Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend in Photos

Grandma and I just chillin' at home...ready for the car show!
Grandpa and I looking for some sweet hot rods...and a hot dog too!
Seriously...the look on my face is priceless!
I caught a fish! I caught a fish...or a crab!
Mommy and Daddy like each other a lot!
I love our family!
I am in love with duckies!
Feeding the baa-baa sheep!
Willy is a cool worm!
Reading a library book about doo-d00 at the z00!
Mmmmm...Halloween donuts!!!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

Today was a fantastic day! I played with my "Ponda" and "Tonda" (Grandma and Grandpa) all morning until my nap. When I was done not sleeping, I surprised Mommy by saying a new word that I learned from Grandma and Grandpa while she was at work. I say "Halloween"! Can you believe it? I pointed to Grandma's shirt and yelled it out perfectly well. How cool am I! Then we went out the door for a trip to a pumpkin patch!

When we arrived, I got all excited and yelled out to the pumpkins. "Hi Gop'ms!" We got some tickets and boarded the hay ride. I loved the tractor and watching the kids on the hay ride. We made a stop at a petting barn and I ran around like a crazy man trying to see EVERYTHING in one second. I was like a little red-headed ping pong ball. Bing - to the mini horse. Bing - on to the ducks and bunnies. Bing - next to the goats and pigs. I was a nut! And a very cute nut. I even fed the lambs and Mommy was very surprised that I did it.

I got to pick out a gop'm and it took me forever to choose. After the farm, we went to dinner and I yelled "Hi Houf" to every house along the way. Complete with a wave or a point. Dinner was unbelievable. I mostly ate tater tots, ketchup and grapes...along with some incredible dessert. But Daddy had a crazy, huge double-decker burger and I had a few bites. To help us digest our food, we went to Freedom Park afterward and we played on the jungle gym and walked to the lake. It was beautiful. I didn't want to leave, but sat pretty nicely in the car for the ride home. When we got back, I got some very cool Halloween presents and Mommy and Daddy swooped me off for bed.

Talk about a full day! I get to see some cars tomorrow. It'll be great! Love, TJ


Sunday, October 19, 2008

my daddy is the coolest!

my daddy is the coolest daddy ever! he ran in the columbus marathon today and ran like a jee-tah (cheetah). i'm so proud of him. mommy is too. we skipped church and "watched" the marathon on the computer this morning to see how daddy was doing. the map updated every so often...but not often enough. mommy was jumping around in her fluffy bathrobe and messy hair, screaming at the computer. i was running around in circles yelling "da-ddy! da-ddy!" because mommy's craziness got me all excited. it was a proud day in the budic household. great job daddy, running 2:26 for 26.2 miles. what a stud!

after the marathon, mommy and i went running. then we took a nap (mommy needed a rest after all that cheering) and played in my tent. i was crabby after my nap and just wanted to be held. mommy cherished that because it's a rare thing anymore. we went to small group and had a great time! i cried for mommy when we went upstairs to the playroom. i wouldn't calm down so mommy came upstairs and we ended up having the whole group play and talk. it was so much fun. mommy had a blast! she loves her friends and will really miss them when we move.

i know i update my language every so often but i don't have a system to keep track of it. so, if i repeat things, i apologize. here are more words.

more = moe (no longer "me" like it used to be)
tai chi = cookie
ta-too = thank you
ah-poo = achoo
bah-soo = bless you
appa-sass = applesauce
dooda = dora
fwa-fie = firefly (mommy's new favorite word that i say)

great job, daddy. i can't wait to see you tomorrow night. i have missed you so much. i even called for you after my nap. i went to the door looking for you and mommy got sad. see you soon! love you, tj


Saturday, October 18, 2008

so much to say, so much to say

i'm tellin' you's so hard to keep up with myself on this here blog. so hard! but i'll try...i have a favorite book at mommy's work. i run for the shark book every time and when i grab it, i yell "bite! bite! yark bite! yark bite!" mommy loves it.

