Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hot Sun

Well, the drive home from our big week in Cleveland was really rough. It took twice as long to get home as it did to drive up. Then, to top it all off, I fell down and bit my lip when we got home. My poor bloody lip got all swollen and it looks pretty ugly right now. But Daddy said I'm tough and that I was brave because I "took it like a man". That's me!!! TJ the man!

Sure was hot today! It hit 90-something and Mommy and Daddy set up the back yard for some fun! I played in my pool with my shoes on (not part of the plan, but oh well) and splashed around. Then, I played in my "zoo", dug in the dirt and pulled my wagon and toys around. What a great afternoon!

After that, Daddy gave me a haircut and Mommy gave me a bath. My skin is so sensitive that just the few little hairs that touched my neck after my haircut gave me a bright red rash. The bath helped though.

Well, tomorrow we have church and a whole lot of layin' around. I can't wait!

Love, TJ the Man Child


Cookout and School!

I started to tell you in my last blog about the party at Grandma and Grandpa's. I played corn hole for awhile at the beginning. I didn't throw the bags, just wanted to walk up and down the board...and stick my foot in the hole. Ooops. I tried it a few times and Mommy kept pulling my foot away saying "no no no". Well, I kept doing it and slipped in the hole. I skinned my shin and it hurt really badly, but Auntie "B" had a bandaid so I was okay. Uncle Bill took me back to play on the boards and I was good for him. No more stickin' my foot in the hole!

I ate lots of food there and Vader (the ebenezer-flea-reading dog) ate some out of my hands. I laughed at him a lot. He was so funny. We had a great time and I got to show off my cuteness to the family.

Uncle Michael and I played with the bowling pins after dinner. I sat in my little chair and he set up the pins for me to kick over. It was such a fun game and I knew that everyone was watching me. When I have an audience, I act even more silly.

On Thursday morning, Mommy took me to St. Paul's Lutheran School in Westlake. They invited her to read Ebenezer Flea and the Right Thing to Do to 6 classes of kids. Wow! She had so much fun reading her book to the kids and they thought it was neat to meet an author. They had great questions for her and one student kept asking her if she knew J.K. Rowling. Mommy thought that was hilarious.

While Mommy was reading, I got to play in the gym with kids. I ran up and down the basketball court while the kids ran alongside me. They had races and they chanted my name over and over. Wow, not only did I feel cool...but I was cool! Mommy got tears in her eyes when she heard them yelling my name. What else is new, Mom? : )

I went home mid-morning with Daddy because I needed a nap. Daddy ran to the school from Berea...20 miles. Yikes. He needed a nap after that too! Oh, I forgot to say that I got to do the morning announcements with the kids and my Poppy who's the principal there. Well, I gotta go now. I already wrote more than I thought I would. Love you! TJ


Memorial Day Parade

Memorial Day was fun! In the morning, I went to the parade with my Mommy and Daddy, Grammie and Poppy, Uncle Ben, Aunt Carey and Uncle Paul. We had lots of fun.

We saw a marching band, lots of pretty girls with sashes and crowns on, and men in old uniforms who shot guns in the air. For a second, I was scared. The shots were soooo loud! But I got over it. : )

Daddy and I walked home after seeing some bright red fire engines. He had me on his shoulders and we went up close to the cool dum-bees.

After that, we drove to see Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Bill and Auntie Melissa, and ALL of the family on the East Side. They had a huge party, and I ran around in the backyard playing with all sorts of things. I will write about that in my next a few minutes.

I added one more video of me running around around at the wedding. Mommy loves the way I just stop to look up at the camera. "I'm a ham!" Right, Grandma? Love, TJ


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wedding in Cleveland

I haven't written in awhile because we made a trip home to Cleveland for Mommy's cousin's wedding. Lynnie got married to Max and had a beautiful ceremony and reception. I'll get to that in a minute.
First, I want to tell you how GOOD and wonderful I was on the way up to C-town. I watched movies (Elmo, Bob the Builder, etc.) and sang my sweet songs and all kinds of things. I also got lots of treats. That was fun too.
Time seemed to fly by pretty quickly...before I knew it, we were driving through the Metroparks near where I was born. Cool!
It also helped that I took a nap along the way. The hills of West Virginia made Mommy a little sick...but made me fall asleep. Yawn. See how cute I am?

