Friday, November 14, 2008

Kickle-Me TJ

Sorry, I'm playing catch up here. I have a few more stories that I wanted to write down before I forgot. While my Bondi and Poppy were here, we all went for a walk and I fell down. Mommy picked me up and I was showing her the boo-boo on my finger. I said "boo boo. hurt." And then I said "clean it?" Goodness, Mommy thought it was awesome when I said that. I'm a little preoccupied with boo-boo's and bandaids lately. I always need them to be kissed and "clean it". Silly me!

I have been talking so much lately...more words and more mini-sentences! The other night when we were going to dinner, I said "ride. car. ride car. poppy's car." I love sentences! I also pick up on conversations ... and was saying "dot com" for a few hours too after Mommy was talking to Bondi about websites. I can say my ABC's (repeating after Mommy) and Mommy's favorite letters that I say are "eck-s" and "arrrr". Saying "tee-day" is her favorite though. Why not? It's my name!

When Mommy puts me to bed now, I want her to "kickle and song". That means I want her to tickle my back and sing me a song. I still grab her hand and put it on my back to make sure she understands what kickle means. She sings me a song her Dad used to sing to her but she changed the words to go with the color of my eyes:

Sweetest little fella...Everybody knows...Don't know what to call him, but he's mighty like a rose! Sleepin' in his jammies....eyes so big and green. Makes you feel that heaven has come mighty close to me!

G'nite everybody! Love, Kickle-Me TJ


TJ's PJs

Mommy had her last day at work last night. Her girls got her cake and ice cream and everything! Isn't that so cool? She'll miss them very much. And I will too! Everyone was always so nice to me and I had so much fun on the jungle gym. It's also the first place I ever saw Cars. Beep! Beep! Here I am enjoying my special Happy Meal at Mommy's last day. I ate every bite. Mommy didn't even get the pickle!
Here I am opening a birthday prize. I have definitely gotten the hang of opening presents now and whenever I see something wrapped up, I say "prize? prize?" and assume it's for me. I cleaned Elmo in the bathtub tonight and it was super fun. His dirt came back when he dried off so I had to wash him a few times. I scrubbed Mommy's hand for about 10 minutes too. It's a little sore now, I bet.
Grandma and Grandpa got me pj's as one of my bday presents and I wore them last night. Ohhh, they were super comfy. When I woke up in the morning, I decided to take them off before Mommy came in. I was totally naked except for the footies when she walked in. She laughed at me and I laughed too. Then I pooped and told Mommy to "bye bye" and "door". So, she left, shut the door and let me have my privacy. Cute, huh! : )


Cooking and Tears

Here I am, happy as can be, cooking in my kitchen. I discovered my love for "coo-king" while Mommy and Bondi were packing up the kitchen. Bondi let me pour (but not really) everything I wanted into a blender (unplugged, of course) and mix it all up. I used spoons and pressed all the buttons too. I just LOVE buttons. Cooking is so much fun and I ask to do it now all the time. I talk soooooooooo much now too.

Bondi and Poppy and Mommy and Daddy and I had lots planned this week. They were going to stay a few more days, but yesterday my Mommy's PawPaw died and they had to drive home. Everyone was really sad. I got to see PawPaw a lot in my nearly two years of being here on earth. He was really nice and thought I was so handsome. He told me that all the time! Mommy says he was really funny and told silly jokes...she told me about 7 of his favorites today. We'll really miss PawPaw. Really a lot. I'm not sure what else to say here, but I'm glad I'll see him again someday. I think he feels better up in heaven. Yeah, I know he does.

Love, TJ


Corn and Hold You

My Bondi and Poppy came to visit this week. They originally were just coming to visit, but it worked out that this would be a "packing week". Poppy occupied me while Bondi (what I call Grammie now) and Mommy packed up boxes and boxes of my house. I loved getting donuts with Poppy and going for walks. I especially liked climbing up the ladder after Bondi while she was working. I kept saying "stand up". It was very funny...or "sunny" as I say it.
I also got in to "coo-king" but I'll write about that in an upcoming blog.
We went to Concord Mills mall so Poppy could buy me new shoes for my birthday. When I saw the merry-go-round, I didn't cry and run the other way. Nope, I ran straight for it and through the gate before anyone could catch me. They HAD to buy me a ticket then. I picked out my "nay" and had a blast. I could see it through lunch at Chili's then and kept saying "nay! nay!" in an effort to convince them to take me on another ride. It didn't work.

I did get to eat corn on the cob though. It was yummy! If I'm sad or feeling guilty after I've been told no-no...I ask to hold Mommy's hand. I get a pouty, sad look on my face and say "hond? hond?" until she reaches out her hand and I can hold it. I also love to say "hold you? hold you?" for Mommy to hold me. Again, especially if I've done something wrong. Awww. Love, TJ


Saturday, November 8, 2008


Yesterday, Mommy and I had some great bonding time up in the jungle gym treehouse at work. I wanted her to carry me up, but she had to crouch to get up there anyway so I settled for holding her hand. We sat at the top of the treehouse for 25 minutes. Just talking. I shared lots of things. Many things made sense...and others didn't. But it was good to share them anyway. Halfway through our hang-out time, I pointed to a huge three-sided shape on the roof and yelled "chai-angle". Mommy nearly fell out of the treehouse! I recognized a triangle and shouted it out proudly without being prompted! Mommy was thrilled and Daddy was too when she told him about it. Hey, I don't just watch the Noggin Channel...I actually learn from it. Hooray for Blue's Clues! :)

After work, Mommy took me to Subway. I haven't been eating well lately and Daddy said we should try some meatballs from a meatball sub. I talked about meatballs all the way to the sub shop...the whole time IN the sub shop, and all the way home. I ate 3 meatballs in 2 minutes flat and then had applesauce and other stuff. I did great! My Mom and Dad love how I put the emphasis on MEAT when I sad meat--ball. Yummy!

