Sunday, October 17, 2010

He's an actor, folks!

First watch this one hulu:

(My sister sent this to me because of the number of times TJ says "mom mom mommy" throughout the day. After watching it first, I let him watch it with me a few more times. Then he wanted to act it out. Seriously! Now watch the video below:


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nicknames, Compliments and Oldness

TJ is all about nicknames lately. He comes up with a nickname for everything and everyone. For instance, "Mom - Dark Vader's nickname is Dark Vade. Mom - your nickname is, uh, hmmm, I don't know. Maybe, Mmm for Mom." I especially like that one.

Last night, TJ told me that when he grows up, he wants to be a fireman and marry me. He was sure to tell me that he would wear all his gear and hat...and pick me up in his fire truck. Of course, I melted.

TJ slept at my parents' house last night - Tim and I went to Halloweekends at Cedar Point. Holy cow, we hadn't been there in years and year and it made me realize how old I am. Why, you ask? Let me point out a few reasons:
       Number l.   I didn't get the memo to wear Ugg boots to an amusement park.     
       Number 2  If I had gotten the memo, I wouldn't have been able to wear them. The lack of support
                         would have screwed up my feet or my knees. See what I mean? I'm old.
       Number 3  I felt sick after each ride.
       Number 4  My back hurt after each ride.
       Number 5  I missed my kid. Badly. And can't wait to bring him there with us someday.

I guess getting old isn't so bad. It means I get to spend my time with more people!


Thursday, October 14, 2010


Our TJ's hair is orange. No doubt about that and we're not even sure where it came from! Ironically, he is in love with Halloween this year. Even more surprising than that? The boy loves decorations. Anything orange, black bats and monsters, white ghosts and fall scarecrows thrill him. The funniest part about that is that his Daddy is about as far as can be from that interest. Tim is definitely a minimalist in his decor type and I like a handful of decorations for the seasons and holidays. With TJ, however - the more the better! I'm going to have to get myself in gear leading up to the 31st, Thanksgiving and Christmas. If anyone sees cool decs on sale, you know who to call! : )

TJ is really loving school since it started a few weeks back. When I pick him up at the end of the session, he runs to me with his big backpack on and says, "Mom!!! We learned about shapes...or...I know all my senses! Guess what projects I brought home!" It is so much fun watching him learn. Mostly, it's fun watching him LOVE to learn.

I filled out my first permission slip last week and felt weird. Geez, it must mean that TJ is really growing up. And that must mean that I am growing up. Or growing old. Yikes!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Doggies and School

We were "this close" to getting a dog last week. I was in love with the pup - completely in love. He would have been an awesome addition to our little family. With Lab and German Shepard, he would've been TJ's best friend...and Tim's and mine too, I'm sure. Had he not been such a pup, I think he'd be licking our faces right now. We both agreed that now is not exactly the time to spend training a dog, no matter how perfect. I'm really very sad about this one - but also know we made the right decision too.

TJ started school and is doing great. We're so proud of him and the way he's growing and learning. The boy prays the greatest prayers and says new amazing things every time we turn around. Here are a few pics that capture some of our latest moments. No time for stories today...just pictures. Love you all!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Inquiry

It is truly both amazing and hilarious to me the questions that TJ has been asking lately. It makes me so curious as to the way he thinks and I wish I could get into his little head sometimes.

This afternoon when I said I needed to dry my hair before we played a game, he asked me if it was hard to brush my hair and dry it at the same time. He suggested I practice. Nice! : ) At the castle playground yesterday, TJ asked "who made God"? And then started to answer his own question by saying, "Oh I know, Jesus made God. No wait, God made Jesus. But who made God?" I was impressed with his answer and told him so. I asked him who told him that and he said, "Daddy did." Whoa - the girl next to us at the swings was jealous and said so. Daddy got even sexier when TJ answered that way.

I had to admit I didn't know the answer to the rest of TJ's question. I told him I didn't know who made God. That he just was. Any help on this one, people?

Last week, Tim told me T asked him other cute and funny things while I was, "why does God have all the power? what does God make? what do people make?" And then we've both been asked things like "why do fish not have belly buttons?" and "why don't all people have driveways?" today he wanted to know what a brain looks like. he laughed when i told him and said "ew, that's in my head? what i think with? ew."

On a side note, he's been starting to sleep through the night lately. 3 nights in a row without crying out!!! Does tremendous things for my energy level throughout the days. Seriously - he needs to keep this up. 

