Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Tenley's Wedding

Mommy's best friend from high school is no longer Dr. Tenley Palisin. She is now Dr./Mrs. Tenley Murphy...and I got to be there to witness it! Mommy, Daddy and Bondi drove with me down to Pawley's Island, South Carolina for the weekend. I was an amazing traveler! I got prizes every so often and sat like a big boy watching movies and playing with toys...for 13 hours each way. Don't tell Mommy, but I would have sat in that carseat for 3 weeks straight if I kept getting prizes every few hours! : )
I got to play in the sand on the beach too! Daddy and I played in the sand the first day we got there and it was kind of cold because of the wind! But the next day, Mommy and I got our suits on and played in the tide pools and crawled around the water like alligators. Bondi helped build castles and watched us being goofy. It was so fun!
Bondi was a good traveler too! : ) She and I got to hang out a ton while Mommy and Daddy did some rehearsal dinner stuff and golf. Thanks, Bondi! As you can see from the pics, the elegant wedding was at Brookgreen Gardens and Mommy just loved the spanish moss that hung from the trees. I loved seeing the gator slide into the water right in front of me!
I sat like a big boy during the ceremony with my sucker and tractor, then ate lots of food at the reception. I danced like crazy too. Actually, Mommy danced like crazy and held me the whole time. Everytime she tried to put me down or walk off the dance floors, I squealed and pointed to the floor and said "MORE DANCING!" So, Mommy's left arm was really sore the next day. I had fun! Mommy met a lot of new friends last weekend and hopes she gets to see them again someday. Congrats again to Tenley and Brett! We're so happy for you!

Love, TJ


Monday, May 25, 2009

Thankful on Memorial Day

"I can't see you guys - cuz it's dark." That's the last thing I said tonight before I fell asleep. My reasoning and thought process is really amazing my parents right now. I love to talk too. Man, it's hard to get me to stop sometimes! (not that they actually want me to stop.)

I got home last night from a long weekend in South Carolina. I will tell you ALL about it when I get pictures of it. But until then, I will WOW you with pictures from today. Memorial Day.

I played at home in the morning with Mommy and Daddy. I crawled into bed with them after Daddy got me out of my crib. I snuggled in then slid off the bed about 10 times whispering, "I go get something. I be right back guys." And then I'd bring in a toy and show it off.

Then we went to a parade where I was afraid of the big, tall "float" army guy. He went past and I just kept saying, "He's not comin' back. He's not comin' back. He's not real." Then Mommy told me I was brave and I said, "I not brave. I TJ!" Ha! I showed her! : )
After the parade, I saw fire engines with Mommy and Daddy and then had brunch at Bondi's and Poppy's house. I took nearly a 4-hour nap after that. I was so tired from my big trip!!!Enjoy the pictures and I promise to write about the wedding weekend tomorrow!
Love, TJ (not "Brave")


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good Job, Lisa!

Great job in the half marathon today, Lisa!!! We're so proud of I am clapping for you and telling you my thoughts. Hooray! : )


TJ (Mommy and Daddy too)


Friday, May 15, 2009


Mommy had a big MUMS (Moms Uplifting Moms) meeting at church on Thursday and I went with her. It's something we do once a month and it makes Mommy happy! Well, it's all the same to me because I get to go "play friends" and have snacks. I still want Mommy to "stay here!" but I let her go without too much of a fuss.

When the meeting was over and she got me from my classroom, we went back into the main area where I ran around for awhile. People were hanging around, cleaning up, talking and stuff like that. I took off the moment I wasn't holding her hand, and headed STRAIGHT for the stage. I grabbed the microphone and held it with two hands. Speaking loudly and clearly, I said "Hullo? Hullo? Can ya hear me? Hello Mommy! Hello Momma. Where are you?" Bondi nicely took the mike away while Mommy laughed out loud as she ran up the stage steps to get me. It's really her fault anyway. She found a cool microphone for me at Target in the dollar bins one day and I got it as a prize for something. It sounds really cool because it makes my voice echo and I always start by saying "hullo? hello?" into it. Maybe I'll be a rock star someday. Or maybe I'll give talks on how to be the coolest red head in town!

Mommy and Daddy got last-minute tickets to see Dane Cook on Thursday night. CC and Uh Paul came over to babysit me and Mommy didn't have much time to worry about how it would work out. I think that was the best way for her! Anyhow, I kissed them goodbye and played with CC and Uh Paul in the back yard for over an hour before it was time for bed. I was a good boy and whined a little about bedtime, but went to sleep like a champ! CC had to come in a few times to sing me more songs, but I think everyone was really happy with the outcome. Yay!

I've been going peepee in the potty a lot lately and I tell Mommy sometimes that I'd like to go. Well, yesterday I actually went poopy in the potty and it was a celebration day in this house! : ) I was very proud and went again today. I got a marshmallow and the way I say it is so tomorrow Mommy will get a video of me asking for my treat. No videos of what I actually DO to get the mallow though (Auntie Melissa!). So no worries.

