Saturday, January 30, 2010

I was watching Super Hero Squad the other day which, along with Tom and Jerry, has become my new favorite show. The Hulk was carrying a big green plant and I yelled out, "hey momma, that matches. the green plant and the huge hulk"! I've said some other cool things lately too. Read on:

TJ: Hey Mom, how did the doctors get me out of your tummy?
Mom: Wow T, thought I had a few more years before you'd ask that question. (avoiding the answer)
TJ: What are you saying to me? I said how did the doctors get out?
Mom: Mmm, lots of medicine.
TJ: Med-cine? But how did I get out?
Mom: Ohhh (sigh), they uh, gosh I don't know how to answer that.
TJ: Maybe your bellybutton?
Mom: Well that's a great idea. Let's ask Daddy.
TJ: Ohhh-kay! That's a great idea!

Bondi and I were watching a movie last week and a kid fell in a hole on the show. She asked me what I would do if I had fallen in. I said, "I'd use a rope!" (Mommy loved hearing this story) Bondi asked me what would happen if I didn't have a rope. I replied, "All the kids in there, we'd hold hands and climb up." Cool!

When Mommy came home from work, I gave her a hug and told her a little about my day. Then I came back around and said, "It's okay to be nervous!" Mommy looked at Bondi and they both shrugged their shoulders. Wonder where I picked that up!

I was fightin' Bondi on taking a nap one day. Finally I said, "Okay! Fine! I'll take a nap! Fine!" I said it while mimicking Mommy's voice. Oh dear. Now you all know that nearly two months ago when I gave up my nap, Mommy's final words on the subject were, "Okay! Fine! Don't nap." Oops.

Guess who came over to play with me all day Wednesday. Grandma!!!!!!!!!! We did fingerpaints and thumb prints, books and games, and ate heart peeps! I also ate her sandwich. Didn't want my food, but loved hers! When Mommy got home, she hugged us both. After Grandma left, I said, "she's a girl like you're a mommy girl. and daddy's a boy like i'm a boy...a tj boy." I talked a lot about how Grandma loves me and that she's good at reading books. I also wondered where Grandpa was. "Remember those trains? And the broken one? Can we see those trains and the hot rod soon?" Mommy said 'absolutely'!

I'm so lucky to be close to all 4 of my grandparents and all my aunts and uncles. Gosh, I love them!
Hi family -- I LOVE YOU!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Picture Page, Picture Page

This is me making one of my famous silly faces at the indoor track at B-W. It's a special place in my family!

 Here I am jumping up and down on the jumping "fing" at Open Gym. I love going to the rec with Mommy!

 Bondi and me at the track...waiting to see Stinger (B-W's mascot) who never showed. Nice.

 One of Mommy's favorite outfits...

Another one of Mommy's favorite outfits. I love putting on all my gear once in awhile!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Where's TJ?

The reason for no blogs lately isn't for lack of doing things. In fact, it's because we've been doing so many "things" that I haven't had a chance to write lately.

For example, an 'un'fun thing I did this week was to be sick. I had a fever of 104 over two days and since my fever broke, I've been trying to get rid of a very stuffy nose and a little cough. It's been a little pathetic over here. My 104 fever hit the day my Daddy was driving home to see us from his short business trip. I was pathetically draped over my Mommy while the water heater in the basement was rusting out and breaking. So, we had 3 days without hot water. That was fun.

Yesterday, Mommy needed to get me out of the house (for her sake, I think) so we headed to B-W to watch a basketball game and track meet. There was also a wrestling match, swim meet and racquetball tournament going on at the same time. Needless to say, parking was insane. So, Mommy dropped Bondi and me off and went to park. We cheered and cheered...and I was very excited to get up and down from the stands during the bball game. That made my mom nervous but she let me do it anyway. Probably because we were only in the second row. : )

I've been okay today (Sunday), but Daddy has it now. Ohh Daddy. Pray for us here, please! We've been under attack : ( but we're hangin' in there!