Tim and I just look at him in wonder sometimes. He is so hilarious, so smart and SO stubborn! I cannot believe how quickly he is growing up and it makes me sick. We are so crazy about that kid! So crazy...I want another!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Racing Day

 I love when he stands like this!
Sitting on Grandpa's shoulders, clapping for all the runners!
  Hellllooo, baby!
Ooo, ouch. Shouldn't have taken off those glasses!

Grandma and Grandpa met us out at the Johnnycake Jog last weekend so Tim and I could both race. I warmed up with TJ in the babyjogger pre-race and then when they arrived, Tim took TJ over to them. They cheered for us, played with TJ and helped him climb fences. Tim and I cooled down (a joke to say that when it's 90+ degrees outside) with TJ and had a nice family run. Thank goodness TJ loves running the way he does. And thank goodness he didn't beg to race us after the race like he usually does after family runs. It wouldn't have been pretty! We were cooked.


 In the big pool today...
 Kick, TJ! Kick!
 Superman arms! Doesn't he look serious?
 Aw, cute!
 Standing proud and tall.
Talking to the fish, and listening to the fish. Preparing for the crawl stroke. Brilliant!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweet Flowers & Ketchup Packets

TJ picked the most beautiful bouquet of flowers for me!

Sunday evening or Monday morning, our internet went out. Just like that. Well, I do a lot of work from home and after trying everything to get it up again (not by my own efforts...I had Tim on the phone with me from Raleigh), I called it quits and packed us up for the zoo. We had the greatest time there...but we were both pooped from the heat and the crazy crowds! That's what I get for going on Free Monday! Anyhow, we went to Bondi’s and Poppy’s after getting home and seeing the internet was still out. Yes, I used them for their wireless. It's okay because they know that. : )

After a little while, we went to McDonald’s because TJ wanted a cheeseburger before we went home. He actually said he wanted to go to a restaurant (huh?) so I suggested McD’s. He’s was pumped. He ate a good ¾ of his burger so I let him get an ice cream cone – and the funny thing is, he wanted to go up and buy it himself. He asked me to stay at our booth so he could do it. His sticky little hand gripped the dollar as he smoothly sauntered up to the counter, handed the money to the “buyer” and asked for a cone. He looked so little up there at the counter. Little and big at the same time. Hard to explain, but I’m pretty sure most of you get when I’m saying. A few seconds later, he walked back wearing a huge shark-mouth grin holding an enormous vanilla cone. I froze that image in my mind. Forever.

That boy has a confidence about him at age 3 that I am jealous of at age 32! I hope he holds onto that and I hope I can help. (I'm working on my own self to accomplish that. I've not been doing especially well at it lately though. Check my other blog for details on that. Someday.) I once had a moment like this at McDonald's growing up as well. Only mine was completely opposite. I'm giggling to myself as I write this. My parents made me go up and ask for an extra ketchup packet. Yep - and to me, that was a hugely gigantic ordeal. At the time, my little brain was thinking - 'you want me to WHAT? are you crazy?' But I think I did it after much encouragement. I had such issues with confidence and doing things that would seem non-threatening to the normal person. I was not normal. I hated birthday parties. Amber Knopf had a perfectly fantastic birthday party planned in 2nd or 3rd grade and I cried the entire drive there. 2 miles away. (Tim is looking at me from across the room as I'm laughing so hard that tears are starting to pour down my face.) More on this later. Seriously, more on this later...there is so much to write.

Back to TJ...I just can't wait to see what he becomes when he grows up. Not so much the occupation (but of course, I'm dyin' to know what that will be). But mostly what he does, if or how he impacts people, and what he thinks of his childhood. Whoa - that's a very weird thought. Callin' it a night on that note - I'm out!


10 Hours

I caved to swimming lessons. Since soccer did not go nearly as I thought it would, I was very hesitant to have TJ do swimming lessons and I dismissed the idea of it several times – mostly because it was a daily thing. Only half an hour, but daily nonetheless. But when TJ said he really wanted to do it, I ok’d it on the condition that it was Poppy’s deal. (Poppy is my dad for those of you who don't know.) My boy and I are pretty attached and I knew that if I was the one in the water with him, he’d cling and then not learn a thing...leaving both of us frustrated. We're lucky in that TJ has a great relationship with everyone in our families and Poppy is definitely no exception. So on the first day of lessons, I was giddy inside just waiting to hear the details. Being mostly sure I'd be 100% correct in the outcome. Ha! The results of the first week and a half of lessons are unbelievable to me. I did a sneaky mom thing and hid behind the brick wall for the first few days of lessons. It was crazy cool how TJ took to his teacher, Miss Pattie. She’s a nice woman, but not overly kind and sweet. She doesn’t coddle. She teaches and expects things of her little learners. And boy did TJ love that. He’s learned Superman arms and airplane or “T” arms. He’s learned how to talk to the fish. Then listen to the fish. He’s now floating and learned to crawl stroke – “like a digger”, he says! I’m amazed and thrilled. Our boy is learning to swim, and he loves it!

