Sunday, November 13, 2011

We have a (gulp*) ... 5-year old!?!?

We had TJ's 5th birthday party today and I admit, I broke down halfway through in the kitchen. My poor mom, sister and Gram had to watch it all unfold. My mouth started to melt into a frown as I tried to to hold in a cry...unsuccessfully. Then my whole face felt like it started to melt and the tears started rollin'. How did TJ get so old, so fast? Four is four. When I say that age out loud, I still think toddler kid. But five? Five is, well, five. And that is hitting me hard. I have until Wednesday to still call him four...

We had a great lil party and TJ got mad gifts from his family. Thanks, family! We were all smooshed in our house all cozy-like for afternoon pizza and cake. It was really windy but nice and warm. Phineas and Ferb graced our cake and Agent P peeked out from behind the tree - it was really cute...and yummy.

What happy day and fun celebration!!!! I'm washing new jammies right now and Tim and I can't wait to play with his new toys tomorrow. With TJ, of course. Hehehe.

Birthdays have been sort of strange for TJ in the past.

On the day of his actual birth, he got a bit of a rough start and he spent the first four days of his life in this.

On his first birthday, Tim and I were living in Charlotte and it was just the three of us. TJ got his own little cake (thank you, Harris Teeter) and freaked out when the icing stuck to his hands. (Ha - some things haven't changed much since then.)

Our sweet Scooter also went to live with another family and I was so upset about that, that I unknowingly skipped a surprise bday party our small group planned for us. I will never get over that.

Days before birthday number 2, my PawPaw died. And on TJ's birthday, we drove 7 hours back home from Charlotte. We had a little Elmo cake with Mainwarings before heading back to Ohio.

That was a whirlwind of a memory and a very sad one at that.

On birthday number 3, we were living in a home we were renting until our Charlotte house sold. It was a sweet house, but not home to us. I hate to say that I really don't remember that birthday very well.

We had monkey cupcakes - I do remember that!

Last year, number 4 was a blast!

Our family and some great friends came and there was a special appearance made by Spiderman. I remember the weather on that day last year was absolutely gorgeous as well.

Which brings us, once again, to birthday # 5. Oh how quickly these birthdays come. Happy birthday, my baby! You are my little fella - forever!!! You make us so happy and WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

(Pictures of today's birthday celebration to come shortly)


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