Tuesday, November 13, 2012

All Pro Dads! Go BROWNS!

Hand in hand with Lou Groza Football league, comes All Pro Dads programming. TJ's school hosts this for kids and their dads and it's usually breakfast before school. But tonight, it was an extra special evening program with lots of activities, Browns players and super action! Tim and TJ came home like they had just been at the Super Bowl...with stars in their eyes! As you can see, T got to try on some pads and also drew a sweet picture, threw some good passes, raced on a sheet and got a new lunch box! 


We love LEGO!

We invest in Lego : ) TJ is a fanatic and I must admit that we are too! Our little man got started on Lego building when a coworker of Tim's bought him a starter set a few years ago. It's been the consistent answer to the question, "what should we play now?" ever since.

Yes, they hurt when you step on them. And if you're barefoot and happen to step back down on them before you swipe them off your foot, they will make you cry out again! However, Lego never disappoints. They don't break. They don't look one way in a catalog or on the box, and look like something else when you open them. They build upon each other and they live a long time!

TJ got his first Lego Hero Factory last Christmas. Since then, any prize or reward for a full sticker chart has been a Hero Factory or mini Lego figure. Well, we've accumulated many and this weekend we discovered that we were missing about 3 key parts to completing all of his Hero Factory "guys" at the same time. I'm actually surprised that we haven't lost more than that! Well, Tim went online and discovered that you can order replacement parts through Lego customer service. (Here I thought they'd make you buy a whole new set!) So he selected the parts we needed and ordered them quite easily. A day later, however, he got an email from Lego saying that they weren't going to charge us. Yes, you read that correctly. They wanted to let us know our new parts were on their way and that we should enjoy them without paying this time. I nearly fell over. How sweet is that. Woohoo!!!

Thank you, Lego. Seriously, what a way to make a customer feel pretty awesome. We'll continue to enjoy building and maybe implement even more family Lego nights!  


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

 Spooooky Skeleton Boy heading to school!

 Where's Waldo TJ!

TJ holding his own and (finally) showing some confidence! :)


Monday, September 17, 2012

Updates on TJ and Cassidy

Poor Little Cassidy had a rough day...and has to wear a cone to keep from licking. Look at his face! The first 5 minutes he wore the cone, he stood at looked at the wall in the corner. Our sweet friend is sad but he's getting a lot of extra love and attention. I have no fear that he'll be pouncing moths again in no time.     : )

As for TJ. Well, the first day of school and the drop off went so well...but the transition has not been an easy one. As of today, we are two days now without tears. He got a Halloween prize from us on Thursday and today for shedding not a single tear. Let me back up and say again that TJ LOVES school. But he does not love lunch and recess. Or, I should say, the process of lunch and recess. His little voice quivers and shivers every time he talks about it. That first week, he came home every day with a full lunch box. My heart broke every time I saw his untouched food and pictured him sitting at the little lunch table unable to open some of it and just too choked up to eat any of it. I hate not being there and I just want to kiss that little neck and be there to make it all okay.

So what about the process is he not cool with? More than missing us, it's the fact that he "doesn't know who is in charge and what he's supposed to do." He's afraid of doing the wrong thing or getting lost or not knowing exactly what to do. He woke up every night that first week crying in his sleep, "where am I?" and "where do I go?" He also verbalized this to us under the covers in a dark room prefaced by "I'm embarrassed to say this...please keep it a secret but...I don't know what I am doing!" Well my heart mended up enough after that to break again when he said he "raised a quiet hand" the whole time at lunch for help and no one came to him. And that's when Tim and I decided that I should go in and "help out" with the kids. Buyers have to put in a code and the PTA was asking for assistance so I gladly signed up. The rest of that week and the next, there were a few other moms helping out too and I just cheerfully opened up ketchup packets and fruit snacks and milk cartons and encouraged those little beings that they were doing the right thing. I admit, I was overwhelmed myself by the number of kids (160+) and the noise and chaos of it all. Of course my 5 year old was feeling unsupervised and unsure of himself. I was too and I'm thirty-...well, not 5!