So why am I calling this blog "10 Hours"? Well, I'm glad you asked. Poppy has picked up TJ at 9:15 every morning these nearly 2 weeks, and brings him back around 10:15. That makes 10 hours of guilt-free (because TJ is doing something productive and I didn't have to ask for a sitter or family member to watch him) time to do what I want! I've run each morning instead of having to wait until night time to do it - which is especially sweet on days I'm in the office. Usually I don't get my runs in those days until 9 or 10pm. Anyhow, each day I've made it up to the pool and watched a bit too. I can hardly tear myself away from watching that boy. You should have seen him TODAY! He was the only one in the class to follow directions and listen to Miss Pattie when it was time to do the song and review of what they learned. It's so fun to watch him from behind - he's got the cutest little back (a little fuzzy, like a chick, hehee!) and I want to pinch his little brown neck. Oh - what fun! I'll have pictures soon of Poppy and TJ at his final day of lessons Friday.

For now, I'm posting some of Pirate T with his parrot and treasure map. We did a little hot-n-cold treasure hunt the other day. Arrrgh, Matey!

Looking tough and mean!

Concerned that his eyelashes are touching the eye patch. Ahh ha ha.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shelf Life

Today, TJ and I were playing cars on the floor (which we've done nothing BUT for the past several weeks) when he sat up straight and said, "Ah! Mommeeeee! I am SO excited you picked me!" I looked a bit confused, I'm sure. The conversation then progressed as follows:

Wow, TJ, thanks! But what do you mean?
I'm so excited that you picked me off the shelf!
(Eyebrow raised...huh?) What shelf, baby?
In the store! I was standing there like this (stands up straight with arms tight against his sides. eyes shut) thinking you might pull me off the shelf. And you did!
Oh TJ, that is so sweet. Tell me more about that.
You grabbed the box I was in and the buyer (store clerk at cash register) put a sticker on my nose. Then you taked me out of the store and put me in the car. In my carseat. And then Jesus made me talk!!!!!!! I love you!

I tackled him and smothered him with a huge hug. Where on earth did he come up with that? It came out of nowhere in our conversation too. So silly. We were in Marc's yesterday and TJ got a little prize that he wanted to the lady had to put an orange 'paid' sticker on it. Hmmmm. The inner workings of a child's mind are so interesting!

That's my story! : )


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mind the Gap

Oh I my sweet boy's mouth. He has the cutest big mouth, just like his Daddy and I mean that in the best way to both of them. That's about the only thing that makes TJ look like either of us. Anyway, from the beginning of TJ's life, we called his cry face "shark mouth". His mouth literally looks like a shark jaw/mouth when it's wide open. If you don't get what I'm saying, don't worry about it. It's not that important. : )

The title of this post is referring to TJ's little Chiclet teeth. He's got a perfect gap between each and every one of his teeth, but I noticed yesterday that the gap between his front teeth is closing. And I am so sad!!!!!!! I am not good with change - especially when it's change regarding my only child and his growing up. Oh dear how I want his smile to stay the way it is!  


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


TJ goes to a Sunday school class, we talk about God, and we pray before dinner. If Tim and I forget, TJ definitely reminds us and he typically says the same prayer each night.

                  "Thank you Jesus, for this good day. And for my family. And for running. Amen."

Well, this past weekend Tim and I took him to the park where we took turns doing a workout. While I was doing mine, TJ and Tim played soccer and baseball in the field. At one point, TJ hit the ball "high in the sky". The conversation then went as follows:

TJ: "Daddy! I hit it almost up to heaven! (whispers: What is Nonny's friend's name? Oh yeah, Paw Paw.) PawPaw would catch it and throw it back down to me!

Daddy: "That's right, TJ. He would! What would he say to you?"

TJ (Yelling loudly, since PawPaw is in heaven and would therefore be yelling loudly down to TJ): Vank you, TJ! I love it and I love throwing the ball back to you. Have a good day!

Daddy: not sure he had any words after that right darling.

