Tuesday, July 1, 2014

best summer weekend ever!

This was quite possibly my favorite weekend of all time. I can't name exactly why, but...well, actually I can. Tim was home all weekend and we weren't overplanned!  We had big pool time, back yard baby pool time, lots of walks and just hands-down the best family time ever. Woohoo!!

We have lots of fun coming up and we have exhausted every single moment of summer thus far. :) I promise.

Couple updates on TJ:
* TJ's only got one baseball game left but they are doing great and having fun. Sunday night's game was called about 20 minutes in due to the storm that came along. It was fun watching the dark clouds roll in.
* He's working on some chapter books (we love Junie B right now) and is writing in a summer journal

* Drawing is still a constant love of his and he's working on a TMNT book right now

* He changes his favorite super hero every 30 minutes or so and is sure to tell us about it : )

* He spent 2 nights at Lakeside with Bondi and Poppy and I had a rough time being away from him that whole time...I'm not gonna lie. But I made it and so did he and it was nice to have some time with Drew and adjust to summertime.

* He spent 3 days last week at a day camp at church (Beulah on the Road) and LOVED it. He learned a lot, climbed a giant rock wall and made some great friends. He also liked telling people that he spent several hours away from his parents at a camp and felt very proud about that. He's becoming more independent. Eek!
Couple updates on 9-month old Drew:
* He growls. All the time. It's hilarious and cute and a little weird all at the same time. I'm trying to capture it on video but haven't gotten that lucky yet. Ha! If he's concentrating on something like walking with his walker or splashing in the pool, he's growling.

* He gives kisses. Aww!

* He loves splashing in the tub and the pool. Swimming lessons start next week so I'm excited to see both boys swim like fishes!

* He is constantly saying and chanting "Dada"! And today he's been saying "DayDay" "Dah Day" and "YeahYeah" for TJ. I LOVE IT! It's so exciting.


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