my night time routine is pretty cool too. most nights, daddy puts me to bed. but the last few nights, mommy has gotten to do it! we walk upstairs and i put my cup of milk by my chair. then i run run run into the bathroom and pull my step stool over to the sink where i brush my teeth. i brush them myself first, and then mommy or daddy helps me finish up. i get my hands and face all washed up and then, with an exaggerated "ahhh", i dry off and run to pick out some books and climb into my chair. then, i get read to for awhile.

tonight, i got my books ready and went to look for one more. i came out from behind my chair all excited and yelled "ah-nie! ah-nie!" mommy fell over...not because i found my ernie doll, but because i actually said "ah-nie" this time. i'm replacing all my "yeah yeah's" with words and it's so cool. oh, and when mommy was closing my window, we heard a siren and i got excited again (doesn't take much). mommy got excited too and said "SIREN". i yelled back "sigh-nen! sigh-nen!" ahhh, i love my life.

alright, i'll tell you more as i think of it but right now i'm signing off. love you! tj


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Go Daddy-O!

My Daddy is racing this weekend in the Columbus Marathon. Go Daddy! Go! I'm happy that he's doing what he and Mommy love to do. But I miss him.

I just wanted to update you on a few things. I am now able to open and close doors in my house. I'm also able to open the refrigerator door...but not without falling on my cute bottom each time. New words are coming by the hundreds! Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but I am talking so much now. I will repeat (or try to repeat) every single thing that you say. It's so cool. SO COOL!

Love you guys! Miss you, Daddy! Love, TJ


Friday, October 10, 2008

Sir Hiss

During Mommy's run today, she ran into some crazy creatures! She nearly broke her ankle jumping away from a big, fat snake on the path. It was big and black with some yellow zig-zags on it and when she stopped to check it out, it didn't much care that she got close. When she started back up, she ran directly into a huge spider with a body the size of a quarter. It was hanging from a single strand of it's web and bounced off her neck. This time, she let out a big, girly scream. She threw off her iPod and danced around to be sure the nasty thing was off of her. When she bent down to pick up her headphones, she grabbed a lizard too. It was cute, but startled her just the same. The second time around Dragonfly Loop, Mommy was a little more cautious.

I am sure going to miss this house. Mommy and Daddy are too. The realtors came today and put a sign in our front yard. It's hard to look at. We know we're making the right move and we're excited...but gosh, Mommy and Daddy picked everything out before it was built. Mommy could live in this house forever - it's the coziest, lovingest, my perfect house ever. More than anything, my Mom is going to miss the ceiling and plant shelf in their room. Oh, and the colors. And the backyard. And the way the kitchen looks out over the living room. And the fact that my baby and toddler years were spent here. And the red bathroom. And the green bathroom. And the ducky bathroom. And my perfectly Daddy-designed room. And the black appliances with red decor. And...well, everything.

Guess I'll leave it at that for now. Love and miss you guys! Love, TJ the Rain-Dancer


Monday, October 6, 2008

Musical Card

Thank goodness I still love my babyjogger. Mommy and I went for a run pretty early this morning. I had another weird night of sleeping and got up super early again. I sat back, held Eyya between my knees, and played with the card Grandma and Grandpa got us to celebrate our moving home. It's a musical card and I am in love with it. I like to especially take it in the car and now in the babyjogger. Mommy got to listen to "Celebrate good times...come on!" about 800 times during our 5 miles today. I think she's hoping the battery dies soon. Haha. : )

I saw a baby walking in the park when Mommy and I were finishing up our run. I yelled out "hi bebe!" to her. Mommy melted. She loves when I do things like that unprompted.

I forgot to tell you that I can say colors too.

Dooda = Dora (the Explorer)
Ping = Ping
Brown = Bon
Yellow = Yow-yo
Green = Geen
Orange = Odge
Purple = Poe-poe

Love, Little T


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rub-a-Dub Dub

I miss my Daddy. He's in Ohio for a wedding this weekend and I have asked about him a few times. Mommy has made lots of reports to Daddy on my behavior...all of them excellent. Here are a few updates I'd like to share with you.

