Monday, June 23, 2014

Home runs, horses and walker walking!

Lots of BIG things are happening around here! 
TJ hit a HOME RUN in baseball last week. Seriously, it was incredible! He is so fun to watch because he enjoys it and has a bit of confidence now. And he always wants to make sure everyone knows he's #5! :)
He also rode a horse (today) and loved it! What a cool experience!!!
(Fun videos at the bottom)
 Drew's realizing something here...but I'm not sure what. :)
 Cowboy T!

 Lakeside with Poppy and Bondi. TJ won!

 Mommy's favorite - mayflies. Sick.

And Drew (aka Meatball, As-Drew-Ball, Meat Rack, Meat-sickle) WALKED with the walker!
He also had his 9-month old appointment today and is in the 2nd percentile for length and beefed up to 14th percentile for weight - 17 1/2 lbs HALLELUJAH! Drew's got a nice big melon too. Head circumference was 46th percentile. It helps that he's now two weeks into being 9 months but hey, we'll take it!

(Below) Turn the volume down for these videos. I'm so annoying. Sorry!
Drew did not like spaghetti several weeks back, but he does now! How cute is his little gag here. 
Poor guy!


Friday, June 13, 2014

my hero

Yesterday was a particularly hectic day and I was icing Drew's head on the front stoop because he got a bump. TJ ran inside to grab his subtraction workbook. He was taking longer than I expected so I leaned back into the screen and called to make sure he was still coming back outside. Two minutes later, TJ pushed through the front door with a plate. He had made dinner for two! I almost fell over. There were two yogurts with two spoons, two matching string cheeses and a pile of crackers "to share". Best dinner I ever ate. My little darling saved the day. Again.

TJ's quote of the night: I can't wait to be a dad. That means I'll have to get married (his worst, latest fear) but it'll be worth it. (Pause. I can see the gears turning in his head.) We'll be a young couple.

TJ's quote of the morning: It's always better to get in trouble with someone else (than by yourself). Coming from the boy who hardly gets in himself let along with someone else. Ha!


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