So, in addition to the aides' direction, I was able to reinforce the specifics of where to go, when to throw trash away, when and how to line up for recess and so on...over and over. Sounds simple, but it really isn't to them. There is a lot going on and a lot that they have to do themselves. I now have 20 new best friends and they all hug or high-five me when they see me. I am officially known as TJ's mom. Friday, my status was upgraded to 'hero' when I saved the day and separated two little kids' backpacks that had become connected at the zipper. I am now the cool kid in class. Finally! : )

Once TJ got the hang of lunch, I didn't want to mess it up by doing it every day and being more of a problem than a solution so last Wednesday was my last one. He's only cried once since then and I think we're gonna be on a roll. So far, this week has been awesome! (And yes, today is Monday.)

I do want to touch on school rules. TJ is terrified of these rules and had a nightmare about them as well. Apparently they drilled them into the kids the first few days and had them scared to death. I'm all for rules, of course. The delivery of them may have been a little harsh. I really can't say though because I am one of many moms and he is one of many kids. Each one of them probably heard them in a different way! Anyhow, TJ had to tell us in private and in the complete darkness of night that he broke a rule....but that no one saw him. Because of this, he was afraid to go the next day. I'm pretty sure he thought a jail sentence was to follow. He even told us that he drew a picture of him breaking the rule with a red 'X' through it so he wouldn't forget to tell us about it. I kid you not! He brought it home the next day. See below. (He is climbing up the slide.)
The next day, I introduced him to the woman in charge. He felt much better and now they are tight.  : )

On a different note, TJ's drawing of Killawog and Green Lantern was published in this week's Green Lantern  The Animated Series, Issue 6. We are pumped and it was a thrill for our fam. Thanks, Uncle Paul Reese!!!
Since school started, I've been working on painting my old white dresser to fit TJ's style. I'm pretty proud of it and T loves it. I love projects like this.


Monday, August 27, 2012

THE (mommy-dreaded) FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

I admit that I have been dreading this day for the past 5 years and 9 months...or so. : ) This little kid has become more and more of my best little friend and buddy with each day so even the thought of grocery shopping without him has made me crazy these past few weeks. I also thought I'd have
cried enough about kindergarten to have any tears left after orientation and the 
readiness testing date (seriously, I took one look at his locker that day
and there was a tear explosion on my part) but unfortunately,
there were a few left for today. 

Tim and I walked him to school in the rain and TJ's face was glowing like the sun through the clouds as he beamed with excitement. He. Was. PUMPED. I definitely helped us to see him so excited and I think 
Tim and I did a pretty good job of not overtalking kindergarten...but also bringing up things for him to 
get into his brain about how long it'd be and so on. Kudos to us, I guess. I think 90% of the credit should go to our little man though for just being so great about it. I kept waiting for him to turn around once we got into the building and look up at me with his big eyes and tell me that he wanted to go home and just 
be with me all day. I kept waiting. But that moment never came. He hugged me, squeezed my hand
then took off into that classroom full of kids and, it seemed, into another world. I don't think I'll
be needed as much in this new world and it scares the life out of me. I nearly ran out of the building and 
pretty much toppled a few other moms in my path. Tim found me and we walked home in the rain. 
And so begins a very big change in our lives. A shift of time and structure, I guess. 

 I was terrified
of the length of the school day for him but as we walked home, he said it flew by and 
he couldn't believe it was time to go. I think this whole school
thing will change everything. Even more than we think. And there's no going back. 
So, on we go...


Sunday, August 19, 2012

TJ's Puppy

There is so much to update ... that I'm not sure where to start! I'll be writing more shortly, but wanted to share a few sweet pics of TJ and Cassidy, our new dog. He is a sweetheart. It has been an adjustment for sure, but a good one. We're all learning together!

Soon, I will be writing about fishing, football, kindergarten and Cassidy...woohoo for busy summers!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

the first thing she saw

i want to begin by asking you not to be offended if you are finding out about this by blog, and not from us personally. please, don't take it personally. it all happened in such a way that only few people knew the good news...which helped us when dealing with the bad.

it has taken me a very long time to write about this. and to be honest, i never thought i would. period. but for the last few weeks, i've wanted to have it in writing so that tj could look back and read about it. and so that his little sister's life would be more real. and not lost in whispers...because it does still seem like a bad dream.

we weren't very vocal about telling people when we started trying for baby #2 a few years ago. but when i didn't get pregnant within the first 8 or 9 months, i went to see my dr. a few months later, we started fertility treatments. that was a lot more complicated and trying than i could have ever imagined, but i never thought that it wouldn't work. over a year of that went by, and none of it worked.

