Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holy Night!

So, I bet you'd like to know how this Christmas went? Well, Daddy carried me in the door Christmas night after ALL the festivities and looked at Mommy and said smiled. He said simply that it was the best Christmas ever. Mommy wholeheartedly agreed. THAT is how good it went.
It all started Christmas Eve when we got home from church and dinner. Mommy and Daddy got me all ready for bed in my Santa jammies and then headed for the kitchen to get Santa's snacks ready. I never really "got" this last year...I was too little. But now I'm BIG! So putting cookies, donut holes (yeah really, Santa likes those) and carrots on a plate with a big glass of milk thrilled me. We put it near the chimney - and I was a bit worried about Santa falling on it. But Daddy assured me he had no worries about Santa smashing the treats.
These pictures are of Mommy and Daddy pretending to eat the things we left out for Santa. Of course they wouldn't actually steal them from Santa but they had fun pretending, I'm told. I like the picture of Mommy considering the milk. I'm pretty sure that's what ironic means. Mommy has a love/hate relationship with need to say more.
I went to bed like a champ...and woke up at 8:05am. THAT was Mommy's and Daddy's Christmas present from ME! I haven't slept that for two years! I crept over to them and said, "Did Santa come???" Daddy rushed downstairs to check on the plate of food...and brought it up to show us that he HAD come to our house! I was so excited. We all rushed downstairs and the first thing I saw was my unwrapped present. A horse!!!!! I love being a Cowboy Woody and named my horse "Cowboy" right away. I then opened my stocking and presents right away. I was screeching and talking so fast that Mommy and Daddy just laughed at me...and smiled.
I was very proud of all my prizes and we played for a bit before Mommy made chocolate chip pancakes. Yummy! We ate, got dressed, and played some more. Then we headed over to Bondi's and Poppy's for brunch. We had the greatest meal ever - breakfast pizza! I ate a big pizza with eggs, tomatoes, bacon, cheese and green peppers. Then CC, Uncle Paul, Nonny and GG came over and we unwrapped a few prizes. They all stayed over but we had to get going to our next adventure!
We piled in the car and headed out to Grandma's and Grandpa's. I got more and more presents there and was so overwhelmed all day, I could hardly look at what I opened before I went on to the next gift! Auntie Melissa, Uncle Bill and all my other loving family came over and I even got to see my cousin, Logan! We ate lots of food but I just wanted to play with my toys. I was allowed to get up from the table early. : ) What a fun time with family!!! After being there for awhile, it was time to head over to Nonny's for a late dinner. Yep, another location and another dinner. We haven't been hungry since! (haha)
Here I am riding my new bike...pronounced "bay-k". It's a big boy one so when you push the pedals back, it brakes! I got frustrated at first, but practiced all the next day around our dining room table and got the hang of it before going outside with it. I'm a pro now! Woohoo!!
Here I am working out...with my weights and workout bag. I even have an ID card with my picture on it. "Feel my muscles!!!"
At Nonny's, we had dinner and got to see Reese's and Uncle Max and Aunt Lynnie. Then stockings and a few more gifts. Before we left, Uncle Max read from the Bible and we said a prayer. I jumped up at the chance to say something and grabbed the Bible I had just gotten from Nonny. I mimicked Max and read about "the Lord" and "the Lord Jesus" and paraphrased what he said in my own words from my own Bible. Everyone just watched me intently and Mommy had tears flyin' out of her eyes by the time I was done. It was pretty amazing. Really.

Before we went home, Mommy's Uncle Matt was talking with me. Mommy said, "TJ, can you count to 10 or 20 for Uncle Matt?" I just laughed, put my hands up and said, "I don't have to, Mom. He knows!!!" Everyone roared - it was hilarious! Mommy could say nothing...I was right! Uncle Matt already knew how to count to 20. How silly of her.

So by the time we got home and Daddy carried me through the door, we had agreed that it was the best Christmas ever. We got to see all of our loving families, received the most wonderful and thoughtful and generous gifts ever, and remembered what Christmas is all about. AND...drum roll, please...I behaved like a little man all day. No whining, a little crying (just for a second), and zero meltdowns. For all the running around we did, Mommy and Daddy were quite proud.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!!!!!!!!!!
Love, TJ


Monday, December 21, 2009

Little Drummer Boy

Turn up the volume for this one, guys. I am sweet!

