Wednesday, March 12, 2014

wiggly worms and half birthdays!

TJ the hookworm bookworm! 

So...we're super proud of TJ's interest in trying out for the play Squirm and for following through with excitement! He didn't cry or worry about this at all! From beginning to end, he was pumped and we were thrilled for him. And of course, he did great up on stage. : ) That was an added bonus. The best part was that HE was proud of himself and that he had to miss parts of recess to practice. Yay T!

The play was really well done and adorable. I even caught Auntie Marcia jammin' and clappin' along to the songs! :) T was so happy that so much of his family could make it that night. During the morning performance, he had a clouded questioning look on his face and kept mouthing "where's my family?" to me. I was nearly in a panic sitting in the crowd wondering how I could reassure him that everyone was coming at night!? I literally wanted to pounce up on stage and stop the whole thing so I could tell him YES! YES! Lots of your family is coming tonight!!!! I had told him that several times but his hearing and listening have become quite selective lately. Anyway, I think he had the most support of all his classmates...from Grandma and Auntie Marcia, Uh Paul and CC, Auntie Melissa, Aunt Val and Uncle Ben, Reagan and Avery, Nonny and Gram, Bondi and Poppy (fresh from Florida...or unfresh rather - ha!) and DADDY!

Drew loved the dress rehearsal and the morning performances except for the clapping parts or when the kids with speaking parts got too close to the mic. But other than pouting and frowning/screaming after those parts, he did great and supported his big brother.

Here's a pic of Drew today...on his half birthday. He is 6 months old today! My littlest man!

I can't wait to see the doctor next week to talk about him. I love that part.
I will admit though that I worry he's just starting to roll over and he's a peanut in the weight department. But I'm also sure that when he's a linebacker for the Berea-Midpark Titans down the road, I'll laugh when looking back at this post. (Sorry, Drew. You can't be a linebacker even if you are big enough. Unless there are linebackers in flag football. Then you're allowed.)
TJ is so into Drew trying new foods and wants to drink apple juice at the exact second Drew is taking sips of his. (Something we need to do for his tummy.) When I told TJ that Drew is half a year old today, he got SO excited and wanted to go get cupcakes and ice cream to celebrate. I was all for that! Except that it's a freaking blizzard right now...and it was 61 degrees yesterday. Boo.

Our next big thing is a sleepover. TJ wants to share a room with Drew but we're gonna start with a sleepover. Not sure how we're gonna pull that one off but we'll do it with style. And I'm sure I'll have a stiff neck in the morning when I roll outta my sleeping bag.
Just call me, Aleve. (Get it, Care?)
Peace out - family!


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