Thursday, July 22, 2010

Racing Day

 I love when he stands like this!
Sitting on Grandpa's shoulders, clapping for all the runners!
  Hellllooo, baby!
Ooo, ouch. Shouldn't have taken off those glasses!

Grandma and Grandpa met us out at the Johnnycake Jog last weekend so Tim and I could both race. I warmed up with TJ in the babyjogger pre-race and then when they arrived, Tim took TJ over to them. They cheered for us, played with TJ and helped him climb fences. Tim and I cooled down (a joke to say that when it's 90+ degrees outside) with TJ and had a nice family run. Thank goodness TJ loves running the way he does. And thank goodness he didn't beg to race us after the race like he usually does after family runs. It wouldn't have been pretty! We were cooked.


 In the big pool today...
 Kick, TJ! Kick!
 Superman arms! Doesn't he look serious?
 Aw, cute!
 Standing proud and tall.
Talking to the fish, and listening to the fish. Preparing for the crawl stroke. Brilliant!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweet Flowers & Ketchup Packets

TJ picked the most beautiful bouquet of flowers for me!

Sunday evening or Monday morning, our internet went out. Just like that. Well, I do a lot of work from home and after trying everything to get it up again (not by my own efforts...I had Tim on the phone with me from Raleigh), I called it quits and packed us up for the zoo. We had the greatest time there...but we were both pooped from the heat and the crazy crowds! That's what I get for going on Free Monday! Anyhow, we went to Bondi’s and Poppy’s after getting home and seeing the internet was still out. Yes, I used them for their wireless. It's okay because they know that. : )

After a little while, we went to McDonald’s because TJ wanted a cheeseburger before we went home. He actually said he wanted to go to a restaurant (huh?) so I suggested McD’s. He’s was pumped. He ate a good ¾ of his burger so I let him get an ice cream cone – and the funny thing is, he wanted to go up and buy it himself. He asked me to stay at our booth so he could do it. His sticky little hand gripped the dollar as he smoothly sauntered up to the counter, handed the money to the “buyer” and asked for a cone. He looked so little up there at the counter. Little and big at the same time. Hard to explain, but I’m pretty sure most of you get when I’m saying. A few seconds later, he walked back wearing a huge shark-mouth grin holding an enormous vanilla cone. I froze that image in my mind. Forever.

That boy has a confidence about him at age 3 that I am jealous of at age 32! I hope he holds onto that and I hope I can help. (I'm working on my own self to accomplish that. I've not been doing especially well at it lately though. Check my other blog for details on that. Someday.) I once had a moment like this at McDonald's growing up as well. Only mine was completely opposite. I'm giggling to myself as I write this. My parents made me go up and ask for an extra ketchup packet. Yep - and to me, that was a hugely gigantic ordeal. At the time, my little brain was thinking - 'you want me to WHAT? are you crazy?' But I think I did it after much encouragement. I had such issues with confidence and doing things that would seem non-threatening to the normal person. I was not normal. I hated birthday parties. Amber Knopf had a perfectly fantastic birthday party planned in 2nd or 3rd grade and I cried the entire drive there. 2 miles away. (Tim is looking at me from across the room as I'm laughing so hard that tears are starting to pour down my face.) More on this later. Seriously, more on this later...there is so much to write.

Back to TJ...I just can't wait to see what he becomes when he grows up. Not so much the occupation (but of course, I'm dyin' to know what that will be). But mostly what he does, if or how he impacts people, and what he thinks of his childhood. Whoa - that's a very weird thought. Callin' it a night on that note - I'm out!


10 Hours

I caved to swimming lessons. Since soccer did not go nearly as I thought it would, I was very hesitant to have TJ do swimming lessons and I dismissed the idea of it several times – mostly because it was a daily thing. Only half an hour, but daily nonetheless. But when TJ said he really wanted to do it, I ok’d it on the condition that it was Poppy’s deal. (Poppy is my dad for those of you who don't know.) My boy and I are pretty attached and I knew that if I was the one in the water with him, he’d cling and then not learn a thing...leaving both of us frustrated. We're lucky in that TJ has a great relationship with everyone in our families and Poppy is definitely no exception. So on the first day of lessons, I was giddy inside just waiting to hear the details. Being mostly sure I'd be 100% correct in the outcome. Ha! The results of the first week and a half of lessons are unbelievable to me. I did a sneaky mom thing and hid behind the brick wall for the first few days of lessons. It was crazy cool how TJ took to his teacher, Miss Pattie. She’s a nice woman, but not overly kind and sweet. She doesn’t coddle. She teaches and expects things of her little learners. And boy did TJ love that. He’s learned Superman arms and airplane or “T” arms. He’s learned how to talk to the fish. Then listen to the fish. He’s now floating and learned to crawl stroke – “like a digger”, he says! I’m amazed and thrilled. Our boy is learning to swim, and he loves it!

So why am I calling this blog "10 Hours"? Well, I'm glad you asked. Poppy has picked up TJ at 9:15 every morning these nearly 2 weeks, and brings him back around 10:15. That makes 10 hours of guilt-free (because TJ is doing something productive and I didn't have to ask for a sitter or family member to watch him) time to do what I want! I've run each morning instead of having to wait until night time to do it - which is especially sweet on days I'm in the office. Usually I don't get my runs in those days until 9 or 10pm. Anyhow, each day I've made it up to the pool and watched a bit too. I can hardly tear myself away from watching that boy. You should have seen him TODAY! He was the only one in the class to follow directions and listen to Miss Pattie when it was time to do the song and review of what they learned. It's so fun to watch him from behind - he's got the cutest little back (a little fuzzy, like a chick, hehee!) and I want to pinch his little brown neck. Oh - what fun! I'll have pictures soon of Poppy and TJ at his final day of lessons Friday.

For now, I'm posting some of Pirate T with his parrot and treasure map. We did a little hot-n-cold treasure hunt the other day. Arrrgh, Matey!

Looking tough and mean!

Concerned that his eyelashes are touching the eye patch. Ahh ha ha.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shelf Life

Today, TJ and I were playing cars on the floor (which we've done nothing BUT for the past several weeks) when he sat up straight and said, "Ah! Mommeeeee! I am SO excited you picked me!" I looked a bit confused, I'm sure. The conversation then progressed as follows:

Wow, TJ, thanks! But what do you mean?
I'm so excited that you picked me off the shelf!
(Eyebrow raised...huh?) What shelf, baby?
In the store! I was standing there like this (stands up straight with arms tight against his sides. eyes shut) thinking you might pull me off the shelf. And you did!
Oh TJ, that is so sweet. Tell me more about that.
You grabbed the box I was in and the buyer (store clerk at cash register) put a sticker on my nose. Then you taked me out of the store and put me in the car. In my carseat. And then Jesus made me talk!!!!!!! I love you!

I tackled him and smothered him with a huge hug. Where on earth did he come up with that? It came out of nowhere in our conversation too. So silly. We were in Marc's yesterday and TJ got a little prize that he wanted to the lady had to put an orange 'paid' sticker on it. Hmmmm. The inner workings of a child's mind are so interesting!

That's my story! : )


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