Sunday, October 25, 2009

What a weekend!

What a weekend! Grandma and Grandpa came over this weekend and we ate pizza! They showed us their new car and I got Halloween prizes and candy. It was awesome. I gave them some of my latest artwork and we watched football on t.v. I rode my bike out front with Mommy until they got to our house...and when I got tired, we took a break to sing songs on the front porch. Just Mommy and me. It was fun. I showed Grandpa and Grandma my new room - WITHOUT my crib in it. Yep, it's been about a week now that I've been sleeping in my big boy bed. It is so very cool. I'm still not sleeping very well and wake up a few times in the night. Mommy and Daddy are hoping that I grow out of this stage soon...After that, Mommy and Daddy took me to Mapleside. We went down a steep, steep hill and into the pumpkin patch. They each held one of my hands going down the hill and I kept saying "am I gonna fall? am I gonna fall?" We saw a cool hay maze and tractor ride but I just wanted to get a treat at the store. So, after exploring around and seeing the cool, huge huge horses, we climbed back up the hill. I raced Daddy. I was tired! We walked around in the cool shops and I picked out a donut treat. I was brave in the fun halloween room and I made sure I told everyone that!
Sunday was another busy day! We went to a fall fest and I got to run and play in the woods. Mommy followed me as I ran after "the boys" and was so surprised to see the amazing fort they had built! I imitated every single bigger kid there. Take a look at these pics!
After playing in the woods, we played games for halloween. I waited so very patiently for my turn at bobbing for apples. And I cheered "go Ben! go Ben!" when my little friend Ben was taking his turn. I did pretty well for a little guy. I did pretty well at trying to catch a donut on a string with my mouth too. I kept asking for more games, more games. I'm an entertaining kid - there were lots of people there but Mommy and Bondi and Poppy just watched me and my interactions with the other kids. Yep, they were entertained alright. Pretty soon we had to go home.
Mommy and I ate a special dinner at Wendy's after that then headed to night church. Mommy needed to work in the nursery and it was so crowded. I actually got to be in the pumpkin room to help Mommy this time. I knew it was a big deal. I played for awhile with the baby toys and was really interested in the little baby Mommy was holding. I commented about her little tiny hands and feet, then asked if I could sing her a song! I sang "rockabye baby". I liked that she smiled at me. Another little girl was standing by the door crying and each worker (including Mommy) was holding about two kids each. They tried to calm her down but it didn't work so I went over (without being asked or told) and said "don't cry, girl. your mommy will come soon. i will dry your tears." Then I put my hands on her shoulders and looked her square in the face and said "want me to read you a book?" She didn't answer me but I ran over to get some books and sat down on the floor to read them out loud. Mommy was changing a diaper in the midst of all this and stopped to watch me. She's never been prouder! I was such a huge helper and wow, was I sweet!Love, TJ the Helper


Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Donut Man

Today, a complete stranger totally gave Mommy and me a terrific surprise! Here's the story. We went to meet Mrs. A at the Spudnut Shop for a donut. It's her first week of retirement and so we wanted to celebrate! : ) Well, halfway through my donut (with chocolate sprinkles, of course) I told Mommy that I had to go pee-pee. There wasn't a public bathroom so Mommy had to ask the girl at the counter if there was a bathroom we could use. She bragged about how good I was at using the potty and didn't want to have an accident!

A few seconds later, we were led to the bathroom in the back. After a successful trip, we washed our hands and came back out...and the donut boss stopped us. He said, "Hey, do you have a few minutes?" Well, over the next 15 minutes, he showed us how he cuts the donut dough, then he plopped circles into the oil like big Cheerios! We watched them turn golden brown, and when they were done, he scooped them out and let ME tell him how much glaze to put on 'em. I kept saying "more" and he laughed and listened to me! Boy, did I feel special! Then he dipped one in Halloween sprinkles and put some warm ones in a bag for us. Can you believe it?

It was such a cool surprise tour of the donut shop and the man was so very nice that it just made my day! I couldn't wait to blog about it. I ate more donut at the table with spinning chairs. The man came back out to see how our warm donuts were and the three of us smiled with our mouths full. Know what he did next? Let me sit at the counter on a spinning stool and turned Elmo on the t.v. for me. Then gave me some dough to run my truck over - again and again.

Thank you, Mr. Donut Man! Your kindness to a little kid will never be forgotten. Plus, I'll tell all of my readers to GO TO THE SPUDNUT SHOP in Berea!

Love, TJ


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Is it sunny out?

Well, yesterday it was definitely rainy and chilly. Daddy and I were the perfect, most awesomest (yes, that's gotta be a word) family members ever. We stood out in the cold rain at the middle school track while Mommy did a workout. We cheered her on and she said it helped immensely. I had lots of warm clothes on as well as my yellow fireman raincoat. I chased after Mommy for such a long time and Daddy kept trying to get me to play football, soccer or baseball (catch). I did for a bit, but all I wanted to do was catch Mommy. Daddy and I ran together for a bit to yell "Look! We're all runnin' together" on Mommy's last interval. Whew - in all, I ran about a mile and a quarter. Not bad for just a little guy. I won't be doing that again anytime soon. Made my parents nervous.

So, to answer you're welcome for being yours and Daddy's biggest fan.
Love, TJ Sugarbean


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I don't miss a thing!

So, early this morning I wet my bed. Mommy rushed in because I was crying and she said "no big deal! let's get you dry and clean and then we'll snuggle up in my bed!" That made me feel much better and it was cozy once I got dry. But in the midst of having my wet clothes peeled off me, I whimpered, "Ummm, Mommy? Am I still a man?"

Mommy pretty much laughed and cried at the same time. She reassured me I was still very much a man. : ) Accidents a theme from Elmo's Potty Time and I do quote that if I have an accident. I don't miss a thing.

Another thing I don't miss is quotes from books. If Mommy reads any little tiny piece of a book differently than the day or night before, I call her on it. Daddy too. Seriously, guys, if you're gonna start skipping phrases in a book, make it consistent. Which Mommy has learned to do. But, she had a slip up last night. While reading one of my library books, Mommy said "he said"...and I interrupted her instantly and said "no no no, mom. it's "Mungo said at last", not "he said". Oh my gosh, she was pretty surprised. Then she started stopping mid-sentence to see if I could finish, and I did. Every time.

At dinner, Mommy asked me who the dedication was to in my Big Wheels book. I said "Shoshi, Shira, and Megan". Ha! I was right on.

Well, my birthday is coming up and I'm starting to talk about it. When I see something cool on tv, I don't ask for it. Nope, I'm too polite for that. I do say "maybe we could get that someday". Over and over. But now that my bday is near, I say "hey, maybe we could get that someday for my birthday!"

I don't miss a thing.
Love, TJ


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