Monday, September 29, 2008

Rocks in my pockets!

Mommy told me to stop growing up today. She said I at least need to slow down a little. Pretty soon, I'm not going to be one a month and a half, I will turn two. Mommy is a little sick about it. Excited, but sick.

Today, Mommy and I had a picnic on the couch. I got to eat a corndog. I ate the whole thing up! Know what else I did? I put rocks in my pocket on our walk today. I brought home 7 rocks, a leaf, and a flower. Mommy said it was a weed, but I really like it anyhow. I smelled it for about an hour. No kidding. I had that thing so far up my nose that Mommy thought it'd plant roots and start growing.

I learned a few new words today again. The most famous of them all was "sorry". I say it a little different from you all right now. I say "shaw-wy". Mommy made me say it to Daddy...and to her delight, I actually did! As you can see from this picture, I got bored during naptime and decided to take down the border from my room. Mommy heard what I was doing (I've been picking at it for a week now) before she came in to get me, and she brought the camera.

The funniest thing about it was that when she came in, I knew she would be sad. I didn't get up and jump around and scream happy screams like I usually do. Nope. I stayed down in my crib on my back...and just stared. I just simply stared and listened to her say "oh no. oh no." Then I said it too. Daddy came in and shoot, I could hardly keep from crying. They didn't even make me feel bad. I felt bad because I knew I shouldn't have done it. But I said "shaw-wy" to Daddy and they both threw me around a bit so I'd know everything was okay.

Alright well, I gotta go to sleep now. I'm still sicky and need some rest. I haven't slept much the past two nights...Love you! TJ


Sunday, September 28, 2008


I have determined that I am not the one who suffers from separation anxiety from my Mommy. She's the one who has a problem leaving me for any period of time. Love, TJ


Friday, September 26, 2008

I Got Gas

Well, I don't know if you've heard, but we're in the middle of a gas crisis here in Charlotte, NC. Mommy waited 45 minutes for gas the other night after work and they capped her at $30. Well, she had to get some today and thought 9:45 would be a good time to go...we were on our way to the grocery store anyway. Well, Daddy suggested Mommy bring the DVD player for me and she agreed. We sat in line at the gas station for 2 HOURS AND 25 MINUTES to fill up. Can you believe that?

I was an absolute angel most of the time. I wore my Brown's jacket (it poured all day long...still is) and sat back in my comfy carseat while I watched Elmo's Happy Holidays twice in a row. I drank my whole cup of wa-wa in the first 4 minutes and got pretty mad that Mommy didn't have any reserves about an hour into our wait.

It was the most frustrating, mind-numbing event...but Mommy handled it pretty well. Not as well as I did though. I could explain it all further and tell you more details, but I'll just leave it at that for now. After we finally filled up, we parked in a spot and ran through the rain into the store. Mommy got me a cheeseburger and a sundae for being so good. I ate it ALL. She actually ate most of the fudge from my sundae. She said I didn't need all that sugar. Yeah, like she does? (I took that from one of Poppy's speeches.)

Ummm, oh yeah. Tonight I surprised Mommy by actually saying CHOO CHOO! Until today, I made more of a nasal sound to signify "choo choo". But now I really say it. I also said "Coke" and "George" (for Curious George) tonight too. I'm adding words like crazy these days. Shoot, Mommy and Daddy LOVE IT!

See you all tomorrow. I have a really good blog planned for Sunday!!! Love, TJ


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Field of Dreams

My Daddy raced in a cross-country race this weekend, and I got to go! Mommy and I played in the bleachers while Daddy signed in and warmed-up. When the gun went off, Mommy pushed me around in the babyjogger so we could yell for Daddy. He ran really, really fast. We were so proud of him. We always are. Mommy took about 20 pictures of me in the bleachers and there are her favorites. She said she loves me so much that she has separation anxiety! : ) Hey, I admit it. I'm very charming. Love, Prince TJ


Thursday, September 18, 2008

the sweetest thing

the sweetest little face, and the sweetest little heart...
are a perfect match.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Michelin Man and Loving TJ

I've taken to jumping OFF things lately. Yes, both Daddy and Mommy discovered my love of jumping off of the couch different times. Yesterday morning, I decided to jump high in the air off the couch with my legs straight out...and onto the hard floor below. I didn't cry, I laughed! Mommy didn't. But she couldn't help but let me do it a few more times because it was so entertaining.

In the evening, I showed Daddy how I like to jump off the couch. Mommy was getting ready for work when she heard Daddy howling downstairs. Turns out that was the exact time I landed on my booty. I laughed again. Mommy threatened to put me in a Michelin Man costume for protection.

Instead, I found something better. I found the elbow pads Grammie gave me last year. I wore them around all day today along with my winter hat (it's still hot here, by the way) and my backpack. Aren't I a sight?

