Friday, August 1, 2014

Mister Mischief

It's amazing how different TJ and Drew have been as babies. They are similar in sweetness and TJ was definitely active, but Drew is SO active and SO fast that he's more than earned his nickname of 'NonStop'. Tim calls him MeatRack and MeatBall the most and TJ and I call him BooBoo and Drew-suff (don't ask me how that started ... like Joseph I guess?) mostly. 

Drew is already trying to be very independent. He likes what he likes...and will let you know what he doesn't! He pushes our faces away or to the side if he wants to inspect our ears or play with our hair. He listens when I say 'no' to touching the fireplace. However, he will try and try and try and then shake his hands and scream next to the fireplace because he's not allowed to touch. It's quite cute. :) He is sneaky too. He sees gates as challenges and works to get out more than he plays inside. 

He's an expert stair climber too. At 10 months. Eek! Of course we have our hands around his waist but he does it all himself and looks down 3 or 4 times each flight and giggles. He gets so much satisfaction out of it! 

His inch-long white eyelash is gone. And I'm actually sad. He had this insanely long eyelash on his lower lashes (left) and it kept growing for months! But the other day, my Mom noticed it was missing! How dare it fall off and not tell me! : ) 

Right now, he has a double ear infection and we are ALL four of us on day 5 of the worst cold/flu known to man. Seriously, I can't believe how long it's taking to shake this! Lots of slow walks around the block and movies and playing guys on the floor. 
TJ will be starting 2nd grade in less than weeks. SECOND GRADE! It makes me so sad but also excited for him too. We're super proud of the kind of kid he is. We know we're so lucky that he has good judgement. We were at the playground the other day and two boys were up there (4th grade maybe?) and they were trying to break the swing for special needs kids. I asked them nicely to stop. And to think about leaving it for the kids who can't use their legs. I could not believe the response I got. And neither could TJ. Total disrespect and talking back. It was disgusting. One of them boasted that their dad was a cop and I wasn't his mom so I couldn't tell him what to do. I said something like, "well good luck in life" and he said, "well I'm kinda rich so I've got a great life." That made me break out in a sweat. Seriously, those boys are in for a rude awakening someday. TJ was very upset that they talked to me like that. My protector. 

Football starts soon! His team jersey is silver with red lettering. I can't wait! We just finished up swimming lessons and baseball so we have this week free and then back to practices and games! In swimming lessons, he only has one level left until he's completed the highest possible. He had an awesome teacher again this session. His teacher commented to me that T's an incredibly hard worker and that while this level wasn't easy for him, he never gave up. Even in the 200m final test. Woohoo! That's our boy! 

Tim and I are constantly in awe of TJ's relationship with Drew. First of all, Drew just adores TJ and whips around to look for him whenever he hears his voice. He wants to pat his head and pull his hair in adoration. Ha! But TJ's view of Drew is more than adoring. Every once in awhile, T will get tears in his eyes and say, "Mom! I can't believe we have a baby in this house. I just can't believe it! It's like Christmas every day. He is just so cute and fun. I have a brother!" It gets me every single time. He appreciates so much and I am thankful for that every minute. He's my big helper even moreso than I ask him to be. He checks on him when he naps to make sure he's still breathing : ) not per my request. Lots of love in this home. 


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