we decided to take a break from the clomid last november and a month later, just before christmas, i quit my job. two weeks later, in the first days of january, i was pregnant. i can't even describe how insanely elated i felt when i saw that plus sign on the test. i couldn't contain myself! and can hardly describe the way i laughed out loud and jumped around for awhile. i shook like crazy before calling my doc for bloodwork to confirm. the next day, the nurse called with my results and seconds later, i called tim who was on a business trip. i sent him on another trip with my news. he was ecstatic and in disbelief. over the next several minutes, we had planned that baby's entire future. and the way tj would kiss that baby and love that baby with us. and the way i would get to walk tj to kindergarten with a newborn in the stroller. and who that baby would look like. and would she have red hair? and what tj would say when we told him. i floated through my days and weeks after that news. praising God with my feet barely touching the ground.

that was 6 months ago. and i don't have a belly.

i remember every single detail about what happened in late february. every single detail. i remember being crazy excited for the next ob appointment. and i remember him looking at my bloodwork results and saying ' you are definitely pregnant'. and the relief i felt. i remember him pointing to the screen on the ultrasound saying, 'there's your baby'. and i remember the way his eyebrows furrowed when he measured some things on the screen. and looked back at some of the numbers. and i remember going back for more bloodwork. and i remember when i called for my updated results. and i remember when the nurse told me to hold for the doctor. and i knew when she didn't tell me the results, that it was bad. his voice came on the line and i just knew. gently, he told me that i needed to prepare for a miscarriage. and that he was so sorry. i remember choking out a question or two, and a response to his question. and then i remember my anger, and my windpipe closing. and i remember hanging up and trying to breathe through my panic. and sobbing out loud telling that tiny baby that i was not giving up on her. that i would not let anything happen to her. that that doctor didn't know my God. and what my God could do. that she was safe. and everything around me turned white and i could not catch my breath.

i walked through fear for the next week. staying as positive as i could. begging God to give me peace because i knew what he could do. why would he allow me to be pregnant with this baby after waiting all this time, and then take her away? he wouldn't do that. i had convinced myself he wouldn't allow that.

and then we lost our little person. i never knew that kind of pain existed. this is the part i have to skip.

if i hadn't been on my knees already, i would have been knocked to the ground. i don't think i got up off the floor for a week. like water colors, my sadness and despair melted into pure anger and hatred of nothing. of everything.

we hid as much as we could from tj. we told him i didn't feel good and couldn't play as well or as much for a little while. somehow, he sensed the depth of all of this and sat on my lap. literally sat on my lap for days. that boy doesn't sit still, but he did then. and somehow, i was able to wait until he was asleep each night to absolutely lose my mind. having him need me really got me through the hours each day. before then, i didn't think i could possibly love my husband more than i already did. but there is a new level of that now. i had no idea there was more!

for a week, i did not speak to a soul other than tim or t. and couldn't get near a phone. or even read a text. the thought of communicating sent chills up my spine. made me want to jump out of my skin. i did not want anyone else near me. and now, months later, i find that very interesting. i'd like to learn more about that reaction and what it means.

somehow, we still made it to church. to the building at least. we didn't want tj to miss out on church, but i couldn't make it through a service without silent tears streaming down my face in defeat. or without running out after 10 minutes in. i couldn't sing. i couldn't stand up there. and there were a few weeks when tim was traveling and i took tj to his sunday school class, then sat in an empty classroom so i could hide.

i battled with myself for so long. i argued back and forth within myself. i knew i had every right to be so angry. but i also felt like i couldn't be angry because i already have the best son on earth in tj. and that others are so struggling in more ways. in different and in worse ways. and how could i be so selfish to be angry when i literally had everything i ever wanted. and i went back and forth. back. and. forth.

my husband let me feel everything i needed to feel. supporting me and carrying me, but not smothering me. and my parents let me hide away for awhile. and whenever i needed to after that. and my mom let me be angry...until one day. she wanted to come over to talk and i cringed knowing that she wanted to address my feelings. ew, that word made me shutter but i welcomed it. sort of. she brought me the lyrics of a song i'd loved since i was a little kid. she talked a bit and gave me the lyrics. and then gave them to me printed off in slovak and another language too. and i cracked up. i couldn't stop laughing and that was the start of my healing. she also gave me a cd of this woman she'd heard at the cleveland pregnancy center banquet. she said i was a fighter and, in the most loving way possible, that i was letting satan win. i didn't think i was a fighter anymore but over the next few days, i felt like i taped up my knuckles and got in a fist fight with the devil himself.

