Wednesday, April 25, 2012

losing patience...wanting spring!

We definitely had a great mild winter, but enough already. We want spring! It has been incredibly windy lately and pretty chilly so it was great timing when my mom showed me an article about 
planting indoor veggies with your kids! 

TJ and I decided to try it and planted them yesterday so that we can watch the roots of carrots and radishes growing. It was so much fun to do and we covered the glass jars with black stockings so that the roots aren't "shy". We're supposed to peek at each jar after a specified amount 
of time. We can't wait! 

In other news, the larger of our hermit crabs has gone on to that great sandbar in the sky. Hermie will certainly be missed, but TJ pointed out that at least we still have Wormie. (Please pray that if Wormie has to go too, he holds on a little while longer!) We buried shy Hermie in the front flower bed. Unfortunately for me, he fell out of his shell when I was bending down to put him in the little hole. Have you ever seen a naked hermit crab? Let's just say I nearly peed my pants. They aren't pretty looking creatures. Especially when they're dead and they fall out of their shell - stunning you! Anyhow, TJ excitedly asked if we could put Hermie's shell back in the cage in case Wormie wants to choose it for a new home someday. (Neither of our crabs switched shells during their life at our house. Kind of disappointing.) I agreed that it was a terrific idea. T smiled and then said, "Can you wash it though? I don't want Wormie to get any "dead germs" on him." Oh yeah. I split my sides laughing. Then I cleaned it.

TJ had a great conference on Monday. He's ready for kindergarten. I'm not.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

TJ's Hulk in a Comic!!!

TJ has been in love with the library lately...and we go several times a week. Lately, he has been extremely interested in the human body systems and how things work on your insides. He has also been in love with Scooby Doo comics and super hero comics. He discovered some kids comic books at the library and we've brought several home over the past month or two. 

One day last month, he pointed out a page near the back of the comic that showed some drawings done by kids. I read on there that you can submit your drawing to be printed in an upcoming issue. TJ went right to work on a picture of Hulk and I said that I'd send it in. Well, I admit that the picture sat on the desk for about 2 weeks before I scanned it. But I did eventually get to it about 10 days ago. Yesterday, I received an email reply from the editor saying that TJ's drawing of Hulk was selected to be published in the May issue! So...May 9th, we'll be storming the stores for a few copies. We are SO EXCITED!

I'm not sure if I should post his drawing...or wait until it comes out so that I can show it in print. I think I'll wait....

Let me just say that this picture is very anatomically correct...especially in the chest/pectoral muscle area. 

Have a great day!



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