Today (Saturday) Daddy is in Chicago and I sure miss him. Since Mommy is afraid to push me in the babyjogger anymore (ouchie knee), she took me to the gym so she could run on a treadmill. She didn't think I'd let her leave me in the kid's I proved her wrong. She brought one of my favorite cars, some fruit snacks, my wa-wa with a splash of OJ, and her sunglasses. I was all set. When she started to leave, I admit I went a little crazy. My face matched my hair and I had huge tears running down my cheeks. Maaaa-maaaa! was about all I could get out of my mouth between the yelps and screams. She left me anyway, as hard as it was. She told the girls to come get her or text her if I cried very long. After a great long(ish) run, she creeped over to look in at me. What she saw made her literally cry in the middle of the weight room (where the window into the kid's zone is. There I was, sitting on a little chair and coloring with 5 other kids...wearing her big, brown sunglasses and a smile. She watched me for a few minutes before she ducked again and finished her workout. When she came in to get me, I gave her a huge hug around the knees but then I didn't want to leave. I did anyway - without a fuss. Boy was Mommy proud!
Next we went to get my haircut. We walked into Pigtails and Crew Cuts and wrote my name on the list. Since it was a 30 minute wait, the awesome people there said we could walk down to the toy shop and they'd call Mommy's phone. So that's what we did. I played nicely in the insanely cool Toys and Co. and explored every single toy they had in stock. I really wanted a bus and a shark but I didn't throw a tantrum or get angry when Mommy said we had to go. She was very surprised and happy about that. When we walked back into the hair place, I saw Nemo on the big screen and got so excited. Then I started to cry. I didn't want to get in the car chair or the firetruck chair. I just didn't feel like it. With a little persuasion, I did. I held tightly to a sucker but never put it in my mouth. I sobbed during the spray bottle part, the cutting part, the brushing off part, and the rest of it all. But in the midst of my crying, I said about every word in my vocabulary. My Mom thought if she could keep me talking, I'd be okay. I learned a new phrase this past week..."happy birthday" and Mommy kept asking me to say it. So while I was crying out with tears and snot swirled about my face, I repeated sadly, "happee birt-day. happee birt-day." It was so sweet and pathetic that all eyes were on us at that moment. It also may have been the fact that I was making a scene too. Anyhow, thank you to the wonderful people at Pigtails and Crew Cuts!

This afternoon after my nap, we're going to the park. What a day! Then my Bondi (what I call Grammie right now) and Poppy are coming tomorrow. I'm so excited to see them! Love, TJ


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sue Me

I'm not sure if I posted this picture yet or's a favorite of mine so I figured I'd give it another go.
22 seconds of me wearing my Curious George hat.
Daddy took me trick-or-treating and I am happy here...
until I started to see scary masks.

I've been quite polite some ways. I don't always have to be told to say thank you (day doo) for things. Neat, huh! Lately, however, I've been tooting and burping a little more than usual. I laugh sometimes when it happens...and Mommy makes me say 'excuse me'. The way I say it comes out 'sue me' and it's pretty cute to hear. LOVE, TJ the Tooter


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Splinters and Boots

I had a great Halloween with my Daddy! Mommy had to work so she didn't get to go trick-or-treating with us. But she saw me afterwards and sure hugged me a lot. Her heart had a little boo-boo on it from missing it...and I got one yesterday.

See, I was playing outside with Mommy and Daddy because it was in the low 70s and absolutely perfect outside. We were in the back yard and Daddy was chasing me with the ball. I kicked it a few times, and then fell a few times. At one point, I was grabbing onto our fence and my hand slipped - giving me about 10 splinters. One or two of them were so deep that they bled and made my skin purple when Daddy saved me and pulled them out. I have a few more that aren't to the surface yet and Mommy called the doctor who said to give it a few days before worrying too much. Too late. Mommy worries enough as it is! Anyhow, I'm proud of my boo-boo and I say it a lot. "Boo Boo. Hurt." is a new favorite phrase I have.

After cleaning me up, we went back outside because I kept asking to...and we met a spider. He was crawling on the big umbrella stand and I whined a bit and ran away when I saw him. But my curiosity got the best of me and I went back waving and saying "Spouder. Hi Spouder!"

Thomas. Thomas Train comes out of my mouth very easily now. (Thanks, Daddy, for teaching me so much stuff all the time!) So does "So-phie", "I dot it" (meaning "I got it") and "animal cracker"...along with other things, of course.

I now have a new fascination with boots. When I got up from my nap yesterday, I was chattering about something and saying BOOTS! Mommy got me out of my crib and I ran right over to my red boots sitting on a shelf from when I was 6 months old. I tried to put them on, but just couldn't do it. My feet are way too big for them now. That didn't stop me from walking around with my feet stuck halfway down these boots. Mommy was laughing so hard. I played with them all afternoon and this morning too. I love my boots! : )

Love, TJ


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