Monday, March 30, 2009

Can ya hear me?

These are for you, Daddy. Can ya hear me? I love you!!! : ) Mwah - my you!
Love, TJ and Mommy


Sunday, March 29, 2009

T J spells TJ

The other day, I asked to pray at dinner. I said "pay, mommy! want to!" So, I did. I said "Day doo --- for D-jus! AMEN!" And then I threw my hands up in the air. It got a good reaction.

I also love to come up to Mommy when she's doing dishes and hug her leg. I pat it nicely and say "Mommy, I so glad you're here." Oh, she gushes everytime. I say it to Daddy too when he comes down from his office or back from a run. I'm a sweet kid and I like to show it even when I'm acting badly. The other day, Mommy and I were playing in my kitchen. I hit her in the face with a spatula (can't ya just picture it?) and she said that I shouldn't do that because it's not nice. Of course, I did it again and she gave me a timeout. When she let me up from timeout, she went into the other room and was pretty quiet. Concerned, I went in and put my hand on her arm and said "Mommy are you sad? what's the matter?" Oh my, she loved that.
I like to run a lot. Always have. But sometimes I fall yesterday. I cried a bit and amidst the tears I told Mommy that I fell down because I ran too fast. She smiled and asked me what I hurt. I said "I hurt feelings!" Classic. Classic!
I got to see a steeplechase at B-W with my Daddy this weekend. It was great! We went to Finnie Stadium and watched some races and splashed in the water pit. I was exhausted from doing stairs and hill repeats too. Whew! Earlier that morning, I got to see Mommy run in a race. She won so she got a trophy and when she showed it to me, I said "thank you for the trophy, mom!" I have since been calling it my Piston Cup. (I watch Disney's Cars movie a lot!)
Grandma and Grandpa came over yesterday for dinner and we had a great time!!! I showed them some of my best behavior and some of my worst. We played Legos and ate brownies with chocoloate candy on top. Grandpa and I talked a lot about hot rods. I wasn't in the best of moods because I'm sick again. Yucky colds! My poor nose has been running like crazy and I was up ALL night last night coughing. Mommy and Daddy and I spent a lot of the night sleeping on the couch downstairs because I was wheezing so badly. Let's hope tonght is better!
See you again soon, guys! Love, TJ


Monday, March 23, 2009


Let's see now. I don't think I posted pictures of me on the "choo-choo chain" when we were at the mall, but CC sent them to my Mommy so please use them for your viewing pleasure. I'm not sure what I'm thinking here in this picture...but it's important.
Peek-a-boo! I love you! Seriously, am I not the cutest little man? I could pinch my own cheeks!
So much has happened in the past few days that it's hard to remember. Mommy, Daddy and I went out to Five Guys for burgers and fries (and hot dogs) to see my Auntie Melissa's new store. Congrats Auntie Wissa! I got to see Grandma too and I ate a lot of ketchup. Plain. With my finger. If you go to that Five Guys store, you'll be able to see my artwork on the wall. I colored a nice picture and they posted it for all to see. I'm special!
This morning, Mommy and I met Miss Amie and Jackson at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Oh my goodness, Mommy and I were giddy! We got there a little early and we were FREEZING! So, Mommy bundled me up like a burrito (which I love to say now) and then walked around the gift shop for awhile. I was quite impressed with the giftshop they have and all the really cool things in there! Creative toys, animals and hats and shirts...and gloves! I didn't get anything this time, but last time my Aunt CC got me "Eyya" my elephant and I saw his brother on the shelf and yelled "Eyya"! Hours later when we got home, I had to run upstairs and find my eya-scent named Eyya so I could hug her.

When Amie and Jackson met up with us, we walked around the cold zoo and warmed up very fast. Well, first I had to borrow a pair of pants from Jackson because I peed through mine 10 minutes into our visit. Mommy still isn't sure how it happened. Did I drink a gallon of juice in 30 minutes? Probably.

We saw lions and tigers and - no, bears. Oh why? Construction. But that was okay for Jackson and me because we LOVED the cranes and bobbies and trucks. We yelled out about seeing those machines as loud as we yelled out about the animals. I sat in my babyjogger wrapped like a Chipotle burrito so well. If I took my hand out to point at something, I tucked it right back in when I was done.

