Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Frog Prince

A little peeper frog has chosen our humble garden to be his very own!!!

And we shall call him "Mr. Peepers".

Please join me in welcoming Mr. Peepers to our family.

Welcome, friend!

: )


I Love Straps...

If it has straps...I love it! Car seats, high chairs, strollers, overalls, bra straps (not mine, of course) name it. I like to play with them with my fingers, then look them over very studiously and then BAM! them. Mmmm. There is something about those thin little pieces of fabric that I just adore. Not sure why, but I know I do!

It's so hot here. Really humid too. It's so hot that Mommy and I have had to cancel our morning walk a few times this week...and we're usually done by 7:30 most mornings. Kind of stinks but now that my Mom will be teaching me swimming at the YMCA, we'll at least get to do that kind of stuff.

Daddy is racing with me in my babyjogger on July 4th. Wish us luck! love, tj


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I LAUGH when you tickle my armpits!

I had a very traumatic day today...Mommy decided that today was the day I would try out the kids area at the YMCA. We went to sign up for swimming lessons a few days ago and it was too late to sign up . So, she's going to teach me herself! (She used to do that for other kids when she was younger, so now she can teach ME! Yippee! I digress...)

Because I didn't have the right diaper pants to go swimming, she decided that I should try out the kids area. She inspected it and it was everything she had hoped for. Sweet ladies with extra-sweet accents, loving hearts, experienced backgrounds, and CLEAN CLEAN facilities. We signed in at about 13 different places and I got a few nametags and ID tags. Mommy took me to the Shrimp play area (I don't like being called a shrimp, but I'll get to be a Guppy pretty soon) and put me in a saucer. JUST like the one we have at home. She found a nice lady and tons of toys for me to play with. I just stared. Looked around. Stared. Got a bit ridgid. Then I shut my eyes really tight and let out a howl that any dog would find offensive! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Mommy kissed me on the head and the nose, and said "good luck" to the ladies. She couldn't look at me as she turned to walk out the door.

But did she even work out? Not a chance. She stood at the window and watched me as I sobbed and cried and screamed and sighed over and over again. 2 mintues went by. 3 1/2 minutes went by. 8 minutes went by...and she jumped right back in line to pick me up. My face was blotchy and red, eyes swollen, tears all over my face and t-shirt made me look a mess. I didn't look at Mommy right away. I was mad at her. Very mad. But then, once she was holding me, I gripped her skin for dear life and rubbed my sad little snot-coated face into her arm and sighed about 12 sighs of relief. We walked straight out the YMCA doors into the 95 degree parking lot and not once did Mommy get mad at me for making her miss yet another workout. Nope. She said she loved me and kissed me 2 dozen times. Then she said "we'll just try it again tomorrow." Maybe I'll get used to it after a few days. I'll try. I promise.

That's all I got today, folks! love, tj the great


Tuesday, June 26, 2007


i am hyper.
i have to be moving all the time.
i wonder where i get that from.....


Monday, June 25, 2007

Silly Head!

i have so many people that love me! my mommy and daddy have gotten lots of questions about my "helmet" so i will explain it a little in this blog. we had to go to the cleveland clinic on valentine's day for a cat scan for my head. the doc's thought i might have cranialsynostosis. i am sure i spelled it wrong, but i am just a kid so who cares. luckily, the results were negative so i won't have to have surgery on my head to prevent brain damage...(for a week, my family thought i might have to...can you imagine how scared they were?)

fast forward to today, my peditrician wanted me to see a specialist...and that specialist wanted me to see yet another specialist. i have what is called plagiocephaly and some scaphocephaly which has to do with the shape of my head. i also demonstrate a metopic ridge and to prevent future head, jaw and other problems, i will wear a DOC band helmet. i will be sure to show off my new helmet when i get it.

it'll be a few weeks but i'll write all about the casting they do on my head to get a mold of my silly head shape. i'm the cutest kid there ever was!

love, tj (ps...check out my new shirt auntie carecare!) : )


Sunday, June 24, 2007

and the thunder rolls...