It's hard to believe that Christmas is already nearly here! I went to a parade with Bondi and Poppy two weeks ago (yeah, that's how far behind I am in my blogs) and saw fireworks! The people actually shot fireworks out of tubes on the top of a building. It was " a little bit scary " as I describe it, but fun nonetheless. They had merry-go-rounds and ferris wheels and cookies and cocoa. All for free from the city. Pretty cool, huh! It was brrrr coldy! And when I came home, my cheeks stayed red for awhile. I looked like a little toy soldier.

Since then, I've been to a Christmas party at Uncle Michael and Auntie B's where I ate tons of cookies (most of which I thought I was sneaking...but Mommy really did see me do it). I also played with a race track in their basement. Everyone was very patient with me and Mommy appreciated that so much. Grandpa and I raced those cars down the track for nearly 2 hours. Wow! Then I got some super cool prizes! A Transformer, cool ABC and Doggie Domino games (which we play everyday) and color/craft books too. It was so fun.

I'll tell you what wasn't fun though. Worrying about Daddy in the snowstorm. He went down to Charlotte to close on our house and was supposed to be back by 7pm on Friday evening. The 7.5 hour trip turned into a 30-hour mess! Virginia was hit by a massive snowstorm and Daddy was stuck on the highway for about 9 hours without moving. The road was like a big parking lot. A freezing, snowy, lonely parking lot. At 2am when the cars started moving, they were allowed off an exit ramp where most people parked at Walmart. Unfortunately it wasn't a 24hr Walmart and Daddy was wet and freezing from having to dig his car out of the snow banks several times after spinning off the road. Of course, Mommy was a nervous wreck and actually didn't let me see it at all. When Daddy finally got home the next day, we were relieved more than words can say. Poor, poor Daddy.

But now he's on vacation and I get him all to myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, TJ

p.s. Tonight, Mommy was telling me a story to make me fall asleep. I requested a story about Chalk the Boat (don't ask). Well, she said Chalk the Boat gave Sammy Race Car a 'high-five' and groggily, I laughed for a second. Then I said, "But mom, Chalk the Boat would have to do a high-five with his mouth since he doesn't have any hands!" Wow - I was right. I'm a good thinker.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TJ the Photographer

These are all pictures that I took myself with my very own camera. I got it for my birthday from Uncle Ben and Aunt Val. I may be an amateur but I think these are all awesome. Mommy and Daddy sure think so! They were quite excited to upload this pics! Mommy's favorite is the one with the cupcakes in it : ) Which one's yours?


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Polar Express

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo, Whistle Blowin' WooWoo!

We went to the Polar Express on Saturday night and I got to wear my pajamas! It was an incredible trip. I've been skipping my naps lately (much to Mommy's and Daddy's dismay), but I get really tired and cranky around dinnertime. Well, Saturday evening we were driving to the Polar Express about that time and I just up and fell asleep in the car. I'm good at that lately. Anyhow, Mommy and Daddy peeked back at me and saw that I was sleeping - and they laughed.

When we got to the railway, they let me sleep in the car for a bit more. Daddy scooped me out of my carseat and we took pictures underneath the Polar Express sign. Lots of my family members came along and Nonny treated!
I got to meet Mr. Conductor as I boarded the train. We all found our seats and had about an hour to wait before the trip started. So...we went potty a few times, Daddy bought some popcorn in the refreshment car, Uncle Ben bought me a train, and we just hung out all excited to be there. Oh yeah, did I mention that there were elves and Santa's helpers on the train the whole time? Welp, there were!
When the train started chugging along, the main elf-lady (Bev) read us the Polar Express. Her little helpers showed some props and did sound effects. I listened like a very good boy. Then we got hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. Mmmmm! I sat in my very own seat and then jumped around a bit.

A bit later, we reached....THE NORTH POLE! Yep, I jumped onto Mommy's lap and my sweet, sweaty face was pressed against the steamy window for 15 minutes as we looked at the reindeer, lights, Frosty, elves and SANTA!!!!!!!! The joy in me lit up my little face and I know Nonny got a good look at it from where she was sitting. I cried out that I wanted to hug Frosty. For some reason, he was my favorite. Well, the train started to go back but I couldn't see Santa on the way back. I was a little disappointed.
The elf-lady said the kids should have a pajama parade - so we did! I marched up and down the aisle in my pj's with the other kids and then, ALL OF A SUDDEN, Santa came onto our car! He did! I got very curious and had to wait my turn. Check out these pictures. They say it all.

