Sunday, April 3, 2011

good day, sunshine

I desperately miss blogging. Actually, I haven't had the time to realize that I've missed it...but today I'm throwing myself back out there. There is no possible way to capture all that has happened over the past several months so I'm not even going to attempt to do so. What I can tell you is that TJ is growin' like a weed and we're an insanely happy little family. I hope to throw in some fun, short blogs here and there to get back into the swing of things.

As generic a conversation starter as the weather is...I'm gonna have to go with it in this post. I am so overly ready for actual spring weather to arrive. My boys and I need to be outside! TJ and I braved the cold the other day to go for a bike ride around the block. We smelled someone's backyard fire and he started talking about how excited he is for us to have barbecues and campfires again. Apparently he's been talking with Daddy about that too. We're all in agreement that cookouts will be happening SOON and OFTEN! I think we'll pretty much live outside again as soon as this weather breaks.

A few weeks ago when the weather was fantastic, we played outside in our backyard for 6 hours with some awesome friends. We ate lunch outside, got every single toy out of the garage, drew mansions with chalk and dug for worms. Later on, our group of playmates grew and I loved seeing them chase each other with shreiks of delight! Sweaty boys are so full of joy! I will never forget that day and my heart was so light! Sharing warm breezes with a great friend will do that to you - especially when it's not planned and the day falls into place like a gorgeous surprise. I know, that last sentence sounded like a personal ad but it's true. This weather has got to go back to being beautiful. We all deserve that, I'd say!

While playing outside at one point, TJ and the boys were digging in the garden space. Pointing to the garden tool a few feet away, TJ yelled out "Hey! Can you give me that hoe-hoe?" He asked twice in such a serious, hard-working tone that I just about lost it. I guess we love junk snack food as much as we love being outside in the sun!

Here's hoping for some rays in the near future! Until then, enjoy my ray below -      : )


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