I've also become quite attached to my new bike from Auntie Melissa and Uncle Bill. I like to put my wa-wa cup under the seat, slam it down, clap my hands, and then speed off using my feet against the floor to "fly" around the room. In a little while, I'll be able to ride it for real! Mommy will upload a video of it tomorrow. She's too tired tonight. : (

Tonight at work, I got really, really excited. An Elmo movie was playing that I hadn't seen before. There were wild animals all throughout the movie and there was another little girl there who was acting it out. She's older than me (5) and just started kindergarten. Mommy helped her with her homework today. She had to write her name 5 times. Wow! Anyhow, I like her a lot and she was acting like a monkey and I got so excited! I laughed my deep belly laugh and started running around saying "ooo ooo ooo" too! I even scratched at my armpits like a monkey! Well, I just couldn't take the excitement anymore so I started running around in circles on my tip-toes. Then, I stopped...and with a huge grin on my face, I let out a shriek to end all shrieks. It was the happiest, high-pitched, excited shriek you've ever heard. Then I ran over to Mommy, slammed my head into her thigh, and hugged the daylights out of her leg. She's never been so proud.

Love, TJ


My Name Is...

I can say my name! I can say my name! Mommy and Daddy have been working on this with me for a long time, but I finally did it on Monday. "Tee-Jay" is me! And when you ask me who TJ is, I raise both my arms in the air, and then I point at my sternum (yep, I know what a sternum is) and smile a big ol' smile. I like being me.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

YAYEE!!!!!! ROAR!!!!!!!

My Mommy has been wanting to go to the zoo for 6 years. Yep, 6 years. And last weekend, she finally got her wish...only it was even better because I was there!!!

We went on the cloudiest day and no one was there. It was great! I got to run around and go from animal cage to animal cage without having to hold a hand or be carried. It was so neat!

This is my on the way home. I got tired out after running around after all the animals! I'm holding my lovey that I wrote about earlier. I actually snored a little on the way home too. A very cute snore.

This is my Grammie and Poppy. They came too. I might get in trouble for posting this picture. My Grammie and Mommy are the same in that they don't like to be in pictures. I sure love 'em though!

This is a "buh-r". When I ran up to see this guy, I roared just like I did at every other big animal. Lions (yayee) and bears (buh-r) get me so excited that I just shout out YAYEEE! RARRRR!

Gosh, Mommy never got sick of hearing that. Neither did anyone else.

I love nature. It brings out my color! : )

(Daddy's gonna hate that comment)

Awwww, I can say CC now. It comes out "shee-shee" but it's cute just the same.

This enormous gorilla was hangin' out with us for awhile. He liked me. I think he's smiling at me here. I make GREAT monkey sounds. It's so real to life - you wouldn't believe it!

See, I was fascinated with the monkeys!

I was only able to leave them when Grammie said it was time for a snack. We went into a little cafe at the zoo and ate nachos, popcorn and pretzels. Yummy!!!

I will tell more stories later. All in all, it was an awesome trip. I slept on the way home and Mommy helped me with a decent transition to my crib. Okay, gotta go. I love you!

Love, TJ


My thoughts...

I love my new ride! Can't wait til I can reach the pedals! Very soon I will!

I may be wishing for a motorcycle like this one, or imagining myself riding down the road. Either way, Mommy will never let me have one.
This doesn't ride the same as Uncle Bill's motorcycle. I wonder what's wrong with it?

What on earth is down there? Uncle Michael, can you see it???

Take a look at my dirty arms. I was workin' on the, huh!!!

Wondering what to say when I call my Mommy to ask for a later curfew.

C'mon, ball! Let me hit you!

I LOVE WATERMELON! And I especially love having Mommy feed it to me while I'm naked boy!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Monkey!!! Ooo-Ooh-Ooh!



I have a new best friend. His name is Eyya...because he's an elephant and that's what I call elephants. Mommy referred to Eyya as a girl this morning when Alexia and Kate came over. Daddy heard it from upstairs so he called down and corrected Mommy and said that Eyya was a boy. A very masculine, large elephant that once roamed Africa. Mommy laughed. So did Alexia.

Anyhow, Eyya and I met at the zoo in Cleveland (see next blog) and I carry him everywhere now. Aunt CC got him for me and I am attached once and for all. The funny thing is that this is the first thing I've gotten attached to since I was born. I only used a pacifier for 3 months and I never liked a blanket or another stuffed animal enough to want him with me all the time. I sure like my stuffed animals and toys and play with everything I have over and over. But Eyya is pretty cool and I'm really fond of having him around.

My friend Kate has a Pooh blanket that she calls "Babouf". She was talking about Babouf today and I jumped up on the couch and yelled "BABOUF!" a few times. Out of nowhere! Mommy loved it. Then when I was at work with Mommy today, she said "see ya" to someone as they were leaving. I said "see ya" right back at them. Mommy nearly fell over. She got wayyy too excited about it. That's what I like about my Mommy, she's not afraid to get overly excited about things that I do. No matter how silly she looks. (Which is pretty silly)

Alexia, Kate, Mommy and I met Lisa and Sophie (my other friends!) at Monkey Joe's later in the morning. We had a great time!!! I was more hesitant than Mommy expected but I did some fun jumping things and slides with Mommy. When we all needed a break, we sat in the living room area of MJ's and colored with chalk and stuff. I played a xylophone shaped like a lizard. I really had fun with it! Afterward, Sophie and I stuffed our faces with peepa and dessert at Cici's Pizza. What a day! Funny thing is, I was so tired that I did NOT sleep for my nap. I had a good two hours in my crib of reading and talking and having fun...but no zzzzz's. Weird.

