Thursday, June 13, 2013

KO's in baseball?

Are there knockouts in baseball? There sure are...during backyard catch!

TJ's wiggly tooth was officially knocked out by a toss from Daddy in the back yard two nights ago. And T is very proud of it. We were finishing up before going in for the night. Tim threw it and TJ caught the ball in his glove right in front of his face. The force of it, however, made the glove smack back into his mouth. T looked at me and I shouted, "good catch!" like an idiot hoping he'd see me not react and brush it off. But it wasn't brush-off-able. A second later, there were tears but only because of the blood. He said it didn't hurt. So after rinsing his mouth out with water into the grass, we asked him to smile and Tim picked his tooth up out of his mouth. Easiest way to lose a tooth, I guess! He was super relieved to be able to eat without it getting in the way too. Of course, we had a celebration snack before bed.

T talks differently now and it's really cute. And more grown up actually. Which is sweet and sad at the same time. I love how proud he is of it. That little gap in his teeth. And his whistle and lisp when he talks. Sweet! I hope the giant tooth takes awhile to come in.


School's's vacation time!

The school year ended and we jumped right into vacation mode by going to Florida and Disney World! Despite the fact that TJ had a super high fever and an insane, constant cough the first two days, we had an incredible time. After getting sick in Downtown Disney's Lego Store 5 minutes after arriving, we had to leave ...but it was all uphill from there.  : ) Below is a pic of TJ at the pool as we waited for our hotel room to be ready. He was so hot and feverish, but he felt freezing. So he slept under the umbrella in long sleeves and towels (and my sunglasses) for awhile...poor guy. He never even complained! 

This one is of TJ dancing in the streets just before Disney's Electric Light Parade. Once we were all feeling okay, we hit the parks as much as possible and closed them down almost every night!!! 

T and Tim were the greatest ride partners. It took TJ a very long time to enjoy the rides but once he tried them, he loved them! He had tons of questions about each little ride and we heard, "is it short?" and "is it dark?" about 100,000,000 times this trip. : )

It was only sunny the first and last days of our trip but it made walking miles in the park much better than if it had been super sunny and hot. This pic was at Epcot as we waited out the rain and lightning in a gift shop hoping the Light Show would still happen. It did! Even in torrential downpour and we loved it! 

I love this one of them!

Back at the Lego store and feeling much better! Hulk SMASH!

Patriots...with their wooden rifles! (And powdered sugar on their shirts from a funnel cake! Mmm!) 

We were blown away by The Sea part of Epcot and the amazing aquarium there!

The magical castle and Magic Kingdom and the Sword in the Stone!

It'll be several years until we go back but we've got enough memories of it to last us until then!!!


Just sittin' and talkin'

Today was another mild day in terms of temperature here...and after hitting up some garage sales with Bondi, eating donuts and spending time reading books like crazy under a sheet in TJ's room, we went for a bike ride...and ended up at the corner store. TJ loves to choose a few little candies there and sit on the front steps with me. I think I love it even more than he does.

So today, as he ate his Laffy Taffy he said, "Mom-o, when I'm old enough, I'm going to walk up here by myself or with a friend and get some candy. And then I'll call you from my phone that I'll be old enough to have and you can pick me up." It came across so precious to me and it warmed me up all over. Why? Because he's NOT that old yet. He's still my little tiny boy. And he's happy with that...and also looking forward to the future. As quickly or as slowly as it comes. My hope is for slowly. I love this time.

A few girls rode up on their bikes too as we were finishing up and one of them was in TJ's class this year. She and TJ were super happy to see each other and once they were inside, he told me he wanted to show her he lost his front tooth. I told him to go for it and that I'd wait outside. He wanted me to go with him but I gently encouraged him to do this one on his own. He did. I PRAYED this little girl would care that he lost his big front tooth and I watched his little neck through the glass as he walked over to her. I couldn't hear anything past the first few words but he DID get a reaction and then she wiggled her front tooth and they laughed. Another sentence or two and he was back out with me. It was awesome. He was all smiles when he came out and we rode our bikes home with a little plastic bag full of wrappers and mini tootsie rolls.


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