Monday, April 30, 2007

Peeing in Church

Oh, today was a very tough day for me. It was very hot (mid to high 80's), so I spent a good part of the day just chillin' in my diaper. I rolled over a lot (from my back to my tummy...which is pretty tough) and ate a bunch of my toys. I pulled on Scooter's ear and grabbed his fur when I was eating with Mommy. I can hold my own bottle sometimes. I feel like a big boy. I get to try rice cereal when I turn 6 months old. That's not too far away! Ohhh, I am excited!

Right now, I am crying. Mommy HATES it when she has to let me cry. It makes her feel like such a bad Mommy, but she knows that if she doesn't let me cry sometimes, I'll end up being too spoiled or something like that. I don't really agree, but hey, I am just a kid. So...I'll just cry until I fall asleep. Any minute now...

I have a VERY long hair on the top of my head. Mommy found it today and laughed out loud. She called Daddy over and showed it to him. Most of my hair is pretty short, but this ONE piece is about 2 inches long. Seriously! I'm not sure where it came from.

I was GREAT in church yesterday. I went through the whole service without having to go out. I talked a little here and there, but not enough that I had to leave. My Mom and Dad don't want to take me to the nursery. I'm too valuable, I guess. Maybe they're just a little scared. I do want to go someday...just not yet. Oh, one more thing. I did NOT pee on any plants in church yesterday. My first time in a NC church, I decided to pee while Mommy was changing me in the bathroom. My aim was excellent! I had a great arch going and peed all the way over a bench and into a planter. Needless to say, we never went back to that church. Hehehe.

Well, I'm nearly asleep now. We'll talk more tomorrow!

love, tj


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Daddy's Race

Today was fun in the sun! Mommy and Daddy took me to the Skyline Race today in downtown Charlotte. It was sunny and warm and I rode around in the front pack with Mom. I love that thing because I'm a big boy and I can face out...and see the world!!! I also like to chew on it while I'm hangin' out. So...Mommy and I cheered for Daddy and he WON! Whoopee! (I knew he would...) We stayed for awards and I was getting tired. I was out of the front pack for that and I nestled my head in their chests. They LOVE IT when I do that. So, I put my head on their shoulders when they each took turns holding me...and I went up to get the award with Daddy when they called his name. I had my sunglasses on and looked like such a cool guy. The Microphone Man asked "which one is tim?" and Daddy said "we both are!" The crowd liked it.

After that Mommy danced with me to the band music in the sun and then we went home. I took a wicked long nap! When I woke up, Mommy went for a long run and Daddy took me to watch the builders put a roof on a house. He covered my ears when it got loud but I loved it.

We took a family trip to World Market and Target so they could buy frames to put my pictures in. The world kinda revolves around me, I'm told. I can dig that! I ate a big bottle once we got home, and Mommy put me in bed. Daddy came in to kiss me when I was asleep. I'm excited to go to another race next weekend. This time, Mommy's runnin'!

G'nite! love, tj


Friday, April 27, 2007

Two Snakes and a Lizard

I had a very big day today!!! After a morning full of bottles, naps, jumping, and tummy time my Mommy decided to take me for a run. We pulled into the McAlpine Creek parking lot and I got white sunscreen slathered all over my body. My Mom tells me all the places she's putting the sunscreen. She thinks it'll make me learn faster. I think it's working. I know what chubby elbows and cute legs are. She told me I have them. Anyway, I sat in my babyjogger and we ran for 4 miles. My Mom wanted to go further, but she didn't want me to get too hot or tired, so she cut it short. (She sure worries about me a lot. I kind of like it!) I sure love that babyjogger!

I giggle when we go over big bumps and she says "wee!!!" so that I won't be scared. I'm not scared. Not one bit. I wasn't even scared when we saw the snakes! Yep...snakes! We crossed over a wooden bridge and saw two big, black snakes sunning themselves on the sidewalk. Mommy stopped really fast and jumped in front of me to get closer. They slithered away but it was cool. Then we saw a gray lizard with a red stripe on its sides. That was even cooler! I wore my sunglasses the whole way. I didn't even try to get them off. I had a lot of people smile at me as we passed. They all said, "Awww" and one guy said "Hi TJ" when he passed us a second time. We met him last week when we were in the same park. I help Mommy and Daddy make friends. Cuz I'm cute.

Well, after the run, I took a big nap because it takes a lot of energy to sit in a stroller and be cute. Seriously! After my nap, Daddy fed me. I just stared at him and thought, "Gosh, I hope I'm like him someday." Mommy agrees.

Enough for now! I'm going back to my crib to hum myself to sleep and suck my thumb while some lady sings to me through the cd player. See you tomorrow!!!

love, tj


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