There are so many other things I've been meaning to write about the past few days, but I'm suffering from writer's block right now. I hope I remember soon!

Love, TJ


Monday, May 11, 2009

What a Weekend!

What a weekend I had! Friday was a swimming day for me, Mommy and CC. We went in the morning to the "cool" (for some reason, I can't say 'pool') and I acted like a fish! I literally could not wait to get in the water and was very good at cooperating with Mommy so she could get me in my bathing suit fast. I held CC's hand (so she wouldn't be scared, haha) and waded in up to my neck pretty quickly. I splashed around, jumped around, went on the tire swing in the water and then went into the deeper end (with Mommy and CC) to play with the bubbles and twirly whirlies. (That's the part of the pool where the water goes around and around and pushes you with the current.) I talked non-stop during our swimming cool time and then crawled around on my hands and floated my back legs while groaning like an alligator. I'm so fun! We got nuggets after that, went shopping at thrift stores where I got prizes and so did my girls.
Saturday, I got to see my Auntie Melissa (which I can actually say now instead of Wissa), Auntie Marcia and Grandma and Grandpa. I wished Uncle Bee-o (Bill) could have come but he had to work. I talk about him a lot...mostly when I play with my plush UPS truck. Today when we were driving we saw a white truck with the UPS symbol on it. I yelled "MOMMY! Uncle Bee-o's chuck! Uncle Bee-o's chuck!" She was pretty impressed that I knew the logo even when it wasn't on a big, brown truck.
We had fun cooking out (well, our grill is back in Charlotte with our home that is still waiting for the right we used a big George Foreman) and eating burgers and hot dogs. I got to show off my new scooter that Mommy found for me at a garage sale for A DOLLAR! We climbed on Liam's jungle gym and ate desserts too. Yummy! Then Mommy got to go out for awhile - just the two of them - while Grandma and Grandpa stayed with me. They missed me but had a good time just themselves too.
Sunday, I got to see Bondi and Poppy, Uh Ben, Uh Paul and CC! My G and Nonny were there also as a special treat for Mother's Day. We ate chicken and goodies...and pies from Amish Country. We played with my remote car outside and had races with it. Bondi timed the car through the obstacle course and when the game took that kind of competive turn, I didn't get to play anymore. But I interrupted corn hole and put a new spin/challenge into that whole game too. I sneaked over to see Caden after awhile and played with the boys next door for awhile. Mommy and Daddy said it was fun to watch me interact. I'm such a little man and I'm entertainment for all!

Daddy surprised Mommy with thoughtfulness and prizes that made her cry. I think it was a good cry because she was laughing and smiling too. I said "Happy Mudder's Day, Mommy" a few times during the day and that made her a little teary too.

My you, guys! TJ


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Skater Dude!

I have loved skateboarding for as long as I can remember. One day, long long ago, I was skateboarding in the house and Mommy asked me what I was doing (since I don't actually have a skateboard). She thought I was side-skipping, but that's not what I was doing at all. I answered, "I just skateboarding" very matter-of-factly. Well, she thought that was hilarious and so did Daddy when I told him later on. And I've been skateboarding ever since. Outside. In the house. Upstairs. Wherever my little heart desires.

So when Grandma took me to the skate park this week, I was in awe! Unfortunately, there weren't any kids there at the time but someday I'll get to watch real skateboarders. Here is a video of me doing my thing at the skate park. The weird sound you hear in the background is Mommy trying to keep from laughing. It's obnoxious and she apologizes. You may not notice it unless you watch the video 18 times because you're bored. (This means you CC)

After the park, Mommy and Grandma and I picked Grandpa up and we went to McDonald's. I ate like a big boy and played with Daddy's Matchbox cars. They let me bring a couple of cars with me. I had to leave the other 700 cars at their house until we got back. It was hard for me to do since I wanted to take ALL of them with me, but I behaved well.
After lunch, we played outside for awhile and then watched monster trucks on tv. I had such a fun time and I think I'm going to sign up for story time at Grandma's library this summer. That'll be fun because Grandma can show me off to her coworkers and I can flirt! : )

At dinner last night, I was in a show-off mood. When we were done eating, I put my hand on Daddy's arm and looked him straight in the eyes. "You a good Daddy", I said. Mommy got all teared up. I think Daddy did too. They aren't sure where that came from but I know it's because they tell me I'm a good boy all the time and I wanted to be sure Daddy knew how I felt also!
I got to play with my friends at church for awhile today and then we went home to play outside. Mommy and I got so filthy dirty and had a great time. I love going outside so much that it's the first or second thing I ask to do when I wake up in the morning. Mommy says 6:15 is too early to go out and play. I'm not sure I agree, but whatever. I found some great worms today and chose one as my special guy. I put him in my new bulldozer truck from Bondi and drove him around. I peeked in at him in the driver's seat and Mommy asked how the wormie was doing. I said "Good. He's just playin'." Mommy liked that.