last night was the biggest storm i have ever experienced in my life! it started around 5ish while we were in target, but there was no rain. just thunder and a little lightening. around 9:45 while i was fast asleep, a huge crack of thunder woke me up and mommy had to come in and rock me. daddy came in then and they both explained thunderstorms to me. i knew it was okay after that, and fell asleep. mommy woke up at 12:45 and for the next 2 or 3 hours, the droves of rain and lightening and thunder kept her awake (daddy was fine because he hears NOTHING while he sleeps). i woke up again a lot but i was so tired, i just lay on my side with my thumb in my mouth and kept trying to get the light out of my eyes. mommy and i even had to go in the bathroom for me to fall back's the only room without windows! wow. what a night!

when daddy checked on me in the early morning before he went to run, he told mommy to come look at me. i had my knees up under me and my butt stickin' up in the air. i sleep like that a lot lately. it's terribly comfy. you should try it sometime!

well, here are a few pics of me with my daddy. and with scooter. they're the best. love you! tj


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tug Boat

Mommy and I played in a tug boat today! (It really wasn't a tug boat, it was a box but we pretended. Don't tell her I know, okay?!) We had a race down the hallway and we won every time! It was cool. She made tug boat noises too...but Daddy said "that sure sounds like a train" and Mommy laughed. Daddy was right, but at least Mommy tried.

I also played "model" today. Before our morning walk, she took pictures of me in my stroller with my hat on. I noticed my hat more than usual, and held on to it just about the whole stroller ride. It was pretty ironic that I had my "little flirt" shirt on because I really did give flirty eyes to the camera. Don't you think? I am so cute. I just know it.

Daddy raced in the park tonight. I got to stay up and watch him. There were over a thousand people there and I just stared at them all! I wouldn't even eat my bottle. I just hung out in the front pack on Mommy and chewed on some toys. It was awesome. It was about 90 degrees even at 7:30 when the race went off, but it's cooled off a bit since then. Daddy did well and I was sure proud of him. "That's my dad!" is what I wanted to say, but it came out as "ooooooh! uhhh! weaahhhhhhh!"

It was fun staying up until 9:00. Mommy and I rocked in the glider at home with my night-night bottle and I fell right asleep. Talk about a big day! Tomorrow we have church and then we get to watch the USATF Championships on TV. I can't wait. I really don't watch it. But I get to play on the floor with my Mom and Dad the whole time. It's great. Well, I'm really tired so I'm gonna go back to bed.

I love you guys! love, tj-the-flirt


Friday, June 22, 2007

i'm a good snuggler!

i had a super great day today. i pooped three times (which is a record for me!) and my teeth didn't bother me so much. i went to the park with mommy and her friend, Lisa, played on the floor with my doggie and all my fun toys, and ate yummy cereal. i also took an awesome nap in the afternoon.

i smile so much every day...but laughing is my specialty. my daddy makes me laugh so hard that i pee my pants. (actually, i do that anyway...but you know what i mean) mommy can't make me laugh like daddy can. thanks, daddy!

i get to stay up late tomorrow and watch daddy run a night race. wish him luck! he runs at 7:30 when i'm normally fast asleep. i think i will probably fall asleep on mommy's shoulder. she loves that! loves it!

g'nite everybody! g'nite! i love you! tj stinkerpants

p.s. Watch out for pics tomorrow, Auntie CareCare. You have some friendly competition! : )


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

i like kisses! yep, i do!

this morning was cool and overcast. i took a ride in my stroller and it was early enough that i could hear the chirp of shiny, black crickets hiding in the thick, sodded grasses of the homes we walked by. it was so relaxing that i didn't feel the need to say much, i just clutched my turtle and stared sideways out at the world. the red soil and gravel crunched beneath the stroller wheels and i smiled up at my momma when the bumps made my cheeks jiggle.

at home in the afternoon, i ate a whole jar of sweet carrots and tried to grab at a bright ray of sunshine hanging out on my tray. i said "ahhh. ahh. ahhhh" very sweetly to mr. sun ray, but he didn't say much back. he made me feel warm though and that was plenty.

even though my teeth have been quite "hurty" lately, i've still managed to be my sweet, sweet self. mommy and daddy are completely crazy about me, and i've grown to be pretty attached to them myself. in fact, the past few weeks have proven to show my attachment issues. this picture is what i look like when mommy or daddy leaves me when i'm feeling lonely for them. now honestly, i am not always like this, but sometimes i just want to be with them and when they are out of sight for a second, i act like a baby. this is bad, i realize. i am working on it. believe me! : )

love, mr. sweet boy tj


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My mouth hurts...

