Thursday, May 29, 2014


 TJ is Drew's hero and I kind of think Drew is TJ's hero too. They just absolutely adore each other. Time stands still when they interact. Drew does not shriek or go crazy for anyone but T. His whole body goes nuts when TJ talks to him and he even screams (in delight) at TJ whenever he pays attention to him. I can't get enough of the two of them together. 
 Speaking of heroes, Tim is TJ's. He wants to be a business man when he grows up (and any given super hero, depending on the day). My sweet boy. He always wants to know what Tim was like as a kid and what he was into. In the pic below, they're at an All-Pro Dad event. So very cool.  : )
 Drew went from layin' around for 6 months (hehe) to rolling over kind of late for a baby. At 6 months he started to roll here and there but only the hard way...from back to front. Well, at 7 months he army-crawled the length of the floor. The army style only lasted about 5 days til Drew figured out the real deal in hands and knees travel. He is FASSSST now at 8 months! If he sees a remote or a phone or an opening in a gate, that boy is GONE! He's so fun to watch. Last week, he started pulling himself up. I put him in his crib to clean up the toys in his room for a second and when I turned around he was standing up, holding onto the side. He pulls himself up on anything low enough to the ground where he can get his short legs up underneath him.

Yesterday and today, he's tried to stand up from a sitting position on his own with nothing to help him. He hasn't done it yet and I'm okay with that! I need him to crawl for awhile...I love this stage!!! TJ walked at just under 14 months. I think Drew will be walking before that but I don't want him to rush it!!! 
Shopping cart covers are awesome! I didn't have one with TJ but I love this one. This is on the eve of Drew's first tooth which popped in two days ago! Woohoo! He has been teething since he was 8 weeks old. Only took him 6 months of drool to get one out. : ) 
TJ begged and begged his coach to let him play catcher at the first game. When the coach then asked TJ to be catcher in that first game...he cried. Oh my soul, he cracks me up. But through his nervous tears, he did it! He conquered that uncertainty and went for it! I was so proud for him. And with Daddy faithfully talking him through it and then helping him with his gear, he learned how much he loved being catcher. It's his new favorite. He has lots of new favorite things. What a great life for a 7 year old!
I've cut up more shirts of mine for TJ's super hero costumes. Ha! 
This one looks pretty terribly done...because it IS terribly done. But oh so much fun being Cyclops. Too much fun to wait for me to sew evenly.
My heart.


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