Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Thousand Words (Each)


Monday, September 28, 2009


To All My Friends,

I am writing to tell you that I, TJ Budic, am now potty-trained. I go peepee (and the other thing) in the potty now. Every time. (Except in the nursery yesterday morning at church. Didn't quite pee all the way when the teacher took me a few minute before.) But anyway, who knew that stickers on a chart would work better than marshmallows and m&ms? After much anticipation and hard work, I earned my beloved DIESEL 10. I cannot tell you how excited I was to finally get it!!!

Mommy carries my "royal throne" potty in the car every time we go somewhere so I can pee in the back of the car if I need to. I can't go in a public bathroom yet because the automatic flushers creep me out bigtime. Mommy and Daddy totally understand that! I have actually asked to use the big potty at home ... much to their surprise. And I do it well. I said, "Oh gosh, I'm a little too little for this big potty. But I growing alllll the time!"

I am so proud. But not as proud as my Mommy and Daddy!
Love, TJ the Man


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GG's Tractor...


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Indians Game, Cavaline and an Announcement

I had a chance to see my FIRST ever baseball game with Mommy and Daddy! We saw the Indians play and win. Hooray! Daddy carried me in on his shoulders, then out the same way. I sat in my seat, ate a soft pretzel and watched e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g around me. I talked a lot too and had people around me just rollin' in their seats. I think the funniest thing I did was totally and utterly refuse to eat cotton candy. Mommy and Daddy were so very excited to buy it for me, and when they did...I wouldn't touch it. I was also afraid of the fireworks and asked the "men to please put the fireworks away". It was awfully cute.

"GO PRONK!" was my favorite phrase. I'd add a little "C'mon Pronk. A little contact here, Pronk" here and there too. After Daddy told me to say it, of course.

I got antsy so Mommy took me up to the Step 2 play yard and we played with the cool toys they had. There was a roller coaster and motorcycles and playhouses and stuff like that. Step 2 too -- which is awesome. Mommy got to watch the game on the t.v. on the wall. Nice. : )

I must also tell you about my newest friends. All named Cavaline. Yes, I no longer just name things/toys/etc by their obvious name. I've created a new name out of nowhere which has left Mommy and Daddy scratching their heads. One day, Mommy found an old stuffed lamb she used to have as a little girl. I got the lamb out to play with and Mommy asked me what I named her. I confidently shouted, CAVALINE! (I pronounce it cava-ween though). Since then, I've named my other animals "Cavaline White Doggie", "Cavaline Dinosaur" and "Cavaline Stuffed Car". Hmmm. I'll leave my parents guessing on that one. Hey - at least I'm consistent!

My last item of the day is this...

My Mommy has been pretty overwhelmed lately trying to juggle lots of things, so I will be even more limited in my blog writing in the future. I need to help her out around the house and play with her more and stuff, so I'll be writing about once a month or so...more or less. Sometimes I'll just share pictures. You get the idea. Anyhow, check in from time to time. See you soon!

Love, TJ


God Bless...

God Bless Aunt Jane! She went to be with Jesus this week and while she'll be missed here on earth, I think she's happy with God and her sisters and family in heaven. I was very well behaved at her funeral and even had a few people comment about how good I was to Mommy and Daddy. That made them even more proud of me than they already are! I got to pick out a flower to have in memory of Aunt Jane and I wanted to keep it in my room. It's sitting on my dresser in a nice little vase.

God Bless all the people in our lives who are going through tough times. I'm not naming names, but you know who you are. God will take care of you...even when it sometimes doesn't feel that way. He always does. I know that because he lives in my heart and I tell Mommy and Daddy that often. Like tonight. I was crying about the darkness of my room and Mommy said I didn't need to be scared...then asked me if I knew why. I stopped immediately and said, "oh, i know! because jesus lives in my heart!" They love when I say that. And I do too. I also know they come check on me throughout the night and I'm always safe.

God Bless YOU! I love you!
Love, TJ


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