for 4 days, i fought my way out and was afraid at every moment that the springing up of strength i felt was going to go away. but it just grew from a tiny seed until it blasted out of my heart. and i felt like me again. just like that.

i really do feel like it was a dream. and i only remember bits of the two months of thrilling excitement ... but i can't get tim's words out of my head even still. one night in the midst of our loss, he said he knew we'd see her in heaven one day. and my response was that i was afraid i wouldn't know who she was. he said, 'han - she'll recognize us.' and you know what else? the first thing our little girl ever saw was jesus' face. she will never be sad, or be hurt. i will never let her down. she knows only perfectness. and i had a dream that night and saw her face. she had dark hair, little curls and i can still see her little face. as clear as i did that night. and she is beautiful and safe.

i've never been through anything like this before and i'm so glad i wasn't alone. while it didn't rock the depth of my faith, it sure shook it like crazy. and tested me. i knew God was there the whole time and i hated it on a certain level. i hated hearing that prayers were being said for us. i hated that. o how i hated that. but the tiny part of me that stayed me, was glad but didn't want anyone to know. especially the angry part of me.

i am so thankful for my family. my whole family and my friends too. they have been so helpful as i have shared with just a few. but i thank God a million times a day for my sweet son and my strong husband. i am so lucky and so honored to be a part of them. since the day tj was born, i have adored him more and more each day and every morning. with the beginning of each day, i wake up with a little tickle in my heart just waiting to hear tj call to me or run into our room and grab my face with excitement to get up for the new day. i am in heaven here on earth. but i am in more light now than ever before. and i can honestly thank God for that.

thank you for letting me share. my cup overflows.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to the absolute 
BEST husband and Daddy ever!!!! 

TJ colored a picture at church for Tim and also answered some questions about his Daddy. The helper wrote down T's answers and when I read them, they all made me say 'awww' a little louder with each response. In case you can't see it well enough, it says:

                My dad is:          20 years old
                                          tall as a fridgerator 
                                          weighs 60 #
                Likes to wear:     same as me  
                My dad is special to me because we are brothers.
The one at the bottom was the one that broke me though. Yes, I cried. They are both father & son...and brothers.

Happy Father's Day to my husband who never ceases to amaze me with the way he takes care of his family. And who makes me feel like I could do anything. 

Happy Father's Day also to my dad whose total support throughout my life (thanks to you too, Mom!!!) has been incredible - even though I haven't said it near enough. And to my father-in-law as well! I am lucky to be a part of their family! 


Sunday, June 3, 2012


TJ is very much wanting a brother or sister. This is not a new thing by any means, but I don't think I've actually written about it before. He asks all the time when he'll "get one" and wants to know why everyone else has a brother or sister who is a friend to live with. And each time he asks, it kind of makes me very happy and very sad at the same time. I love being his mom and his playmate, but I know I'm not a kid...a little friend...or a sib. 

Lately, TJ has been asking Tim things like:
                           "Should we pretend to be twins? Or brothers?"
                           "Will I ever catch up to your age?"
                           "Can you grow your hair longer like mine?"
                           "What clothes do you have that I also have?" 
                           "Can we match and wear the same thing?"

So the last few days, Tim and T have been wearing similar outfits. The best part is, last night TJ asked if I had any silver rings I didn't want anymore. He told Tim he wanted to wear a wedding ring so that they could REALLY be twins and REALLY match. Oh my gosh, how sweet is that!!!

Then today in church, we went to pick him up from class and his teacher said they made a giant family class tree and all the kids put stickers up representing them and their brothers or sisters. TJ only had one sticker on his part of the tree. Apparently TJ didn't like having his sticker be alone so the teacher said he could put up a sticker to represent his dog too. So TJ did. Only...we don't have a dog either. Yet! Later, they drew pictures and TJ drew an awesome pic of our family (in which he is holding a dog). So guess what! We're continuing our dog hunt with extra gusto!!!!!!

I forgot to mention in the last post that TJ wanted to know the difference between the words 'grad', 'graduate'(verb), 'graduation' and 'graduate' (noun). We talked about it for about half an hour. This kid cracks me up!


Preschool Grad!

TJ has officially graduated from preschool. 