I hate teeth and I hate green vegetables. Enough said.


Monday, June 18, 2007


hi friends!
today, daddy surprised mommy and me and took us to the park for dinner! we went to freedom park and drove by all the multi-million dollar houses on the way. we sat around the big pond and ducks came right up to us. daddy SAVED THE DAY! this one duck was scooter's twin almost. he came right up to us and begged for food. "barking" with his beak! daddy had to put his foot up and it tried to eat his shoe a few times. he was friendly...but hungry. we're going to visit again and maybe bring bread. it will be fun to feed the duckies!

mommy and i went for a tour of the ymca today. it was like a small city! the outdoor pool had a big-people pool and a little-guy pool. the little-guy pool had big huge animals in it that we could climb on and water falling down from sprinklers and stuff. it was so cool. i will get to go there soon with my mom and dad. i think they're going to join. that means swimming lessons! hoorah!

do you think i look cute in a box? my mom and dad think so! by the way, i am working on a few more teeth at the bottom and i ALMOST crawled today! i got up on my knees and moved one leg forward. i didn't do more but i am close. i am a pro-roller though. mommy wonders how i don't get dizzy!!! : )

love you guys! tj


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Helmet Head

I had a big Dr. appointment a few days ago. Daddy held me while Mommy questioned the heck out of the Doc about my noggin. You know how I've had many head issues, right? Since the minute I was born, until this day, my little melon has been kinda troublesome. I'm smart as can be, but there are some things that have to be corrected and prevented. To come right out and tell you, I will need to wear a helmet 23 hours a day for 3 months. That is the best-case scenario. I think I'll be fine with it, but Mommy is worried about how I'll sleep with it on. Daddy is so cool. He says we can decorate it like an Indian's or Brown's helmet. Then I'll really look like an athlete. Cool! If you don't mind, could you add me to your prayers tonight?

love, helmet head


Happy Father's Day!

Today is Daddy's Day, er, I mean, Father's Day. I sure love my Daddy. He is my favorite Daddy I ever had! That may sound silly, but it's true. He calls me "Bud" and "Mr. Bigglesworth" and I love it. We watch games together, he talks about taking me to soccer practice (to get ready for running, of course) and told me today that he can't wait until I can run up and give him a hug!

I sure love my Dad. I look up to him and hope I can be like him when I'm big. Yeah, Dad!

love, Mr. Biggles


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Chicken Little

i threw up on mommy today. like, real throw-up. i'm not sure exactly what that is, but mommy said "oh gosh, it smells like real puke"! it burned her nose. yikes! i had 2 tablespoons of chicken for my 7 month birthday...and i've puked it up 3 times...then pooped it out pretty good too. my tummy never hurt and i never cried. i just didn't like chicky! so, i guess i'll try it again someday. just not very soon.

well, see ya later!
love, mr. bojangles (that's what jason calls me...i even have a song!)


Friday, June 15, 2007

Under Construction

Since I watch the construction men building houses outside all day, I was thrilled to get this hard hat (Bob the Builder, no less!) so I can be like them! Except that I speak English. No, actually I don't. But I will.

Ain't I cute?

love, TJ the Builder


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mr. Crabby Pee-Pee Pants

TODAY: Driving home from vacation today was a challenge. I cried a lot of the time...which is odd for me. Well, my Mom and Dad finally stopped so my Mommy could change me in the back seat. When she pulled me out of my seat, she could see that I had peed through all my clothes, and the bottom of the carseat was soaked too. Mmmmm. Not a good thing. So, Daddy and Mommy took off my soaking wet clothes and my diaper. As soon as I had some "air time", I continued where I left off and peed all over my Mom and the dry outfit they had gotten out of the diaper bag for such an occasion. Needless to say, there were a few shrieks (not from me) and a lot of laughter (not from me either). 8,000 baby wipes later, I was sitting in my carseat padded nicely by my blankie, and we were off to drive the rest of the way home.