TJ talks about PawPaw a lot. I'm sure he doesn't remember him, but he remembers us talking about him and sees his picture here and there. It's so sweet.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

away so long, i forgot my password!

i've completely failed in the blogging area of my life over the past few months, and for that i am sorry. for tj, actually, because i've skipped writing about so many great things he's said and done. our life (especially as of late) has been amazing, wonderful, happy ... and completely busy and overwhelming all at the same time. tj is growing up double time right now and he says and does so many things each day that i just can't keep up.

so, i'll be writing little bits and pieces here and there. i'm afraid the days of writing as tj are over. i need to tell you things from his mommy's perspective. this kid is just amazing. AMAZING!

we went through a little rough patch with tj for a short while and it really got tim and i to put a plan into action for discipline and rules, etc. about 10 days after that, tj flew back into "tj mode" and has been easy-going, energetic, good-listening tj ever since.

stay tuned for cute, funny and odd things he says as i update more often than before!  


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Soccer and Love

What to write...what to write. Well, Mommy stood in the living room for the entire last quarter of the Cavs game tonight with her hands on her mouth. It wasn't a very pretty game but they won after all. She didn't know it but I was hiding behind the couch the entire time taking stats for LeBron. He's my hero - after Daddy, that is.

9.9 times out of 10, I get more than psyched to see my Bondi and Poppy on the days my Mommy works at the office. But today was a different story. As we were driving over to their house, I told Mommy that this was the best day ever. She gave me the "awww TJ!" look as she peered over her shoulder at me. And then told me every day for the past 3 1/2 years have been the best days ever for her too. And the 11 months before that were the best too, since she married my Dad. Well, we pulled up to Bondi's and Poppy's house and I got out very excitedly. My friends next door were out playing and I took off to get my bike out of their garage. Mommy took that as a 'hit the road mom' sign from me and headed back to the car to head to work. NOT what I wanted. I saw her turn toward the car and let out a scream from the garage. MOMMMMY! DON'T LEAVE! DON'T LEAVE ME! I sprinted toward her and she scooped me up - bike helmet and all. I cried and sobbed on her shoulder and begged her to take me along. I was panicked and I'm not sure why! She tried to talk me through it, said she'd call me and talk to me while she drove to work, described the fun we'd have when she got home and the fun I'd have while she was away. Nothing worked and Mommy tried not to cry herself. I kicked and screamed and acted wounded but she had to go. I think she had more tears on her face as she drove away than I did.

I eventually calmed down but not before telling Bondi that I was going to walk to find Mommy. And I started to, actually. I only made it a few driveways down the street but Bondi knew exactly how to respond to me. And then I had a fun, fun day! Mommy didn't though. She worried about me all day and missed me too. She hates leaving me...but loves coming home to me. Daddy too. I know he doesn't want to go on trips for work but he's good at what he does -- for work, for me, for Mommy and our family. We're a great team.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chicken Fried

The other day, I got TJ buckled into his carseat and then started the car. I had driven it home from work the night before and hadn't turned the radio off so it was blasting "mommy songs". Instead of just turning it off, I turned it softer and was about to put one of TJ's favorite CDs in when we both heard these lyrics to what I'm guessing is a popular song right now. I have no idea who sings it but it says, "even when the sky is falling down...dooooown...dooown...."

TJ piped up quickly and said, "What is this, Mom? Chicken Little?" Ohhh my gosh, I almost drove off the road. It took me half a second to catch what he meant but then I had to agree. Yep. Yep, it was about Chicken Little.

---- I just noticed that my Mom wrote this blog instead of me. But I'm too tired to make her change it so it's going to stay for now. G'nite friends!

Love, TJ


Monday, March 29, 2010

i don't know how to say this...

I really don't know how to tell you all this, but I'm just going to come out and say it. I am the best kid in the whole world. And...I am Iron Man. Oh, and...I am ten years old.

I don't say I'm the 'best kid ever' in a boastful's just that I am the sweetest, lovingest (yes, it's a word) kid on earth and the absolute freaking joy of my Mommy's and Daddy's life. They can't get enough of me and I like that.

I'm not perfect, of course. That's obvious. I have power struggles and trouble listening sometimes...things like that. But on any given day, I listen well and my Mom and Dad know they're lucky. Mommy watched me follow directions wonderfully during Open Gym today at the Rec and she was so proud! I sat nicely when I was asked to, helped clean up, sang songs, ran around like a complete nut, and counted balls in the parachute...then after I chased down a kid for a ball and knocked him over, I said sorry and gave him the ball back.
I have the greatest, funniest personality and I'm just plain fun to be around! And if you're looking for energy - boy, I've got it. From the time I wake up to the time I fall asleep in bed, I am moving a mile a minute. I get that from my Daddy. I'm the perfect match for my family.

