Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Field Trip to Lake Farm Park

TJ braved the school bus for a pretty long hike up to Lake Farm Park yesterday. What a trip! He was so nervous but incredibly excited. I met the bus there to help chaperon the classes that went. We had a great time milking cows, planting potatoes, watching the border collie round up the sheep and more! I have to say my favorite part was the piglet drinking Diet Dr. Pepper ( my favorite ) although the bottle was filled up with milk instead. ( Not my favorite ). T's favorite part was the bus ride. Yesssss!

 We were lucky enough to have Grandma meet us out there!!!
 Planting potatoes...eyes to the sky!
Border collie doin' her thing!
Wool sample! Getting back on the bus...
 Hello blue sky! (And freezing temp in mid-May)
 Brave enough to milk that cow!


Little Artist

For quite some time, TJ has grown into LOVING art. He's always liked doing crafty things but drawing has been his passion. Especially lately. We go through reams of paper like nothing!!! Admittedly, I have a hard time figuring out how to display all our favorites! 

A few weeks ago, we signed TJ up for a drawing class after school. It's once a week and he loves it! It's fun to see what he brings home! Well, two weeks ago we received a letter from the school stating that two pieces of his artwork had been selected for the K-12 Art Show to be displayed at the College for a week. So cool! Yesterday was the reception and opening day. T decided he wanted to wear his "work clothes". These are dressed up clothes like Daddy wears to work. : ) He looked so nice! Unfortunately all the pics we have show him in his coat too. Because it's mid-May and we're still wearing WINTER COATS!

As a fam, we walked into the building and it was a sight! Tons of people, all the artwork displayed, refreshments and slideshows dressed it all up. It didn't take us long to find his painting...entitled "Home".

It was special to go as a family and see him excited about having his art selected. Something he loves to do that was acknowledged by someone outside of the family. : ) He was proud! Go TJ!

 He likes to "illustrate" bigtime too.


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