BEFORE TODAY: One day last week, I was pretty crabby. My Daddy and Mommy tried everything possible to make me happy. Nothing was working. So, my Mom gave me some sweet potatoes mixed with oatmeal. I didn't even feel like eating THAT! (usually, i really like those things) So, she said "okay TJ, let's just play with your food". So, we did! She slopped some glop right down there on my tray and, for a minute, I just stared at it. Slowly, I slipped one hand out from under the tray and examined the mixture very carefully. First, with my pointer finger. Then all my fingers...and then BAM! I slapped it with my whole open palm and it went everywhere! It was so much fun that Mommy just kept putting more and more glop on my tray and I laughed and giggled and got totally into it! That only happened once, and I've been good with my food ever since, but it was an especially fun day after that.

Obviously, bathtime ensued. It became the first day that I discovered my reflection in the water below. Since Mommy hurt her knee, she's been washing me in the kitchen sink. I kind of lean back on her while I have my bath-a. But I've been venturing out by looking down into the water lately, and that day, I put my face so close to the water that I discovered something! When you put your face below the water level (to meet your reflection), water gets in your eyes and goes up your nose! It startled me, and when I looked up, I had a squinty look on my face. The drips were dripping down my face but I didnt cry, I just blinked a lot of blinks. And then did it again. This time, I didn't get water up my nose. It has since become a game. Mommy and Daddy are glad that I'm not afraid of the water. I am too!

Did you see the beach pictures I added to yesterday's blog? Cute, huh! Just making sure you saw them! Love, TJ


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mr. O

When my Uncle Ben was a little boy, he used to call the ocean "Mr. O". I am going to pick up where he left off because I think it's a cool name. This brings me to my blog topic...which is VACATION!
I have been on vacation for the past few days on Pawley's Island. It was a long drive from Charlotte, but worth the drive. I have been to the beach each day since Sunday. Now, this is not the first time I've seen Mr. O ... but when Mommy put my feet in the water on Sunday, I freaked out a little. She scooped me right up and stood there with me for awhile. She tried again a few minutes later and I realized that I LOVE IT! I squealed and squealed and shook my arms and fists. Ooooooooooooooooooo is what I actually said. I jumped and jumped and kicked my feet like a crazy man. Ooooooooooooooooooo! I liked the feeling of the sand on my little toes and I liked it when I got splashed on my legs. When the waves would first come at me, I'd pick UP my legs until they passed, and then I'd stick my legs down and jump until it went back out to sea.

Getting down to the beach was a big chore in itself. We had so much to carry! WOW! Mommy, Daddy, Tenley and Jason took turns lugging the stroller, cooler, umbrella, diaper bag, toys, blankets, towels, body boards (for Daddy and sun-burned Jason) and other stuff down the steps to the soft, warm sand. Before I was allowed out in the sun at all, Mommy slathered SPF 50 all over my entire fat, little body. 3 times over, actually. I guess since I have red hair, she worries about me even more. I wore my hat the whole time like a good boy. But lately, I've been taking off my sunglasses to eat them. For awhile, I would sit in my stroller under the umbrella and just stare at the water. I would just STARE at it and if someone stood in between me and Mr. O, I would move my head and look around them. All I needed to do was whimper and I'd be allowed out to wade in the water.
Sand doesn't come off my delicate skin very easily. I got a bath after each day at the beach and I still have grains of sand stuck to my piggies...which I put in my mouth constantly. I even have teeny bite marks on my feet. My little teeth pack quite a punch!
Well, I am going home tomorrow so I will be writing more regularly from now on. I'll post some sweet pictures of the beach tomorrow, so get ready! I have to end this now because the second half of the Cavs game is starting...I have a hard time concentrating!!!
The Burger King commercial guy creeps me out! love, tj


Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bigfoot lives!

Check out these feet! Except for the hairy and scary part, I fit the description of Bigfoot. I sure am a lovable monster, though, aren't I?

This blog will be short because I am sitting on Mommy's lap right now. I'm an hour past my bedtime but we were just having too much fun.

Go LeBron! The Cavs play soon and I have to go to bed so Mommy and Daddy can whisper-yell at the TV without me. I promise that tomorrow I will write fun stuff.

G'nite and Godspeed. Whatever that means.

love, tj


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Drool Bubbles are Cool!

I made Mommy cry today. Nope, not because I did anything bad. Just because I'm a growing boy. Since I've gotten a lot of new clothes from my incredible grandparents and aunties and uncles, she decided it was time to clean out my drawers. She had a pile sky high of clothes that I no longer fit in. Oh, I have more than plenty to wear. That is definitely NOT my point. My point is that as she went through and folded each outfit of mine that I've outgrown, she got more and more upset.