Finally, when it was my turn, I couldn't think of a thing to say. I just smiled bright and said I wanted a car for Christmas. I gave Santa a huge hug and we didn't get a very good picture of it. My Mom and Dad were sad about that. But, we'll always have that memory!

Santa and my Nonny got a good pic though. Check this one out!
I got antsy and crabby on the ride back...and it was pretty hot on that train, so it won't surprise you to hear that I slept realllly well when I got home. Thanks, Nonny! We had so much fun!

Merry Christmas, Every One!

Love, TJ


Friday, November 27, 2009

Monkeys and Turkeys

It looks sort of luau-ish but it wasn't meant to be. It's just fun decorations for my 3rd birthday party!!! We had our very immediate family there and it was a packed house! At first, it was hard for me to understand that everyone was there to celebrate ME! But I got it after awhile. I took my time with each gift and even loved up each card. Wow - I had lots to open...and I can't even think of naming everything I got. I'll just say that I have a lot of new things to play with and wear. My parents are thrilled that we have so many new things to do during the day. THANK YOU!
See my focus in opening prizes!?! "Thank you everybody!" was my quote of the day.
Mommy and CC made monkey cupcakes for me...and they turned out pretty good. Oo oo ah ah!
Happy little family of 3...including a boy who is now 3 himself!!!
"I love you Cleveland!" You should hear my tap-tap-tap 1,2,3,4 ...before I hit the drums.
Mommy and Daddy are truly freaking out about how I'm changing so quickly. I've said "gah-bidge" since I learned how to talk...but I correct myself almost every time I say it now. "Can I take the gah-bidge out, Mom? I mean, uhhh, let me try it...garrrr-bage." Ugh, Mommy's heart crumbles when I say it right. She likes my little accent.
I got to have Thanksgiving at Bondi's and Poppy's as well as Grandma's and Grandpa's! We ate tons of turkey, sweet potatoes and desserts! Actually, I didn't eat much at all. I had a fever for 2 days and haven't felt like myself for a few more than that. Everyone worries about me - and they take care of me like I'm priceless. I am.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!!!


Snowman with Daddy!!!

Wow - this morning we woke up and Daddy rushed in to get me. He said "TJ LOOK, THERE'S SNOW!" And we went out and played in the snow to make our first wintery man of the year! It's the day after Thanksgiving...and getting coldies!

I'll be writing about my birthday party and T'giving this evening, but was too excited to share this with you all now. Love you!

Love, TJ


Monday, November 16, 2009

"Three in November!"


When people ask me how old I am now, I'm going to have an adjustment to make. Up until about a month or two ago, I would answer "2 1/2". But lately, I've said "three in November" when asked about my age. Today...I turned 3 years old. Mommy and Daddy really cannot believe it!

Daddy and Mommy decorated the house last night. Daddy had to leave early for work and when I woke up at 5:30, Mommy crawled into bed with me and I slept a record long sleep...we got up at 8:15!!! When I walked downstairs, I gasped at the decorations and said "you SURPRISED me!" I was so excited.

I wanted to go to the zoo, so Mommy happily packed us up! Mommy and I had the greatest time alone there. She had a hard time walking because she ran a marathon on Saturday, but really thought a forced walk would help. (It didn't.) My big request was to see the sharks which really proves I'm growing up. Sharks used to be one of my dislikes at the zoo. Anyhow, we spent tons of time in the buildings and had fun looking at the fishes and the monkeys. We caught the tram on the way down and ate a hot pretzel. We had lots of fun snuggling up - taking our time and singing 'happy birthday' a lot.

Mommy told me that I used to live in her tummy ... and that I even slept in there! Today, I stuffed a shark down my shirt and said, 'hey look Mom! i have a baby in my tummy.' Mommy took a few more minutes to explain it to me. I still don't get it. (Don't worry - she sure didn't say much. She told me Daddy will have lots to explain to me someday...but definitely not anytime soon.)

After the zoo and an afternoon of fun at home, Daddy came home from work. We had a super family dinner then ate some sweet treats for my birthday. We wore silly birthday hats and got sick on sweet stuff. Mmmmm!

We played a few games together on the floor then I was OUT like a light before my normal bedtime. What a day!

