Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mind the Gap

Oh I my sweet boy's mouth. He has the cutest big mouth, just like his Daddy and I mean that in the best way to both of them. That's about the only thing that makes TJ look like either of us. Anyway, from the beginning of TJ's life, we called his cry face "shark mouth". His mouth literally looks like a shark jaw/mouth when it's wide open. If you don't get what I'm saying, don't worry about it. It's not that important. : )

The title of this post is referring to TJ's little Chiclet teeth. He's got a perfect gap between each and every one of his teeth, but I noticed yesterday that the gap between his front teeth is closing. And I am so sad!!!!!!! I am not good with change - especially when it's change regarding my only child and his growing up. Oh dear how I want his smile to stay the way it is!  


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


TJ goes to a Sunday school class, we talk about God, and we pray before dinner. If Tim and I forget, TJ definitely reminds us and he typically says the same prayer each night.

                  "Thank you Jesus, for this good day. And for my family. And for running. Amen."

Well, this past weekend Tim and I took him to the park where we took turns doing a workout. While I was doing mine, TJ and Tim played soccer and baseball in the field. At one point, TJ hit the ball "high in the sky". The conversation then went as follows:

TJ: "Daddy! I hit it almost up to heaven! (whispers: What is Nonny's friend's name? Oh yeah, Paw Paw.) PawPaw would catch it and throw it back down to me!

Daddy: "That's right, TJ. He would! What would he say to you?"

TJ (Yelling loudly, since PawPaw is in heaven and would therefore be yelling loudly down to TJ): Vank you, TJ! I love it and I love throwing the ball back to you. Have a good day!

Daddy: not sure he had any words after that right darling.

TJ talks about PawPaw a lot. I'm sure he doesn't remember him, but he remembers us talking about him and sees his picture here and there. It's so sweet.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

away so long, i forgot my password!

i've completely failed in the blogging area of my life over the past few months, and for that i am sorry. for tj, actually, because i've skipped writing about so many great things he's said and done. our life (especially as of late) has been amazing, wonderful, happy ... and completely busy and overwhelming all at the same time. tj is growing up double time right now and he says and does so many things each day that i just can't keep up.

so, i'll be writing little bits and pieces here and there. i'm afraid the days of writing as tj are over. i need to tell you things from his mommy's perspective. this kid is just amazing. AMAZING!

we went through a little rough patch with tj for a short while and it really got tim and i to put a plan into action for discipline and rules, etc. about 10 days after that, tj flew back into "tj mode" and has been easy-going, energetic, good-listening tj ever since.

stay tuned for cute, funny and odd things he says as i update more often than before!  


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