Each one of my sleepers, onesies or pants that she put into a box just broke her heart. They all had memories of me attached to them. And she felt that. Bigtime. Another quote Mommy read the other day (and tore out of a magazine in a waiting room...oops) "Making a decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." -Elizabeth Stone How true, I guess.

I got another prize in the mail today. A remote control for me to eat and drool all over! Can you believe it? I got tons of favorite toys, a fire engine, keys and clothes, then a pool the other day...a remote and a crawlin' cow today ... I simply have the best Grandparents ever made! Thank you! Thank you! I don't deserve it. I don't even talk yet! But "wheeeeeee!" thank you just the same!

I love everybody! love, tj stinkerpants


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Splish, Splash!

What a mighty big day I've had so far...and it's only 3:00! This morning, Daddy let Mommy sleep in and he fed me when I woke up. After my breakfast, Mommy and Scooter and I had our usual morning walk. It was very hot, so we decided to go to the library. We went to the Mint Hill Library (last time we went to Matthews) and got a library card. The lady at the desk thought I was "just the cutest thing everrrr". She had a funny accent. Mommy thinks it's a pretty accent. I just don't understand many words at all so it all sounds funny to me.

After looking at books and checking out some stories and the Lion King, we drove home. My Mom sang so loud in the car and she doesn't think that I know how bad she is. But...when good songs come on, she can't help it. When we got home, I ate again and played on the floor. I roll over back and forth and all over the place. I'm really good at it now. A little too good, Mommy says.

It's super hot outside, so Mommy and Daddy blew up the pool and I got to splash and play. I sure loved SPLASHING like crazy. I tried to eat the pool too but chewing on it was good enough. I watched the men working on the houses as I played. I paused between splashes to make sure that the water on my face was okay. Then I'd splash again. Then pause. Then splash. I'm goofy.

After playing in the pool and taking another walk, I was wiped out. So, I'm currently at the 2 hour mark on my nap. Mommy is THRILLED that she can get work done in the house. Thrilled! Tonight, I get to watch Daddy run at a local track meet. He's just using it as a workout, but Mommy and I can't wait. We're meeting some of Daddy's running friends' families. Yeah for friends!

Mommy found this quote today in a magazine. Oscar Wilde wrote: "All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That's his." Pretty cool quote. Mommy says that if she is anything like her mom, that's no tragedy. That's the biggest compliment she could get. And she only hopes she can be half the woman her Mommy is.

Well, that's all I've got. See you guys soon! love, tj


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Scaring Mommy

I forgot to add this to today's blog...

I fell asleep on my tummy twice today! I always roll around when I'm in my crib, but today, I rolled onto my tummy and fell asleep that way! Daddy saw me and went to get Mommy. He said, " When did TJ start sleeping on his tummy? " And Mommy jumped 10 feet in the air and said, " WHAT? " They ran to see me and then flipped me over to sleep on my back.
My mom is afraid to see me sleep that way. The internet and good ol' nurses and docs at every hospital have her scared to death about tummy sleeping. Well, I'll show 'em! It's more fun to sleep on my tummy!

I must admit, when I woke up, I freaked OUT! Instead of talking, singing, or mumbling like usual, I SCREAMED to high heaven. I couldn't figure out what to do. Daddy saved me.

Well, see ya tomorrow! love, the teej-meister


Daddy's Home!

My Daddy came home today (YEAH!) after being on a business trip since Tuesday. My Mommy and I were missing him so much. But he had some big jobs to do and a great race to run and we understand all that! : )

This week was packed! Let me tell you some things I saw...a big horse named Frosty, a big pool then a fantastic bath in the sink to get all the sunscreen off...I saw Mommy's friends, Auntie Melissa and my Uncle Bill who gave me a UPS truck just like the one he drives! It makes cool noises and everything!

We went out to dinner and I almost crawled! I tried so hard to get on the table from Uncle Bill's lap because I saw butter and salad and chicken and all these things that I wanted to put in my mouth. I did not succeed at crawling on the table but I had an awesome time. When my Mommy got her Diet Coke, I went straight for the straws and grabbed on...then put them to my mouth. I didn't get to drink anything but it was pretty funny.

I did a lot more but that's all I can think to write right now...

I miss every one of you! Love, tj


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