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Friday, September 2, 2011

I've been having terrible knee pain for the past several weeks (or actually months now)...but it's only now gotten to the point where I can't run a step without it taking my breath away. I just hobble around the house and talk about doing something about it. Well today, I went to see our ART guy who is amazing at what he does. I drove out with TJ to his office near Crocker Park and we had to wait an unusually long time. TJ was amazing and I sometimes forget that he's only 4. As I lay on the table, TJ sat behind me on the floor a asked if he could look through my purse for something. I said 'sure' because 1.) I was trying to concentrate on what the doc was saying and 2.) because I literally thought he would get one thing (like my chapstick) and then give up and move on. Ha - I was wrong. When I stood up and turned around, I was shocked to see the entire contents of my purse and wallet strewn all over the floor. It was like those info-mercials where they show you all the stuff you can fit into the "magic purse" or whatever. I guess I cram more into that little purse than I thought! Nevertheless, I looked at TJ like he was 2 all over again and asked him to help me scoop it up, which he did without question. It was not a big deal at all, but it was weird to me. He must have been really bored.

I'm not above bribing my son once in awhile and I promised him a Happy Meal if he could be patient while I was getting my knee checked out - which he was. He really wanted to eat inside McDonald's and I obliged. But when we drove around the parking lot three times and couldn't find a single open spot, I told him that we'd have to drive-thru and he said, 'aw, okay mommy.' No complaints, just a bit of disappointment. We sat in the lane and talked about which Ben 10 character he was going to get in his box and I hoped for the blue one. He hoped for red - his favorite color, of course. When I handed him his Happy Meal box, he went straight for the plastic package and ripped open...a baby toy. From the back seat, TJ said, "um, mom? it's a baby Ronald McDonald in a wind-up airplane that doesn't work". I was so disappointed for him and I said I was so sorry...and that they must be out of Ben 10 guys. As I sat at the red traffic light, I waited for his reaction. He was quiet for a second and then said, "It's okay, mom. Don't be sad. We'll get another one someday. I'm sure it's a fun toy for some kids." I wanted to cry! He was worried about ME being sad. I know this may not seem like a big deal, but it really was to me. That boy has a good heart.

Last night as I was planning in my head, I made a mental note to bring TJ's swim suit in case the splash pad was still turned on. I'm pleased to tell you that I was successful! So we moved on from our picnic lunch in the car to the splash pad. Here are some pictures to save me 1000 words in this blog.

T made friends quickly and they made me laugh out loud. The biggest boy (and I mean oldest when I say biggest), hugged TJ when they left. It was cute. We ended up staying for two hours because he was having such a blast and it was so darn hot. T helped me pick out a few things at Trader Joe's on the way back to the car and then I took him for a sweet surprise. We went on a date to Max & Erma's where I told him he could make his own sundae at the sundae bar. He was so excited and actually ate two bowls of it. The second bowl was mostly just toppings (and chewy sweet tarts) which is the way I like to eat my sundaes too. Minus the chewy sweet tarts.   : )

We were beat after that, and Mr. Biggles was nearly asleep as we pulled into the driveway at home in the late afternoon. Tim came home an hour or so later as TJ was getting dressed after his bath. We had dinner as a family and then they moved on to wrestling in the living room. (Barf!) Nights have been emotional for TJ lately. We think it's because he has so much fun playing in the daytime that he doesn't want it to end. I can understand that for sure - but oh, I look forward to the day when bedtime isn't such a challenge.

All in all, today was so great and I am appreciative of how easy T made it. I LOVE good-listening-and-very-little-whining days!  


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