As I said before, Lynnie got married and that meant a lot to me because I got to practice my good wedding behavior. My Aunt Carey is getting married in 3 now I have so experience at receptions under my belt. I'm actually in this upcoming wedding though...of which I have no experience. I'll be cool though. Just you watch.
I was the first one out on the dance floor at Lynn's and Max's reception. And I decided that I would use that "free time" to breakdance. Yes, I said breakdance. I ran around for a few minutes, let a few girls chase me, let a few boys tackle me (yeah, Mommy let me hold my own), and then put my head down on the floor...and rolled around like a crazy kid. I was the star of the show for awhile. Even the photographers thought I was cute. Here's a video clip or two of my sweetness. Love, TJ


Monday, May 19, 2008

What are these things?

Just a few pictures of me supporting my Cavaliers. I had a longsleeve shirt underneath that got too Daddy took it off while Mommy ran upstairs to get something cooler for underneath. In the meantime, I discovered two little things stickin' out from my chest. They tried to explain to me what they were....but couldn't. They had no idea why men have nipples either. So, I got no answers.

Shortly after looking at my chest, I realized that I hated the way my jersey felt without a shirt underneath. I freaked out and tried to take it off. Just then, Mommy came down and Daddy rescued my by re-dressing me correctly. Thanks, Daddy! Love, TJ


sharing...and rewards

Look at me sharing my couch with Sophie! Aren't we cute? Sophie and her family came over to play the other day, and Daddy took a few pictures of us sittin' around. We had a great time and all played hard together.

When we were outside, Mommy sat in my chair...and broke it. Yep. The seat split right down the middle. Nice job, Mom. Good luck trying to fit into your bridesmaids dresses this summer.

I had to go to the doctor again today and I was so brave! That's my second visit to see the doc in a week. Yuck. Good thing I don't have to go for another 6 months! I now weigh 26 lbs 5 oz (less than last time because I took my shoes off). We went to Target afterward to get a few things, and Mommy bought me this mini ah-peen for being good and brave. I love it.

Did you know I'm 18 months old now? Yep, it was my half birthday on the 16th. Crazy, huh!

Well, I gotta go catch some bugs and eat dirt. Love you! TJ


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lil' Racer

I see and hear "ah-peens" everywhere! I was outside a lot with Mommy today and pointed high in the sky each time I saw one. AH-PEEN! I almost hyperventilate when I see one. Maybe I'll be a pilot someday. Maybe I'll just fly in one again someday.

Mommy cleaned up a push-car for me (that she bought on craigslist - her new addiction) while I played with my outside toys, and then took me for a ride. I loved it. I sat up straight and set my hands on my was hilarious.

After Daddy was done with work, he and Mommy took me to the park. I got to ride in the babyjogger again. Mommy did a workout and Daddy and I ran by her side for moral support. After dinner, Daddy said "Momma! TJ and I are gonna race!" So, Mommy got the camera and shouted "GO"! Daddy beat me 10 laps to my 5, but we had a great time doing it. Mommy wanted in on the fun and I beat her pretty good.

She let me ride on her back and I refused to hold on. I thought I could balance okay but I fell off...and needed a hug. A few seconds later, I was like new again. See you tomorrow! Love, TJ


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Look at this FACE!!!

I won't lie. My Mommy sometimes helps me write my blogs, and as she is posting these pictures, she is a puddle of mush. She cannot believe how sweet and grown-up I look.
I love playing with my trucks...or "dumm-bys" as I like to call them. My UPS truck, my fire trucks, my mini trucks and dumptruck, and my vacuum (i like it as much as my trucks) are tops on my list right now. I like my sit-n-spin too and laugh like crazy when Mommy spins me so hard that I fly off a little. Ahh, life is pretty fun.