"I know" is another new phrase I like to say. "Yeah yeah" is still my number one, but "I know" sounds even cuter. Mommy will try to get it on video soon.

Well, I'm going to write about the zoo and stuff later. SEE YA! Love, TJ


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sit. Stay. Good boy.

The first dinner I had in Ohio this weekend was outside. Grammie, Poppy, Uncle Paul and Aunt CC (this is now what I call her) and Mommy and I sat at a table in the backyard. After we ate, I ran around in the grass and played with Julius and Lucy (both doggies that I love). Uncle Paul gave me a scrap of meat and said "Here TJ, give this to Julius and tell him to sit". So, I went over to Julius, and I sat down while I gave him the meat. It got a ROAR of laughter from everyone at the table. I didn't understand what was so funny. I did exactly what Uncle Paul said, right?

Well, then Uncle Paul said we'd try it again and he told me to give the meat to Julius and tell him to shake. So, I took my sweet little self over to Julius and I shook my arm in the air. Then I gave him the meat. Isn't that so freaking cute? Everyone laughed again and I liked it.

Finally, Uncle Paul grinned and asked me to take Julius one more piece of meat...and to tell him to lay down. (Is it lay or lie? I'm not sure...and my Mommy likes grammar. Yikes.) expected. I went over to Julius, sprawled out on the ground on my back, and gave him some meat. What a great little dog-charmer I am!!! And a great listener too!!!

Okay, gotta go practice my tricks. Love, TJ


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Racing...and Christmas?

Well, Sunday morning Daddy had a big race in the park. He ran the River Run Half Marathon and I got to watch! It was pretty cool out for the start and ended up very rainy at the end. Daddy got 2nd place and ran a PR! Mommy and I were so happy for him! Grammie and Poppy cheered too and we followed Daddy to the finish. He looked like he wasn't even tired at the end. Go Dada!

I pushed my stroller and ran around a ton so Mommy thought I'd be tired for a nap. I read in my crib for two hours but never slept a wink. We went out to Willowick to see Grandma and Grandpa and Auntie Melissa and Uncle Bill and lots of others in my family for a Brown's party. I think it was Christmas too because I got so many presents!!! I don't have any pictures to show now because I'm still in Cleveland but I'll show pictures when I get home. I got puzzles and an animal sound maker and a new bike! Can you believe it???

I was very well behaved at the Brown's party. I learned how to bowl and how to play golf. I'm a pretty good shot! Grandpa taught me how to yell "fore" before I hit the ball. My favorite thing to do was to throw my golf balls onto the pool table. I got a little mixed up with my sports there. Too bad the Browns lost...but we had a great time! I even got to feel a baby in Lauren's tummy. I pointed at her cute, big belly and said "bebe" a lot.

I love to eat "bop-con" and I like to feed it to people too. I fed Uncle Michael, Lisa and Grandpa lots of popcorn. It was funny. I would run over to the tables of food, stand on my tippy toes to look inside the bowls to find the popcorn. I'd reach my little fingers inside and pull out one piece at a time...and then either eat it, or feed it to someone else.

My non-nap made for a hysterical wake-up around 11pm though (again). I'm not ready to get rid of my naptime yet. Mommy is happy for that. She's not ready for me to be done with my naps either!

Lots more stories coming...Love, TJ


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

color my world

Mommy and I were coloring this morning and I just didn't feel like it much. So, after completing a masterpiece, I wanted to read. Mommy left the crayons out. A short while later, I was left unattended for about 30 seconds. And in that 30 seconds, I colored ALL OVER the front door. Of course I picked orange to match my hair color. Anyhow...I wanted to put my masterpiece on the front door instead of the paper. Mommy won't forget to put the crayons away ever again.

I got my 15th cold of the summer on Sunday morning. Daddy was running when I woke up in my bed. I called for Mommy and she immediately heard the stuffiness in my voice. Oh boy, she thought. I'm coughing a lot. I coughed from about 4:30am until I got up at 6:45. This afternoon, I coughed so hard that I couldn't take my nap. Mommy rescued me and snuggled with me while we watched a little Elmo. I'm not two yet so there's no medicine that Mommy can give me...just Tylenol so I don't get a headache. She feels so badly...and so does Daddy. They love me so much, it's crazy!

Daddy puts me to bed most nights now because Mommy works at night. Mommy misses it so much, but Daddy is better at it. I fall asleep much quicker and with less sobbing then when Mommy does it. He tickles my back and my belly until I close my eyes and blow him a kiss. I'm a real charmer.

I skinned my knee for the first time yesterday. I actually didn't even notice it when I got up from the pavement, but Daddy did. He lifted me up and looked at my bleeding knee. I think he was proud of my toughness. I didn't even cry when I got it washed with soap and water. I am brave.

G'nite everyone!!! Love, TJ the Brave

(Mommy likes to look at old pictures from time to time...thought you might enjoy some pics of my early childhood too! hehehe)


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