Maybe this is all just review...but I haven't written in so long that I wanted you all to remember who I am. I like to tell people I'm "this many...ten...I'm this many...ten" and hold up all my fingers. I tell anyone and everyone 72,000 times a day that I'm Iron Man, Devastator, Bumblebee, "that kid" (and point, yes, point), Timmy, TJ Butterfly, and so on. Then I assign other people names. Like this: "Daddy's a Daddy Optimus Prime, you're a Mommy Optimus Prime, and I'm a TJ Optimus Prime". That's how our day goes. Every day. And the Budic family loves every minute of it. That's us! How are you?


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lovely Ladies...

Let's try this again...I typed up a long and wonderful blog last week only to have it freeze and delete before saving. So, I'm over my frustration and hoping to post this tonight. Here goes...

Tuesdays was a nutty day! After a good morning, my Auntie Melissa came over to play with me while Mommy went to work at noon. We built mega-blocks castles and knocked them down, played games, went outside to play and ate snacks and goodies all day. I was "Iron Man" or "Devastator" all day long and was sure to remind Auntie over and over. We also had fun with puzzles! See, I pretend that I can't find the last piece of the puzzle, then whip it out from behind my back so that she's thrilled I found it. I'm such a trickster! : ) Around 5, my Aunt CC came over to watch me for an hour and we played too...and ate snacks like Whales. Then my Aunt Val came to hang with me and play even MORE! She was over until 7 when Mommy got home from work. How cool was it that I got to see all 3 of my aunts in one day!!! It was a crazy day and Mommy and Daddy are very appreciative of everyone's help with me. Truly, truly. I'm lucky to have so many people who love me...

Wednesday was pretty crazy too! My Doddy was in Phoenix, Arizona for a few days and took the red eye to be home with me. Want to hear where I was when he got home that morning? Running in the park with Mommy!!! Here's how it happened. Mommy's training for the Cleveland Marathon and needs to cram in the miles whenever she can, but she doesn't like to be away from me. So we tried the babyjogger (or as I call it now...the stroller since there is no baby involved) for the first time in over a year. With a blanket, fruit snacks and a few books along for the ride, I was a champion partner for Mommy. We had the GREATEST time running together through the park - over the thunder bridge, under the train tressel, and up and down hills. We laughed and goofed a lot and then after awhile, I asked Mommy if we could race. So Mommy unbuckled me...and chased me. Then I chased her. I don't remember laughing that hard in a long time - and Mommy too. I shrieked so loud, then as I climbed into my seat, we saw Daddy pull into the parking lot. DODDY!!! It was a perfect moment. A series of perfect moments.

After awhile, Mommy headed to work and Grandma came over to play with me. She brought green cookies and St. Patrick's Day movies and books. It was so fun!! She likes to read to me and play games and is always so sweet to me. Mommy hopes I'm as nice to her as she is to me. She even made me my favorite sandwich and brought it along for my lunch. Woohoo!! We went to the park as well, then Doddy took me to track practice to watch the guys practice the steeplechase. I did some practicing myself. : )
I'm sure I missed a lot here...but my little brain forgets things quickly. Sorry friends!!

I do have to add that Thursday morning was great fun too. Mommy and I did the stroller run in the park thing again...then just stayed out in the park to read books and dig in the dirt for awhile. It was so relaxing and Mommy just ate it all up. She loves that kind of a day!!

Love you guys...


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Go to your HOME!

I'm home! Home! HOME!

We've successfully and completely moved into our new house...which is my home sweet home until I go to college and it feels great. I can't describe the feeling of it - but this whole family is super thrilled ... and relaxed here. We've felt displaced for a long time now, and can finally get back in the groove.

All the packing and moving took its toll on me. For about two weeks, I was in a toddler funk. But yesterday, Mommy declared that I was back. She literally looked at me and said, "there you are TJ!" She missed me. : )

So you want to hear about our perfect day yesterday? The unperfectest part about it was that Daddy wasn't there. He was at work. But as far as Mommy-and-me days go, it was SWEET!

I woke up early - again - and we had warm blueberry waffles. We read lots and lots of books and then watched a healthy dose of Tom & Jerry...then Super Hero Squad. It's amazing how much I've taken to watching Tom bash Jerry on the head and vice versa. And all of this action/drama without talking. It may be violent, but it's quiet violence. Ha! (Was that a confusing sentense or what!?!)