#1 - I am no longer a bathtime screamer! Yep, it's true. For about 2 weeks now I have been slowly liking my baths. Tonight, however, was my best one yet. After about 15 minutes, I actually sat down in the tub and wouldn't get out for about 15 more. Plus, I didn't even whimper when Mommy rinsed my hair. I even let her trim the back of my shaggy mane. I like to read in the tub now too. I like to page through my bath books and laugh at the pictures. I am so squeaky clean right now!

#2 - After dinner, Mommy and I played out in the yard and the first thing I did was get my shovel and dig up some "ucka" mushrooms. I do that because Daddy does that everytime I go outside too. I don't ever touch them because I know they're ucka. Next, all I wanted to do was kick my ball around. Guess I might play soccer in a year or so. My Poppy had to pay my Mommy a quarter for every time she kicked the ball her first year of soccer. (I think it's theraputic for me to share that...hahaha) But after that, she was crazy about runnin' the field. I can't wait to do it and make my parents even prouder. I bet they won't even care if I score a goal for the other team. I won't try to though. I'm a nice kid...but not THAT nice.

#3 - I love pumpkins. I have a hard time saying the word right so I just call them "paa-gmm" or "gah-pmm". I say that word about 80 times a day. I also like "hotch" (hat), "emmie" (emily), "take" (kate), "bar" (bear), "yayee" (lion), "waah-fu"(walrus), "shoe", "huppo" (hippo), "eyya" (elephant), "kupt-kak" (peacock), "a-den" (again) and "i me" is still "i love you". There's lots more, but that's all I can think of off the top of my head. The first 20 words I ever said are now clear as day...and it makes knowing what I want much easier for Mommy and Daddy. But...a little sad too because I keep getting bigger and older.

#4 - I help Mommy with the laundry a lot. Well, yesterday I was helping her put stuff from the washer into the dryer. I thought it would be cool to throw a little green crayon in to add some color. It added color alright. Does anyone know how to get crayon out of a whole load of laundry? Anyone? Anyone?

Well, I gotta go now. I will write more later. I'm sure I forgot about a million things to tell you.
Love, TJ


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lots of Good Stuff!

I can't believe I get to say this out loud, but WE'RE MOVIN' HOME! Yep, we're packing up and moving back to Ohio. I have to admit that I don't remember much about Cleveland. It was so very cold the whole 4 months I lived there that Mommy and Daddy only took me outside when they had to....and when they did, I always wore 19 layers of clothing and had a blanket covering my entire body. Anyhow, I hear it's really great!

The biggest, best thing about moving back is that I get to see all four of my spectacular Grandparents, my Aunties and Uncles, my three Greats, and my new cousin (hi Logan!) whenever I want! That will be awesome. I will miss my friends here and so will my Mommy and Daddy. They're going to miss the mild winters too. (Mommy absolutely hates snow - it messes with her running and her silly knees.)

Today, Mommy and I went to watch the men build a house in our development. The guys know me by now and some of them even remember my name. We ran down the street and then sat on the sidewalk across from the construction. I didn't want to leave, but after awhile Mommy said it was time to watch Sesame Street and eat lunch. So, I got up and took my leaves and weeds with me.

Today at Mommy's work, some kids hurt my feelings. They were 4 years old and not very nice to me. Mommy had a very hard time with that and had to hold back her tears. She saw my quivering lip and the tears in my eyes and it just literally crushed her heart. I believe she will be up all night creating a bubble that I can live in for the rest of my life.

Everyone is getting ready to vote in a few weeks. I know there are a ton of issues on the line. Big issues. Very important issues that I will definitely not be going into right now. But I do hope that whoever our next leader is, well, I just hope they don't forget to take care of the babies. It's not our fault we can't talk yet or stick up for ourselves. We just want a chance to love and be loved and maybe even change the world someday. Love the babies!

Love, TJ the Dreamer


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