Mommy scooped me out to see animals and I'd hop back in to ride to the next stop. I loved the monkey building and saw some pretty cool and gross stuff in there. Some of those guys need diapers! When I saw the babboon's bottom, I said "bandaid mommy!" and she laughed. Yes, his bottom looked like it hurt for sure! Jackson and I ran over to the fish and sharks and I was a little worried about the sharks. "Get you, Mommy! Get you!" was a common phrase I said today...I just didn't want to get eaten. Is that so wrong?

What else? Well, Mommy and I shared the best hot pretzel ever made and walked up a huge hill too. The best part was the fact that I listened so well. And Mommy told me so a few times. I repeat it to her occasionally as well. Last week at the park, I was afraid of a slide and Mommy didn't make me go down until I was ready. When I slid to the bottom, I patted Mommy on the knee and said "day doo listening to me". Awww!

Naptime was brilliant after the zoo and I talked about from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed. I can't wait to go again!!!! Thank you Jackson and Miss Amie!!!

Love, TJ the Lion Tamer


Sunday, March 15, 2009


My Daddy came home yesterday evening...after being away since Monday morning. I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am that he's home. He sure works hard at his job and I know he misses me a lot, but I hope he doesn't have to go away again for awhile.

Mommy and I had a huge week!! We went to the mall TWO times because we had so much fun there. Mommy and I hadn't been to a mall in over a year. Can you be-weave it? (My favorite phrase lately) So we made up for it this week. Mommy and I met Jackson and Amie at the play area and climbed on all the rides and turtles and slides. I really liked the tunnels. It was awesome!!! Then we ate cheeseburgers and I sat back in my stroller while Mommy pushed me around. Jackson and I liked looking at the puppies and kitties in the petstores too. We didn't buy any though. Mommy liked a bulldog mix puppy, but um, he was $1700 so we passed him up. I love hanging out with Jackson!
Mommy and I met CC and Bondi at the mall one day too! I got to ride the choo-choo train all by myself and CC took lots of pictures. I will post them when I get 'em. My eyes were big and wide the whole time. I kept waving HI every time I went by them. They looked like funny people running around the train track waving to me. It was very exciting. Maybe I'll get to do it again sometime. I got to eat at the foodcourt again too!

A few months back, whenever I'd take my socks off and see "toe jam" I freak out a little. Well, I came up with a cool name for it and now I laugh when I see it. TEARS, Mommy! Wook, I have tears! And then I laugh. I'm not sure why I call it tears...maybe my toes are crying or something. The only time it still bothers me is when I'm in the bathtub and a tear floats by me. Then we have a problem. Mommy is pretty brave and scoops it right out of the water for me.

Welcome Home, Doddy! Missed you! love, TJ the Great


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shame on me...ABCs

Dear Miss Amie,

Thanks for getting on my case about writing another blog. Unfortunately, time hasn't been permitting long a short post and a video will have to do for now! : ) Shame on me for taking so long in between posts! Here's a video of me singing my ABCs. Mwah! TJB


Monday, March 2, 2009

Candy Pete

Sorry it's been awhile since my last post. Mommy had the flu for 4 days and I had to take care of her the whole time!

Last week, Mommy and I got to go visit Jackson and his mommy "Miss Amie". We had an awesome time playing together. My favorite part was playing in the tent with Jackson and just laughing our heads off. Oh, and I have to have my carrots cut up the way Miss Amie did it that day, or I won't eat them anymore. I'm so fun!

Mommy and I surprised Daddy the other night and went up to the B-W indoor track to cheer him on for his workout. I got to play on the mats (I got a bigtime bath afterward) and then look down on the track from the windows above. Football was finishing up with a program and they gave us pizza! Yep, I got to eat sausage pizza while Daddy did a hard workout on the track. And then I ran over to him when we went back in, and said "Get runnin' Daddy!" So he did. He went to do his cooldown. Hey, somebody's gotta tell the man what to do!

I got a special treat the other day too. Mommy likes these sugary things called Peeps. Well, she let me try one for being good and I cheered after eating it. Of course I wanted another one so I yelled "more canny petes! more canny petes!" It was cute, but I didn't get another one. : (

Last night, we went to church because we didn't make it to the morning service. I also didn't take a nap so I was pretty beat. Well, we saw over 20 deer in ONE yard on our way, and I was so excited. I said "i wuv it!" and then a few seconds later, I fell asleep. Yes, we were turning onto the street our church is on and I was actually snoring. So, Mommy scooped me out of my seat and I slept on her throughout the music and the whole message. It was funny. We got McDonald's on the way home so it was pretty much a perfect Sunday!

Love, Candy Pete TJ


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