Do you remember the Full House episode when Michelle graduated from preschool? (Please tell me some of you used to watch that show. It was one of my favorites - ha!) Well I thought it was so goofy that they made a big deal about preschool graduation...and yet, now I get it. I really didn't think I'd cry, but Tim looked over at me while we were sitting in the auditorium and I had tears streaming down my face. It was really emotional! Full-day kindergarten is looming and I am in shock that it's so close. (But luckily, TJ is pumped about it!)

Here are some pictures of Mr. T getting his certificate. I put it in a frame on the kitchen table when we got home and he was very proud of that.

And we are proud of him for playin' hard, workin' hard and workin' on growing up! 


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

losing patience...wanting spring!

We definitely had a great mild winter, but enough already. We want spring! It has been incredibly windy lately and pretty chilly so it was great timing when my mom showed me an article about 
planting indoor veggies with your kids! 

TJ and I decided to try it and planted them yesterday so that we can watch the roots of carrots and radishes growing. It was so much fun to do and we covered the glass jars with black stockings so that the roots aren't "shy". We're supposed to peek at each jar after a specified amount 
of time. We can't wait! 

In other news, the larger of our hermit crabs has gone on to that great sandbar in the sky. Hermie will certainly be missed, but TJ pointed out that at least we still have Wormie. (Please pray that if Wormie has to go too, he holds on a little while longer!) We buried shy Hermie in the front flower bed. Unfortunately for me, he fell out of his shell when I was bending down to put him in the little hole. Have you ever seen a naked hermit crab? Let's just say I nearly peed my pants. They aren't pretty looking creatures. Especially when they're dead and they fall out of their shell - stunning you! Anyhow, TJ excitedly asked if we could put Hermie's shell back in the cage in case Wormie wants to choose it for a new home someday. (Neither of our crabs switched shells during their life at our house. Kind of disappointing.) I agreed that it was a terrific idea. T smiled and then said, "Can you wash it though? I don't want Wormie to get any "dead germs" on him." Oh yeah. I split my sides laughing. Then I cleaned it.

TJ had a great conference on Monday. He's ready for kindergarten. I'm not.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

TJ's Hulk in a Comic!!!

TJ has been in love with the library lately...and we go several times a week. Lately, he has been extremely interested in the human body systems and how things work on your insides. He has also been in love with Scooby Doo comics and super hero comics. He discovered some kids comic books at the library and we've brought several home over the past month or two. 

One day last month, he pointed out a page near the back of the comic that showed some drawings done by kids. I read on there that you can submit your drawing to be printed in an upcoming issue. TJ went right to work on a picture of Hulk and I said that I'd send it in. Well, I admit that the picture sat on the desk for about 2 weeks before I scanned it. But I did eventually get to it about 10 days ago. Yesterday, I received an email reply from the editor saying that TJ's drawing of Hulk was selected to be published in the May issue! So...May 9th, we'll be storming the stores for a few copies. We are SO EXCITED!

I'm not sure if I should post his drawing...or wait until it comes out so that I can show it in print. I think I'll wait....

Let me just say that this picture is very anatomically correct...especially in the chest/pectoral muscle area. 

Have a great day!



Thursday, March 22, 2012

Joy, Joy, Joy

Forget basketball...having a March with weather consistently hot is total madness and I am loving it up! It is amazing how much the weather can make amazing days even better!

If you don't feel like reading a ridiculously happy and overly lovey blog post, do not continue. I can imagine several of you gagging when you read on...so consider yourselves forewarned. : ) 

I am so in love with my incredible family and am wishing our life could move on in slow motion. Truly, truly. I am loving every moment too much. I'm still giddy over this cozy home and my favorite little things about it. It is magnified by each second of memories we make here. My husband and my son overwhelm me every day with their crazy silliness and true love. I have starlight bursting from my eyeballs and it has everything to do with family. 

I am not saying that we are without worry or sorrow. I wish I could say that. What I am saying is that I appreciate every piece of joy I have right now. And am so very grateful for it. And for those sorrowful times...well, I am not alone. I am definitely not alone.

Tim came home from a trip today and as he read books in TJ's room before bed, I wanted to freeze that moment in time. Twinkly lights hanging in the room, two sweet dudes all snuggled up with me, peeper frogs chirping outside and a warm breeze from the fan making my hair tickle all of our faces. TJ's same comments about the same books over and over...his hair twirling while humming songs he learned in church....and Tim's side glances and chuckles...**sigh**...I just love those moments. I am lucky to have so many. 