We got the hose out to make the dirt turn into mud and went crazy. Pretty soon it was time for a late lunch so I had to get nakey on the back porch. When I went inside, I started to pee but Mommy said "STOP! WAIT" and ran me upstairs. I sat on my potty and went a whole potty full of peepee! Isn't that great! I'm proud of it and hope this new trend continues. I'd like to be out of diapers soon and I think Mommy will be happy when I tell her that...

More stories soon! Love, TJ
p.s. Check out my zoo shirt from Grandma in the middle of the blog. I'm a zookeeper! Cool huh!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

How do ya like me now?

So...are you impressed with my new layout? I am! Daddy put it together as a surprise for Mommy and she's totally crazy about the new design. Thanks, Super Dad! You're my hero : )

Here are some of the cute things I've done lately that Mommy hasn't written about yet:

1.) Everytime I get in bed to take a nap or sleep at night, I say "But Dad, all my friend'll be there!" and then, "But Jimmy, all my Dad's will be there!" The first is a quote from Jimmy Neutron and Mommy has no idea why I just said it out of the blue. But it's now a habit! The second quote is what I changed/flipped around in my own brain. How funny is that!

2.) I like to play with taboe-bugs and wormies. I was outside with Daddy when I crushed my first ant...accidentally. I said "On no, Daddy! I broke it!"
3.) Mommy came to get me from my nap yesterday and she was very happy to see me. I said "Oh Mommy, I so happy. You pitty!" She melted. Over the next few hours, I said "Mommy, you wook boo-tiful" about 7 times and she was so grateful every time. I think I saw a few tears in her eyes too. I do that kinda thing to her!

I admit, I take all my cues from Daddy. Daddy compliments Mommy all the time and treats her like she's very important to him. She's very lucky and she knows it. She tells me all the time she hopes I grow up to be like my Daddy.

4.) There's a lot of construction going on down the street, so Mommy and I walked down there Friday morning. Oh my, we had so much fun! I rode on my bike and then we sat in the grass to watch. It's a pretty big, main street so traffic was heavy. Lots of cars smiled, beeped or waved at us because I think they thought I was cute sittin' there watching the bobbies, dumbies, trucks and bulldozers. I didn't say much, just sat there with my legs straight out ahead of me, my hands in my lap and my mouth hanging open in awe. WOOK AT THAT! is the phrase I shouted most. I could've stayed all day but after half an hour, I needed a break. Mommy carried me home and dragged the bike behind us. I love trucks!

Mommy raced downtown Cleveland this morning at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Diversity 5k. Daddy got me all ready early in the morning and we went down to the race together. Later when we were reading my new comic book on the couch, I pointed to the characters running a race and said, "no numbers! they're not wearin' numbers like mommy!" Daddy and Mommy laughed out loud because I noticed the guys racing weren't wearing race numbers like they do. I'm fun!

Well, I gotta go to bed now. Enjoy my new layout and visit Ebenezer Flea on Twitter to see what he's up to lately! Love, TJ the Artist (see furniture sculpture pictured above)



On Monday, I went to the zoo with Grandma, Auntie Wissa (Melissa) and Mommy. It was amazing! I held Grandma's hand most of the time, and Auntie Wissa held me up to see all the animals. It was so much fun looking at the bears and feeling their soft fur at the exhibits. I must admit, some of the coolest things I saw that day were the construction vehicles and bobbies. The giant cranes were the greatest zoo feature.

I've never ever been to the Rainforest and I got to go there also. (I took my sunglasses off inside.) We saw lots of creepy, crawly things and when I would get scared of the neon frogs, I'd say "it's not real! no, it's not real mommy!" I said that phrase about a hundred times at least.
It was lunchtime and Grandma said she was treating, so I ordered one of everything on the menu! Actually I ate a hot dog (most of it in the car on the ride home), a hot pretzel, some grape tomatoes and a juice box. The food there was really good and I think all my ladies were impressed with it. My Uh Ben is getting married there in June so I'm glad I get to go back soon.

Do we look good in our shades? My Spiderman glasses are pretty important to me.

After we ate, Auntie Wissa told me I could go shopping for prizes! Yep, I got to pick some things out to take home with me!!! I didn't go right up to a big stuffed monkey (it was $200 mind you) and grab onto him or pick out something a typical 2-year old would choose. Nope, I chose a silly old pink snake, a cool helicopter, and a sweet pair of binoculars. I watched a movie on the way home through my binoculars (the whole way home) and took a bath with my snake! I had to have all my prizes in bed with me for my nap too. I'm smart though, and washed them all off in the tub before snuggling up with them to sleep.We had such a great time and I can't wait to go again. Grandma found a super cute shirt for me that will be a great picture when I wear it next. I'll keep it a secret because it's better if I don't describe it first. Thanks, Auntie Wissa and Grandma!

Love, TJ the Lion Tamer


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