After a nice warm up of a morning, we went to open gym at the rec center. I am absolutely crazy about open gym and I get so excited as we walk in that I'm practically out of breath before I even get my shoes off. Mommy watches me for a bit, then goes up to run on the treadmill before coming back to see me do the clean up songs and the parachute part. Oh gosh, she just beams with pride as she watches me follow directions and LISTEN to the teachers. Amazing! After that, we went to get groceries to fill up our bare cupboards. I like grocery shopping with Mommy...and she likes having me along. A few weeks back, she went at night while I was asleep and Daddy was home with me. Mommy thought it'd be nice to do it without distraction but man, oh man, she missed me!

We unpacked the bags of food, had a yummy lunch and then hit the road on my new bike. I rode to the mailbox two blocks down to mail a few letters and decided to keep going. The weather was so nice that we decided to check out the neighborhood. Well, our planned 20 minute bike ride turned into a 75 minute bike ride over snow drifts and through enormous puddles of dirty melted snow. It was glorious and we had a ball! When we finally rolled up into the driveway, I said "Shew! That was a LONG bike ride!"

I went pantless for quiet time after that. My jeans were soaked and I didn't feel like putting new pants on so I just hung out in my undies for a bit. Mommy did some work while I had quiet time and I was very good about it. Then we did a few errands, had a cheeseburger at McDonald's and then picked Uncle Ben up for a Bible Study we were checking out at Caden's and Lillian's. Us kids had the entire basement to ourselves...9 of us boys and 1 girl, I think. From upstairs, it sounded horrible and Mommy had a hard time sitting still. We knew we couldn't stay long from the start because I have a sorta strict bedtime (especially since I'm trying to get back on track since the move) so we jetted early. Maybe next time...

After that long and wonderful day, I fell asleep like a champ and slept like a zombie. What a fun day to go back to being myself. Love you! Countdown until soccer starts pretty soon. G'nite!


Well, I started this blog weeks ago...and I'm only getting to it now. So...sorry! : ) I will call it "Family Time"!

I sure love my family and I'm so happy and lucky that I get to live near them now. The other day (back when I started writing this), my Aunt CC and Uncle Paul called to see if I could come over and play. Well, I jumped up and down like a crazy man and agreed. Mommy dropped me off in my snowpants and all my gear ready to play with the doggies outside.

I built an enormous snow fort (decorated with some yellow snow, no doubt) and had a ball! After awhile out in the cold, we needed to warm up. So, they fed me cheese curls, chicken nuggets, two bowls of ice cream and hot chocolate. Oh - and some marshmallows on top. When Mommy picked me up and heard about my "meal" she laughed out loud and said it would be an interesting next few hours. And it was. I was off the wall for a short while then fell asleep on the couch for an hour. Nice!

Auntie Melissa and Grandma have been coming over to TJ-sit (NOT babysit) while Mommy is at her office twice a week. I wrestle and ride my bike with Auntie Melissa. We color too sometimes but mostly I just tell her to color things. I usually have to poop while she's here with I'm sure she thinks is pretty special. : ) I love seeing her more often and she brings good snacks. Grandma brought movies last time and I talked about them a lot when Mommy got home. She brought a special sticker and coloring work book too. I am really rockin' my colors lately! Grandma reads me books a lot too and makes good voices and she wore me out so much that I fell asleep on the couch as Daddy was walking in the door from his work. I'm so silly!

Thanks, Family!!! I miss you guys!
Love, TJ


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Before I forget...

 Last weekend, I went to a train museum with Grandma and Grandpa! You heard me...a train museum! It was so cool. They had trains running throughout the place and mini exhibits. Mommy's favorite was the tiny amusement park with teeny bumper cars and roller coasters that moved. My favorite part was riding on a train! I got to ding the bell the whole time!!! We took a video but we're going to upload pictures only. Mommy doesn't have the patience to do a video.

After the museum, we went back to Grandma and Grandpa's to have wings with Uncle Bill, Auntie Melissa and Auntie Marcia. We played Hungry Hippos about 72 times and ate chocolate fudge cake. Even when desserts aren't necessary chocolate fudge cake, I still call most desserts chocolate fudge cake. Hilarious.Daddy and I played chase around the house and I squealed more than I ran! We had such a good time!!

