMMMMY! DON'T LEAVE! DON'T LEAVE ME! I sprinted toward her and she scooped me up - bike helmet and all. I cried and sobbed on her shoulder and begged her to take me along. I was panicked and I'm not sure why! She tried to talk me through it, said she'd call me and talk to me while she drove to work, described the fun we'd have when she got home and the fun I'd have while she was away. Nothing worked and Mommy tried not to cry herself. I kicked and screamed and acted wounded but she had to go. I think she had more tears on her face as she drove away than I did.

I eventually calmed down but not before telling Bondi that I was going to walk to find Mommy. And I started to, actually. I only made it a few driveways down the street but Bondi knew exactly how to respond to me. And then I had a fun, fun day! Mommy didn't though. She worried about me all day and missed me too. She hates leaving me...but loves coming home to me. Daddy too. I know he doesn't want to go on trips for work but he's good at what he does -- for work, for me, for Mommy and our family. We're a great team.


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