TJ, if you are reading this when you are older, I want you to know how proud of you I am. Insanely proud of you. And your heart. I am so lucky to get to be with you...just you and me...so much. And I'm so glad to know you one-on-one better than almost anybody! In lots of ways, you are a normal 5-year old, active and crazy little man. But you are also a genuine sweet soul -- and we can't take credit in raising you that way. You ARE that way. You care about the feelings of others and building them up. You think of other people in a way that I wish I could. And you take care of me. And build me up too. That's a pretty cool thing to say about a 5-year old. 
Your humor is incredible and you make us laugh more with surprise than anything. You are smart. And a good thinker. You love Jesus, you love your family, and you care about people. 

In life, TJ, those things will make you unstoppable. 

I love you like crazy. 

Thank you for the nickel you gave me today. And for your prayers for a brother or sister. And for telling me, "I just love your chubby cheeks." You are my joy, joy, joy.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Very Busy Day!

Today was a most certainly awesome day and I wanted to show some cool pictures. Super busy and super cool.

It started with TJ going to school for his turn to be Star Student. He gets to bring snack for the class of 22 (not something I love doing when we pay a hefty amount for him to attend!) and also gets a cool star stamp and is interviewed by the class. His favorite part is talking into the microphone and answering their questions. One of today's question was "which are your favorite shoes"...to which he answered "the ones I have on". 

After school, we had a friend over for Pirate Day. We decorated the house the night before and got out all of his pirate stuff that was scattered in different toy bins and boxes and cabinets all over the house. Turns out he has a ton of pirate stuff and it made it all the more fun. The neighbors were probably wondering why we hung a giant skull flag in our front window for the day but I don't really care. It was cool. I made up some clues for an old map and they found some cool treasure. At the end, I surprised them with a fun pirate cake that I made for the first time. It was fun for me to do and they reacted just as I'd hoped. Best of all, we got to dig right in and eat it.

After the pirate festivities were over, we cleaned up a bit and then headed to TJ's school for kindergarten registration. Yes, I said it. Kindergarten registration. I can't believe we're here. I can't believe we're at this point. And no, I did not cry. I held it together. Come August/September, however, I will undoubtedly be a wreck. I am already dreading it so much and that's all I have to say about that for now.

So, we registered the little nugget for kindergarten and THEN headed off to our next thing. Karate! TJ has been talking about doing karate for months now and we decided to try out a few places. Lots of the programs we looked into were too long or had mixed groups of adults and bigger kids too. That was too much. Some of the programs were super long or all throughout the week so those got canned quickly too. But we found a place where TJ is a Little Dragon and he goes 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes.

When we drove there, TJ could hardly hold in his excitement. If it had been dark outside, I swear he'd have been glowing. We stepped into the room for the first time and he was in awe. All the kids had their uniforms on and were obeying the instructor very well. They greeted us so nicely and invited TJ to come out and join them. He froze. Completely froze. I was not shocked...but was hoping to be pleasantly surprised by an easy transition. But after 10 minutes of hanging on my arm with his face against my body, he peeked out and watched. I kept remarking how fun it looked and how I thought he could do some of the fun things they were doing and learning. He didn't budge...but then whispered, "Okay, I'm ready to go." I said 'okay' and then asked him to put his shoes on. He said, "No, I mean I'm ready to go out there." I must have squealed because when he was retelling the story later that night, he squealed in excitement mimicking me. (Ha!) He cautiously went out onto the floor and then followed one of the students' every moves. They helped instruct him and he was so intense and so serious. And very, very proud.

Each movement is careful and precise and he had to work hard to get the kicks and blocks down. But the best part was the fact that he looked at me out of the corner of his eye after each of his practice moves. I "silent cheered" each time. One mom even told me afterward that she didn't watch her son at all this day because she was watching us...and she had tears in her eyes. It was hilariously sweet.

Anyway, TJ didn't say a word the whole time. Just focused. And I loved watching that. He ran off at the end and said he wanted to definitely sign up and so we did. We brought his new crisp, white uniform home and he practices in it every chance he gets. He cannot wait for tomorrow's karate and frankly, neither can I!

 After karate, we drove to B-W so that I could vote and then went home to make dinner and get on with our evening. It was a busy and sweet day. I am in love with my family.


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