The next day, we went to Bondi and Poppy's for the Super Bowl. We ate tons of food and got to see Aunt CC, Uncle Paul, Uncle Ben and Aunt Val. Even GG and Nonny showed up! We ate chocolate fudge cake there too and I polished off my bowl pretty quickly. I played in my office a lot. Bondi and I made it when I was over one day. I have a chair, "computer", American flag, doorbell and all sorts of stuff. Mommy thinks that's pretty hilarious too. I behaved great and helped out when anyone asked me too. I'm a good helper and it makes me feel good about myself.

I know I'm missing a lot here but I'm just really, really tired. Sorry guys, it's been a fun week, but that's all I've got. I need for springtime to get here soon. Can't    take    much   more   of    being    inside. G'nite!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No hands!

Hello Friends! I am proud to announce that I'll be starting Tot Soccer in a month or so! Mommy and Daddy are sending in my registration this week. Can you believe I'm old enough to join a little kid league? I'll be playing on Saturday mornings and I'm pretty sure I'll love it. If I don't, well, then I don't have to do it anymore. But I'm gonna try!

Soccer is the sport my Mommy got started in when she was a kid. She had a funny haircut and really short shorts and she started playing on an all-boys team. The next year, they added girls teams and she was kind of sad. She liked the boys! At first, Mommy wasn't very competitive and actually feared the ball. Believe it or not, Poppy had to pay her a quarter every time she touched the ball. Hahahaha - she'd be mad if she knew I was telling you all this! I'm pretty sure that my mom and dad won't have to pay me to go after the ball. I'll love running and running and running around the field and listening to directions. I'm pretty good at that.

I wonder if my shirt will fit or if it'll be really big and hang below my shorts. Mommy's kind of hoping for the sloppy cute little kid look. Love you!


Saturday, January 30, 2010

I was watching Super Hero Squad the other day which, along with Tom and Jerry, has become my new favorite show. The Hulk was carrying a big green plant and I yelled out, "hey momma, that matches. the green plant and the huge hulk"! I've said some other cool things lately too. Read on:

TJ: Hey Mom, how did the doctors get me out of your tummy?
Mom: Wow T, thought I had a few more years before you'd ask that question. (avoiding the answer)
TJ: What are you saying to me? I said how did the doctors get out?
Mom: Mmm, lots of medicine.
TJ: Med-cine? But how did I get out?
Mom: Ohhh (sigh), they uh, gosh I don't know how to answer that.
TJ: Maybe your bellybutton?
Mom: Well that's a great idea. Let's ask Daddy.
TJ: Ohhh-kay! That's a great idea!

Bondi and I were watching a movie last week and a kid fell in a hole on the show. She asked me what I would do if I had fallen in. I said, "I'd use a rope!" (Mommy loved hearing this story) Bondi asked me what would happen if I didn't have a rope. I replied, "All the kids in there, we'd hold hands and climb up." Cool!

When Mommy came home from work, I gave her a hug and told her a little about my day. Then I came back around and said, "It's okay to be nervous!" Mommy looked at Bondi and they both shrugged their shoulders. Wonder where I picked that up!

I was fightin' Bondi on taking a nap one day. Finally I said, "Okay! Fine! I'll take a nap! Fine!" I said it while mimicking Mommy's voice. Oh dear. Now you all know that nearly two months ago when I gave up my nap, Mommy's final words on the subject were, "Okay! Fine! Don't nap." Oops.

Guess who came over to play with me all day Wednesday. Grandma!!!!!!!!!! We did fingerpaints and thumb prints, books and games, and ate heart peeps! I also ate her sandwich. Didn't want my food, but loved hers! When Mommy got home, she hugged us both. After Grandma left, I said, "she's a girl like you're a mommy girl. and daddy's a boy like i'm a boy...a tj boy." I talked a lot about how Grandma loves me and that she's good at reading books. I also wondered where Grandpa was. "Remember those trains? And the broken one? Can we see those trains and the hot rod soon?" Mommy said 'absolutely'!

I'm so lucky to be close to all 4 of my grandparents and all my aunts and uncles. Gosh, I love them!
Hi family -- I LOVE YOU!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Picture Page, Picture Page

This is me making one of my famous silly faces at the indoor track at B-W. It's a special place in my family!

 Here I am jumping up and down on the jumping "fing" at Open Gym. I love going to the rec with Mommy!

 Bondi and me at the track...waiting to see Stinger (B-W's mascot) who never showed. Nice.

 One of Mommy's favorite outfits...

Another one of Mommy's favorite outfits. I love putting on all my gear once in awhile!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Where's TJ?

The reason for no blogs lately isn't for lack of doing things. In fact, it's because we've been doing so many "things" that I haven't had a chance to write lately.