Okay, I'm not paying much attention right now to this. I'm trying to watch the Cavs game at the same time. Gotta go! Love, Truckin' TJ


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Busy Bee!

Boy, have I had a busy day! I'm in for my nap right now...but I'm not sleeping yet. I'm having too much fun with my book that makes noises like doggies and guinea pigs. Well, the morning started out pretty early. I got up at 5:10 and couldn't go back to sleep. After breakfast, Mommy took me to the doctor (boo!) for my appointment and we found out how much I weigh. Can you believe I weigh 27.1 pounds already? Of course, I had shoes and sweatpants on and hadn't taken my gray jacket off yet, so maybe I'm just under 27 lbs...but either way, I'm just below average.

After we got home, I had a quick snack, played with my "dumm-by" (truck) for a bit, and then Mommy took me to a meeting she had at church about Ebenezer Flea. It was an awesome meeting and she is so excited about the church using it and helping her out with some marketing. Thanks, Church at Charlotte!!! I was a very good boy during the meeting. I sat in my stroller and played with my Leapfrog Leap Pad while making funny faces at the ladies who kept peeking in at me.

Straight from the meeting, we went to the store for some groceries (gee, it was about time...our cupboards were bare!) I was incredibly well-behaved and Mommy was impressed. So impressed, in fact, that I got chicken nuggets from McDonald's. My Mom took a nibble of my first two nuggets just to make sure they tasted alright. Isn't that nice of her? She does that to Daddy's food sometimes too...but I'm not sure he appreciates it as much as I do. Right Daddy?

Speaking of my Dad, he's in Atlanta until tomorrow. I miss him a lot. We're such good buddies. We played baseball in the house yesterday. I threw the red ball to him about 45 times and he hit it nearly each time. Not bad, eh? Mommy cringed a few times and had to bite her tongue so she wouldn't say "not in the house, guys!" Geez, we're just kids, Mom!

Okay, now I'm almost asleep. Gotta go! Love, TJ-the-left-handed-pitcher


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday Night Lights

Friday night was a late night for me! I got to go downtown Charlotte to watch my Mommy race again. The race didn't even start until 7pm, so instead of brushing my teeth and washing my face at that time...I was cheering for my Mommy!

We got downtown pretty early and I ate my dinner down there on a pretty patio on the street. Mommy stretched while Daddy fed me. I ate my PB&J like a little man...holding quarter sandwiches in my chubby little hands and smiling the whole time. I pointed out every airplane that went overhead and I was in awe of the skyscraper buildings! Daddy and I warmed up with Mommy and then she left us to get ready to race on her own. It was hard for her to separate herself from us...but she'll learn. At one point, Daddy looked at Mommy and said "it feels good to feel like this [nervous] again, doesn't it?" Mommy smiled and definitely agreed.

It had been a really hot day (mid-80s) and the humidity was 97% in the early afternoon. Yikes! Luckily, the humidity started to subside by the evening but the heat was still in full effect. The sun was definitely out at racetime too. Mommy squeezed her way into the crowd of 2,200 or so at the starting line, and suddenly forgot how to race. But when the gun went off, she started to remember again and ran 19:46. She and Daddy were very happy that she ran faster than last week on a tougher, hotter course. Now Mommy feels she's ready to really start training.

We didn't wait for awards or the "after-party" because it was so late and Mommy and Daddy didn't want to push it with me. I went right to sleep in my crib and didnt wake up in the night. FINALLY! It's been nearly 3 weeks since I slept through the night. We're not sure why. It's pretty frustrating. My Mommy has raced once in the past nearly 3 years or so...and now twice in 7 days! Woohoo! Thanks, God!

Do you like our picture in front of a fire engine? I do! VrrrmmmmVrmm!