Check back soon for a recap of the past few weeks. It's been awhile!
Love, TJ-3


recap in less than 30 seconds!

made a robot with cc and paul. named him awesome-o. let mommy and daddy run together. jumped in the leaves. learned new music. sing the wrong words. don't re me. danced to the fresh beat band. went to grandma's and grandpa's for a grandpa's birthday party. ate lots of chocolate fudge cake. fell asleep on the drive home. didn't fall asleep in bed forever. got dressed up for halloween. walked around the neighborhood with mommy and daddy. begged like a dog for candy. ran up and down the sidewalk. kept asking 'can we go to another one' eighty times. went to another one, eighty times. got freezing cold. warmed up by the fire at bondi's and poppy's. passed out more candy. had to look at everyone's costumes before giving them any. hugged lots of kids. scared a lot of kids (kidding). told the princess she was beautiful. told my mommy she was beautiful. got bit by a kid at church. had to see the doctor for antibiotics. wore a different bandaid every 10 minutes. let it heal. went back to church with no fears. found out i'm a big boy. went to richmond, virginia. drove for hours and hours. saw a fort where mommy and daddy ran in college. heard about daddy's weird hair in college. heard about daddy's weird beards in college. laughed about daddy's silliness. made silly faces at daddy. slept in a hotel room for two nights. got crazy hyper in a hotel room for 2 nights. jumped to daddy in the pool a lot. splashed around with happy feet with daddy. squealed when he went underwater. screamed i love you daddy in the pool. swallowed a lot of pool water. burped a HUGE burp because of the pool water. didn't whine about it. found out i'm a big boy again. watched mommy run a marathon. hugged crying mommy after the marathon. gave mommy kisses on her happy tears. asked daddy if he wanted ibuprofen. told daddy to have a drink. drove hours home. slept most of the way. (finally). opened lots of birthday cards. hugged my birthday cards. had a birthday dinner with cake. loved my family. played family games. fell asleep easily. felt my parents watch me fall asleep. heard their prayers. said them too. love my family. love my life. see you tomorrow. sleep tight.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

What a weekend!

What a weekend! Grandma and Grandpa came over this weekend and we ate pizza! They showed us their new car and I got Halloween prizes and candy. It was awesome. I gave them some of my latest artwork and we watched football on t.v. I rode my bike out front with Mommy until they got to our house...and when I got tired, we took a break to sing songs on the front porch. Just Mommy and me. It was fun. I showed Grandpa and Grandma my new room - WITHOUT my crib in it. Yep, it's been about a week now that I've been sleeping in my big boy bed. It is so very cool. I'm still not sleeping very well and wake up a few times in the night. Mommy and Daddy are hoping that I grow out of this stage soon...After that, Mommy and Daddy took me to Mapleside. We went down a steep, steep hill and into the pumpkin patch. They each held one of my hands going down the hill and I kept saying "am I gonna fall? am I gonna fall?" We saw a cool hay maze and tractor ride but I just wanted to get a treat at the store. So, after exploring around and seeing the cool, huge huge horses, we climbed back up the hill. I raced Daddy. I was tired! We walked around in the cool shops and I picked out a donut treat. I was brave in the fun halloween room and I made sure I told everyone that!
Sunday was another busy day! We went to a fall fest and I got to run and play in the woods. Mommy followed me as I ran after "the boys" and was so surprised to see the amazing fort they had built! I imitated every single bigger kid there. Take a look at these pics!
After playing in the woods, we played games for halloween. I waited so very patiently for my turn at bobbing for apples. And I cheered "go Ben! go Ben!" when my little friend Ben was taking his turn. I did pretty well for a little guy. I did pretty well at trying to catch a donut on a string with my mouth too. I kept asking for more games, more games. I'm an entertaining kid - there were lots of people there but Mommy and Bondi and Poppy just watched me and my interactions with the other kids. Yep, they were entertained alright. Pretty soon we had to go home.
Mommy and I ate a special dinner at Wendy's after that then headed to night church. Mommy needed to work in the nursery and it was so crowded. I actually got to be in the pumpkin room to help Mommy this time. I knew it was a big deal. I played for awhile with the baby toys and was really interested in the little baby Mommy was holding. I commented about her little tiny hands and feet, then asked if I could sing her a song! I sang "rockabye baby". I liked that she smiled at me. Another little girl was standing by the door crying and each worker (including Mommy) was holding about two kids each. They tried to calm her down but it didn't work so I went over (without being asked or told) and said "don't cry, girl. your mommy will come soon. i will dry your tears." Then I put my hands on her shoulders and looked her square in the face and said "want me to read you a book?" She didn't answer me but I ran over to get some books and sat down on the floor to read them out loud. Mommy was changing a diaper in the midst of all this and stopped to watch me. She's never been prouder! I was such a huge helper and wow, was I sweet!Love, TJ the Helper


Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Donut Man

Today, a complete stranger totally gave Mommy and me a terrific surprise! Here's the story. We went to meet Mrs. A at the Spudnut Shop for a donut. It's her first week of retirement and so we wanted to celebrate! : ) Well, halfway through my donut (with chocolate sprinkles, of course) I told Mommy that I had to go pee-pee. There wasn't a public bathroom so Mommy had to ask the girl at the counter if there was a bathroom we could use. She bragged about how good I was at using the potty and didn't want to have an accident!

A few seconds later, we were led to the bathroom in the back. After a successful trip, we washed our hands and came back out...and the donut boss stopped us. He said, "Hey, do you have a few minutes?" Well, over the next 15 minutes, he showed us how he cuts the donut dough, then he plopped circles into the oil like big Cheerios! We watched them turn golden brown, and when they were done, he scooped them out and let ME tell him how much glaze to put on 'em. I kept saying "more" and he laughed and listened to me! Boy, did I feel special! Then he dipped one in Halloween sprinkles and put some warm ones in a bag for us. Can you believe it?

It was such a cool surprise tour of the donut shop and the man was so very nice that it just made my day! I couldn't wait to blog about it. I ate more donut at the table with spinning chairs. The man came back out to see how our warm donuts were and the three of us smiled with our mouths full. Know what he did next? Let me sit at the counter on a spinning stool and turned Elmo on the t.v. for me. Then gave me some dough to run my truck over - again and again.

Thank you, Mr. Donut Man! Your kindness to a little kid will never be forgotten. Plus, I'll tell all of my readers to GO TO THE SPUDNUT SHOP in Berea!

Love, TJ


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Is it sunny out?

Well, yesterday it was definitely rainy and chilly. Daddy and I were the perfect, most awesomest (yes, that's gotta be a word) family members ever. We stood out in the cold rain at the middle school track while Mommy did a workout. We cheered her on and she said it helped immensely. I had lots of warm clothes on as well as my yellow fireman raincoat. I chased after Mommy for such a long time and Daddy kept trying to get me to play football, soccer or baseball (catch). I did for a bit, but all I wanted to do was catch Mommy. Daddy and I ran together for a bit to yell "Look! We're all runnin' together" on Mommy's last interval. Whew - in all, I ran about a mile and a quarter. Not bad for just a little guy. I won't be doing that again anytime soon. Made my parents nervous.

So, to answer you're welcome for being yours and Daddy's biggest fan.
Love, TJ Sugarbean


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I don't miss a thing!

So, early this morning I wet my bed. Mommy rushed in because I was crying and she said "no big deal! let's get you dry and clean and then we'll snuggle up in my bed!" That made me feel much better and it was cozy once I got dry. But in the midst of having my wet clothes peeled off me, I whimpered, "Ummm, Mommy? Am I still a man?"

Mommy pretty much laughed and cried at the same time. She reassured me I was still very much a man. : ) Accidents a theme from Elmo's Potty Time and I do quote that if I have an accident. I don't miss a thing.

Another thing I don't miss is quotes from books. If Mommy reads any little tiny piece of a book differently than the day or night before, I call her on it. Daddy too. Seriously, guys, if you're gonna start skipping phrases in a book, make it consistent. Which Mommy has learned to do. But, she had a slip up last night. While reading one of my library books, Mommy said "he said"...and I interrupted her instantly and said "no no no, mom. it's "Mungo said at last", not "he said". Oh my gosh, she was pretty surprised. Then she started stopping mid-sentence to see if I could finish, and I did. Every time.

At dinner, Mommy asked me who the dedication was to in my Big Wheels book. I said "Shoshi, Shira, and Megan". Ha! I was right on.

Well, my birthday is coming up and I'm starting to talk about it. When I see something cool on tv, I don't ask for it. Nope, I'm too polite for that. I do say "maybe we could get that someday". Over and over. But now that my bday is near, I say "hey, maybe we could get that someday for my birthday!"

I don't miss a thing.
Love, TJ


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Thousand Words (Each)


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