For example, an 'un'fun thing I did this week was to be sick. I had a fever of 104 over two days and since my fever broke, I've been trying to get rid of a very stuffy nose and a little cough. It's been a little pathetic over here. My 104 fever hit the day my Daddy was driving home to see us from his short business trip. I was pathetically draped over my Mommy while the water heater in the basement was rusting out and breaking. So, we had 3 days without hot water. That was fun.

Yesterday, Mommy needed to get me out of the house (for her sake, I think) so we headed to B-W to watch a basketball game and track meet. There was also a wrestling match, swim meet and racquetball tournament going on at the same time. Needless to say, parking was insane. So, Mommy dropped Bondi and me off and went to park. We cheered and cheered...and I was very excited to get up and down from the stands during the bball game. That made my mom nervous but she let me do it anyway. Probably because we were only in the second row. : )

I've been okay today (Sunday), but Daddy has it now. Ohh Daddy. Pray for us here, please! We've been under attack : ( but we're hangin' in there!

One fun thing I did last week was have my Auntie Melissa over for a morning. Yep, Mommy had to be at work very early one day and Auntie Melissa came to stay with me since Daddy was out of town. We had a great time and even made a sleeping fort. The best part was that in the back of Mommy's mind, she thought "oh, i hope he doesn't have to poop while Auntie is there!" but she decided not to worry since it wasn't too long of a window for opportunity. Well well well, I saved a nice potty time for my Auntie. I'm sure she looks at me much differently now. : )
Love you!


Friday, January 8, 2010

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

sometimes i watch maggie and the rocious beast, but mommy's not really into it. she doesn't even have anything to say about it, but wanted me to document that i say 'rocious' instead of 'ferocious'. she loves it, actually.

av (emphasis on the "a") is my new friend. whenever mommy asks me who i played with at church or things like that, my typical answer is "av". mom and dad aren't sure if i really do have a friend named "avery" or something similar - or if i've completely made it up. i'll never tell.

i also have a new pet named julie the hamster. i carry her around in a little bag and take care of her by saying, "it's okay. i'm here now. i'll take care of you - no more little (wittle) tears." i also had my bath tonight with my puppy pet and said the same things to him. the voice i use when 'consoling' is so freaking cute. mommy said 'you take such good care of your pets in the bathtub' and i said 'PET, mommy. i only have one in here.' HA! i'm already correcting my mom's use of the english language. nice.

mommy took me swimming after she ran the other day. it was so fun - i nearly had a happy meltdown in the kids area. i ran around and told all my teachers that i was going in the pool and then SHOUTED: thank you! thank you, mommy! thank you for taking me swimming. i'm so excited! geez, mommy was impressed with my speaking and then pumped that i tried going down the slide all by myself. i could only see her hand at the bottom of the pool because it was a tube slide. she could hear me at the top saying 'i don't know about this'. i say a lot of things that make her chuckle. 'i don't know about this'? what says that?

flumm is still a word i can't say. flumm, you know...not your finger but your flummm...

g'nite everybody!
love, tj


Friday, January 1, 2010

Chuck E Cheesus

I have been wanting to go to Chuck E Cheesus (yes, it rhymes with Jesus) since I was a little kid. And this past weekend, I got to go!!! Uncle Bill wanted to go for his birthday, and I got invited! : )

When we pulled into the parking lot, I freaked - in a good way. I saw all the flashing lights and excitement inside and could not wait to get inside. At first I was a little hesitant to chum up with Chuck on stage, but when I saw the real Chuck, I was cool with it. Gave him a few high-fives.We got right down to the game-playin' and that was just great with me! The coolest part was that I got to do any and all the games I wanted. We had cups of tokens and just put them in each machine, running from one thing to another. I think the roller coaster ride and air hockey were my favorites. Mommy thinks my expression on the American flag truck was the best though. It's so not my personality...maybe that's why.
We took a break for pizza then got back to winning tickets. My family gave me all the tickets they earned at the end and I got to pick out some prizes! Isn't that awesome? We fed the ticket-counting machine what we won and then walked over to choose prizes. I got a sweet Speedracer car and a soccer bracelet. I left like a man too. No tears, no whining. Just GOODNESS! My Mommy and Daddy were so proud of that! After Chuck E. Cheesus, we went to Grandma's and Grandpa's house for ice cream cake. What a fun day!
Grandma surprised me with a stuffed Chuck and he sleeps with me now. I always ask why he only has two teeth. : )
Love, TJ


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