Love, TJ


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just Like Daddy

Mommy and I went up to the track to watch Daddy and our friend, Paul, do a workout tonight. It was crazy fun! : ) I ran around the football field while Mommy chased me and we clapped for Daddy when he ran by us. I'm very proud of my Daddy. I want to be just like him! So for starters, I tried to run like him tonight. I ran nearly half a mile on the track today...not even counting my sprints on the football field! I should also mention that I yelled "dada dada" the entire time I was running around.

My girls, Emily and Sophie, came up to the track to watch their Daddy run too. I was really tired after my run so Sophie shared her little car with me. Mommy pushed me around the track and I looked so cute behind the wheel. When Daddy was done running, he pushed me even faster in that car and I laughed my head off!

I barely moved on the drive home. Mommy kept checkin' on me because I wasn't talking to her or singing with her to the radio. I was just zoned out...and stared out the window - sippy cup in hand. It took me 45 seconds to fall asleep once I was in bed. Zzzzz. Mommy hopes I stay asleep all night tonight. I've been waking up a lot lately...

Well, tomorrow is another big day. My Mom is taking me to Monkey Joe's so I can get tired out again. I think she does that on purpose. What do you think?

G'nite everyone! Love, TJ "Bojangles" Budic


Sunday, May 4, 2008

My dirty feet still smell sweet!

Tonight, Mommy and I went to small group at our friends' house and had a great time! Daddy didn't go with us because he's running a race at Duke. We wish we could've gone with him, but his race didn't even start until 9:20pm and that's just too late for me, man. I gotta get my beauty sleep! Go Daddy!!!

Anyhow, at small group I got to play outside the whole time (my favorite!) I carried around a broom and "swept" the yard many times over. One of the coolest things about our outside time is that the neighbors had 3 Great Danes and I just couldn't get enough of them! They were the size of horses! I love those doggies.

On our drive home, I looked outside a lot and giggled when the breeze blew through my orange hair. I was tired and ready for my milk and my bed. Mommy watched me in the rearview mirror as I took off my sandals and played with my dirty toes. We hit a red light and time stood still as she turned to see me smiling at her. I handed her some dirt and grass that I pulled off my sweaty feet and she said "ohh thank you, tj". I know she appreciates when I give her little gifts like that.

At home, I sat on the sink as Mommy washed my tootsies and my hands and face. I like to kick and play with the water faucet. It feels cool! I got a little booboo on my knee (from playin' hard) and Mommy washed that off too. She kissed my knee and then put a cool Spongebob Bandaid on it. Yep, I'm tough. What can I say. But not too tough to love my Mommy and Daddy. And I love you all too! ~TJ


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Nothing Could Be Sweeter

This morning was a big morning in the Budic household. It was "race day" for Mommy after a very long time of comeback after comeback. After having me, she took a little while off of running for obvious reasons. I was a few months old when she started getting in some decent mileage. A week or two after her first race (just last summer), she got injured and tried for months to correct her knee injury on her own. Dr. Parker came to her rescue and Mommy had her 4th knee surgery at the end of this past December. Still having pain, Mommy started running regularly 2 months ago and, well, decided that today was the day to try out the ol' knee on a 5k road race course.

She swallowed her pride and set a goal of (gulp!) 23:00. For my Mommy, it was a big step to even let me write this down. But you know what? She knows Daddy and I love her no matter what so it's all just icing to her now.

Daddy and I warmed up with her through uptown Charlotte before the race. Then, we took off so that we could yell for her at the halfway point. The gun went off, and Mommy ran. When Daddy and I saw her at 1.5 miles in, she smiled at us and blew me a kiss. I caught it in my ear (like always) and I yelled for her...and all the people after her too. She finished the race in a distant 2nd place for the women in 20:16. Wow. That was much faster than she expected and she and Daddy were so excited. She's got a long way to go to get back to where she wants to be, but this morning was great! We had so much fun.

The best part was that I got to eat strawberries from Edible Arrangements before the awards were given out. I love those things...mmmm. But they're messy. You should see my shirt! It will now be my play-in-the-dirt shirt.

Well, I guess that's it! Talk to you all later! Love, TJ


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