Sunday, April 27, 2014

So Much to Say...So Much to Say

Tonight, TJ went in to kiss Drew goodnight as usual, but he was a little late. So he went in after I had left. I was lucky enough to hear him through the monitor. He whispered in a sing-song voice through the crib slats, "I love you, Drew. You're my best friend. Have a good sleep. I'm gonna try and kiss your tiny hand. You're so cute. I hope you have dreams that money turns into bottles and you can drink them all night long." Oh my gosh, I was dying on the other end of that monitor! Oh how I love LOVE! 

TJ had baseball practice this afternoon. It's been so darn cold so Drew and I watched from the car while Daddy shivered by the fence. TJ was in "ready stance" much of the time. He drew in the dirt here and there, jumped around a lot and then had some great plays and hits and swings too. Mostly, he had fun. Which is the MOST fun part about watching him. T had flag football camp 3 nights last week. It was freezing out and super windy so keeping Drew warm and happily active for an hour and a half each night was a little tricky. But TJ had a smile on his face the entire time and I can't even describe how it made me feel. He's had to work on being brave and trying new things a lot in his short little life. Okay, even trying old things. But even so, he gets out there eventually and then gains some confidence in himself and I can't wait to watch that continue. He is such a great kid!!! 

In church tonight, TJ went happily into his class and Drew came in to the service with us as usual. Well, he was ALL about the singing tonight. I held him facing forward and that boy kicked his legs so hard and shook his arms so fast I thought he was gonna take off and fly up on stage. He belted out some happy screeches and some loud DADADADA's for a good 15 minutes. When the speaking started, he wanted to continue his talking and mid-air jumping so after awhile, I had to take him out. He didn't cry or fuss one bit. He's come a very long way!

Yesterday, TJ lost his 7th tooth. He pulled it himself! Yes, it was dangling and it made me shiver every time I looked at it hanging there...but he wanted to do it himself and he did a great job handling the blood. : ) 

Also yesterday, Drew army-crawled halfway across the floor in the living room. Whoa. Bondi and TJ were there and we all jumped back in surprise. Oh my goodness, was Drew ever proud! He squealed and grunted and then got back to it. He exhausted himself! Today, he went back at it. For a few minutes, I left TJ in charge while I changed the laundry. Seconds later, T yelled to me that Drew was clear across the room and trying to get under the couch. What a stinker! My life is forever changed : ) as I will be scanning the floor for silly bands and Legos every single second! 

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was walking to the carnival with TJ and holding his hand while we both pushed Drew in the stroller. My dudes had their sunglasses on and we played all the games a million times. TJ got his face painted, Drew laughed at TJ for 2 hours straight and then we walked home. TJ's favorite part was trying to win a cake...and having his brother along. Sigh. 

Next blog, I'll write about Culler's Farm. One of my favorite places on earth.

This boy loves his tongue.

Our little Jabba the Hut.

1,000 words.

Swimming lessons! He swam ten laps this day!

Drew loves food!

TJ loves food too! : ) He never stops - ha!


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