Friday, November 27, 2009

Monkeys and Turkeys

It looks sort of luau-ish but it wasn't meant to be. It's just fun decorations for my 3rd birthday party!!! We had our very immediate family there and it was a packed house! At first, it was hard for me to understand that everyone was there to celebrate ME! But I got it after awhile. I took my time with each gift and even loved up each card. Wow - I had lots to open...and I can't even think of naming everything I got. I'll just say that I have a lot of new things to play with and wear. My parents are thrilled that we have so many new things to do during the day. THANK YOU!
See my focus in opening prizes!?! "Thank you everybody!" was my quote of the day.
Mommy and CC made monkey cupcakes for me...and they turned out pretty good. Oo oo ah ah!
Happy little family of 3...including a boy who is now 3 himself!!!
"I love you Cleveland!" You should hear my tap-tap-tap 1,2,3,4 ...before I hit the drums.
Mommy and Daddy are truly freaking out about how I'm changing so quickly. I've said "gah-bidge" since I learned how to talk...but I correct myself almost every time I say it now. "Can I take the gah-bidge out, Mom? I mean, uhhh, let me try it...garrrr-bage." Ugh, Mommy's heart crumbles when I say it right. She likes my little accent.
I got to have Thanksgiving at Bondi's and Poppy's as well as Grandma's and Grandpa's! We ate tons of turkey, sweet potatoes and desserts! Actually, I didn't eat much at all. I had a fever for 2 days and haven't felt like myself for a few more than that. Everyone worries about me - and they take care of me like I'm priceless. I am.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!!!


Snowman with Daddy!!!

Wow - this morning we woke up and Daddy rushed in to get me. He said "TJ LOOK, THERE'S SNOW!" And we went out and played in the snow to make our first wintery man of the year! It's the day after Thanksgiving...and getting coldies!

I'll be writing about my birthday party and T'giving this evening, but was too excited to share this with you all now. Love you!

Love, TJ


Monday, November 16, 2009

"Three in November!"


When people ask me how old I am now, I'm going to have an adjustment to make. Up until about a month or two ago, I would answer "2 1/2". But lately, I've said "three in November" when asked about my age. Today...I turned 3 years old. Mommy and Daddy really cannot believe it!

Daddy and Mommy decorated the house last night. Daddy had to leave early for work and when I woke up at 5:30, Mommy crawled into bed with me and I slept a record long sleep...we got up at 8:15!!! When I walked downstairs, I gasped at the decorations and said "you SURPRISED me!" I was so excited.

I wanted to go to the zoo, so Mommy happily packed us up! Mommy and I had the greatest time alone there. She had a hard time walking because she ran a marathon on Saturday, but really thought a forced walk would help. (It didn't.) My big request was to see the sharks which really proves I'm growing up. Sharks used to be one of my dislikes at the zoo. Anyhow, we spent tons of time in the buildings and had fun looking at the fishes and the monkeys. We caught the tram on the way down and ate a hot pretzel. We had lots of fun snuggling up - taking our time and singing 'happy birthday' a lot.

Mommy told me that I used to live in her tummy ... and that I even slept in there! Today, I stuffed a shark down my shirt and said, 'hey look Mom! i have a baby in my tummy.' Mommy took a few more minutes to explain it to me. I still don't get it. (Don't worry - she sure didn't say much. She told me Daddy will have lots to explain to me someday...but definitely not anytime soon.)

After the zoo and an afternoon of fun at home, Daddy came home from work. We had a super family dinner then ate some sweet treats for my birthday. We wore silly birthday hats and got sick on sweet stuff. Mmmmm!

We played a few games together on the floor then I was OUT like a light before my normal bedtime. What a day!

Check back soon for a recap of the past few weeks. It's been awhile!
Love, TJ-3


recap in less than 30 seconds!

made a robot with cc and paul. named him awesome-o. let mommy and daddy run together. jumped in the leaves. learned new music. sing the wrong words. don't re me. danced to the fresh beat band. went to grandma's and grandpa's for a grandpa's birthday party. ate lots of chocolate fudge cake. fell asleep on the drive home. didn't fall asleep in bed forever. got dressed up for halloween. walked around the neighborhood with mommy and daddy. begged like a dog for candy. ran up and down the sidewalk. kept asking 'can we go to another one' eighty times. went to another one, eighty times. got freezing cold. warmed up by the fire at bondi's and poppy's. passed out more candy. had to look at everyone's costumes before giving them any. hugged lots of kids. scared a lot of kids (kidding). told the princess she was beautiful. told my mommy she was beautiful. got bit by a kid at church. had to see the doctor for antibiotics. wore a different bandaid every 10 minutes. let it heal. went back to church with no fears. found out i'm a big boy. went to richmond, virginia. drove for hours and hours. saw a fort where mommy and daddy ran in college. heard about daddy's weird hair in college. heard about daddy's weird beards in college. laughed about daddy's silliness. made silly faces at daddy. slept in a hotel room for two nights. got crazy hyper in a hotel room for 2 nights. jumped to daddy in the pool a lot. splashed around with happy feet with daddy. squealed when he went underwater. screamed i love you daddy in the pool. swallowed a lot of pool water. burped a HUGE burp because of the pool water. didn't whine about it. found out i'm a big boy again. watched mommy run a marathon. hugged crying mommy after the marathon. gave mommy kisses on her happy tears. asked daddy if he wanted ibuprofen. told daddy to have a drink. drove hours home. slept most of the way. (finally). opened lots of birthday cards. hugged my birthday cards. had a birthday dinner with cake. loved my family. played family games. fell asleep easily. felt my parents watch me fall asleep. heard their prayers. said them too. love my family. love my life. see you tomorrow. sleep tight.


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