One fun thing I did last week was have my Auntie Melissa over for a morning. Yep, Mommy had to be at work very early one day and Auntie Melissa came to stay with me since Daddy was out of town. We had a great time and even made a sleeping fort. The best part was that in the back of Mommy's mind, she thought "oh, i hope he doesn't have to poop while Auntie is there!" but she decided not to worry since it wasn't too long of a window for opportunity. Well well well, I saved a nice potty time for my Auntie. I'm sure she looks at me much differently now. : )
Love you!


Friday, January 8, 2010

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

sometimes i watch maggie and the rocious beast, but mommy's not really into it. she doesn't even have anything to say about it, but wanted me to document that i say 'rocious' instead of 'ferocious'. she loves it, actually.

av (emphasis on the "a") is my new friend. whenever mommy asks me who i played with at church or things like that, my typical answer is "av". mom and dad aren't sure if i really do have a friend named "avery" or something similar - or if i've completely made it up. i'll never tell.

i also have a new pet named julie the hamster. i carry her around in a little bag and take care of her by saying, "it's okay. i'm here now. i'll take care of you - no more little (wittle) tears." i also had my bath tonight with my puppy pet and said the same things to him. the voice i use when 'consoling' is so freaking cute. mommy said 'you take such good care of your pets in the bathtub' and i said 'PET, mommy. i only have one in here.' HA! i'm already correcting my mom's use of the english language. nice.

mommy took me swimming after she ran the other day. it was so fun - i nearly had a happy meltdown in the kids area. i ran around and told all my teachers that i was going in the pool and then SHOUTED: thank you! thank you, mommy! thank you for taking me swimming. i'm so excited! geez, mommy was impressed with my speaking and then pumped that i tried going down the slide all by myself. i could only see her hand at the bottom of the pool because it was a tube slide. she could hear me at the top saying 'i don't know about this'. i say a lot of things that make her chuckle. 'i don't know about this'? what says that?

flumm is still a word i can't say. flumm, you know...not your finger but your flummm...

g'nite everybody!
love, tj


Friday, January 1, 2010

Chuck E Cheesus

I have been wanting to go to Chuck E Cheesus (yes, it rhymes with Jesus) since I was a little kid. And this past weekend, I got to go!!! Uncle Bill wanted to go for his birthday, and I got invited! : )

When we pulled into the parking lot, I freaked - in a good way. I saw all the flashing lights and excitement inside and could not wait to get inside. At first I was a little hesitant to chum up with Chuck on stage, but when I saw the real Chuck, I was cool with it. Gave him a few high-fives.We got right down to the game-playin' and that was just great with me! The coolest part was that I got to do any and all the games I wanted. We had cups of tokens and just put them in each machine, running from one thing to another. I think the roller coaster ride and air hockey were my favorites. Mommy thinks my expression on the American flag truck was the best though. It's so not my personality...maybe that's why.
We took a break for pizza then got back to winning tickets. My family gave me all the tickets they earned at the end and I got to pick out some prizes! Isn't that awesome? We fed the ticket-counting machine what we won and then walked over to choose prizes. I got a sweet Speedracer car and a soccer bracelet. I left like a man too. No tears, no whining. Just GOODNESS! My Mommy and Daddy were so proud of that! After Chuck E. Cheesus, we went to Grandma's and Grandpa's house for ice cream cake. What a fun day!
Grandma surprised me with a stuffed Chuck and he sleeps with me now. I always ask why he only has two teeth. : )
Love, TJ


I'm a tj toothpick, you're a mommy toothpick, daddy's a daddy toothpick

Mommy asked me to write about this because she wants to always remember me doing this. ALL THE TIME!

About 2-7 times a day, we'll be talking about something, watching something or playing something that triggers me to say while pointing to each family member, "I'm a TJ Christmas tree, you're a Mommy Christmas tree, and Daddy's a Daddy Christmas tree." I've used such comparisons as pigs, socks, poopy-guys, zippers, heaters, rugs, ears, animals and objects.

... or if we're watching a show, I assign characters to each of us. "You're Lola, I'm Charlie and Daddy's Charlie" or "I'm dat boy, you're dat girl, and daddy's dat man". Omigosh, they get a kick out of it every time.

Too fun!
Love, TJ


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