Saturday, December 27, 2008

FiberMan (Spiderman)

FiberMan! I don't like fibers (spiders) at all, but I do like FiberMan. I was telling Mommy all about FiberMan today in the kitchen and she just had to write a quick blog about it. She asked me lots of questions about him and how he spins his web and such. I answered "mmm hmmm" and "uh huh, yes" to all of them. Mommy sure knows a lot about FiberMan. I have more stories to tell, and don't have the time just yet...but wanted to document this little item.


I Finally Look Like Mommy!

I got these glasses at a party with my friends in Charlotte. I've worn them before - several times. But today was a special day. I wore the glasses while I read in my chair by myself for 15 minutes...without moving. Then I wore them while I played with my trucks and cars. And continued to wear them through dinner. I got ketchup on my plastic nose and laughed. It was so funny!

I forgot to put this picture on my Christmas blog. I have a thing for nativity scenes. At Bondi's and Grandma's and Mommy's houses. I talk about how "Baby Desus is seeping" and I put barnyard animals cars in with the wise men. Note the "hot tot-ter" on the top of the roof.
Seriously, how adorable is this picture!? Mommy took about 75 pictures of Daddy and me playing video games. I love to push the buttons. Uh Paul and Aunt CC brought it over the other night to play and I couldn't stop goin' for the buttons!


Magical Memories

This is the first Christmas that I promise not to forget. Last year, I learned to walk at Christmas...but I don't remember it. This year, I got to see almost every person in my family. And I got to hug them. And kiss them. And thank them repeatedly for each of my wonderful gifts.

I can't tell you how many amazing prizes I got for Christmas this year. So many wonderful, fun prizes that I hardly understood that they were all for me! I have such a loving, generous family and I know they love me. It's great! Thank you guys so much!

Christmas morning, I woke up in my room and Mommy and Daddy came to get me. I didn't remember that it was the big day...but they reminded me and I got excited. For what, I wasn't sure...but I got excited. I went to Bondi and Poppy's house for brunch and prizes with Nonny and GG and Uh Ben, Uh Paul and CC. Daddy said the prayer before we ate and, as always, I flung my arms out to the sides when we were finished and said "AAAAMEN!" It was sweet! Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa's. We opened more prizes with Uh Bill and Auntie Wissa. I got to see my new cousin Logan and his Mom and Dad, Lauren and Peter. Auntie Marcia and Lisa and Auntie "B" and Uncle Michael were all there too! I got to show off my personality. I sure love my whole big family.
Here I am, eating ranch dip...plain. I have a big ranch tooth!
This is one of Mommy's favorite pictures of me. The look on my face is indescribable.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

Okay, so I don't have an Auntie Em...but it is so COLD and WINDY here today that I feel like I'm in the Wizard of Oz...and it literally sounds like our house is going to blow away! The windows are screeching, the walls feel like they're about to cave in and we're a second away from moving back to Charlotte while STILL in our house! Yikes!

Let me also add that it is currently 1 degree here in Berea, Ohio. Yep, you read it correctly. It is ONE DEGREE here in the great state of Ohio. You can't walk outside without catching your breath and freezing your eyelashes off. It's what I call "toad"... or cold. Our friends in Charlotte have kindly told us that it's been in the high 60s and low 70s lately. Brilliant.

I need to note here that I'm counting to 3 and like to say "two eyes! two eyes on snowman" without being prompted. I like to say "I see ball! I see reindeer!" when we drive around and see all the twinkling lights and things. I am getting back into my normal bedtime mode and Mommy hopes it lasts. She likes when I'm happy! I do wonder where she goes when I sleep...and when I wake up, I call for her and boisterously say "Mommyyyyy! Way ahhh you????" (Mommy, where are you?) She comes and gets me pretty soon after she hears that.

Well, I just wanted to tell you how cold it is here. I'll write more tomorrow...

Love, Toad TJ


Thursday, December 18, 2008


Please pray for my friend Kayleigh in Charlotte who is fighting for her life! I won't go into details because she has her own blog and I'd love it if you would go there for just one second and see her pictures...and pray for her right now. I don't care if you're great at praying or you've never done it matters! Little Kayleigh is nearly 6 months old and has not seen her pink nursery at home yet. She's still in the hospital and almost weighs 5 pounds now! Her Mommy and Daddy are very special people and need your prayers too.

Please go to and pray for my beautiful friend!

Love, TJ


Monday, December 15, 2008

No bed. No bed. NO BED!

So, I hate going to bed. Yep, you heard me. I hate it. And if I'm not being clear about it, just come over to my house around 7:30 or 8 and you can see and hear for yourself. It's not because I'm a bad boy. I'm not. I just love being awake so much that I hate to see another day end. "No bed" comes out of my mouth very sweetly at first. Then I say it with a little panic infused. Then...I get angry. I used to be sad about bed, but would say ni-nite and walk upstairs like my normal self. Now, I get mad and then switch gears by being happy to brush my teeth. Then I get mad again. We "weed books" and "bwush teef" and "kickle and song". But if I'm still awake when Mommy or Daddy is done singing and tickling my back (which is every night), I scream at the top of my lungs and do shark mouth. Shark mouth is what my Mom has called my little cry mouth since I was born. My sweet little lips make the shape of a shark's mouth when it's open ... silly fact you may want to know. Or not.

So anyhow, bedtime has been a battle. So far, I'm winning. I'm a little worried though because my Mommy has been getting some great advice from her friends on facebook and Bondi and if she follows through, I'm in trouble.
Can you believe I'm driving already? Actually, it's my Grandpa's hot rod in that picture. Daddy got a cool picture of me in it when we were at their house on Sunday. I really, really liked it! I also like running laps around the room - any room that I'm in - anytime. " )
Alright, I guess I've got to go back to bed. Mommy will worry if I'm not in my crib when she checks on me. G'nite all you fends (friends)!


Pee Pee in the Potty!

I am a big boy now. I just had my two-year check up at the doctor and it went really well! (Much to my Mommy's surpise!) I'm going to my Mommy's favorite doctor...and since she's friends with her, it made me feel a lot more at ease being there.

When we walked in, I said my name at the front counter and then played very nicely and curiously with the "tee-chee tcees" (c'mas trees) in the lobby while Mommy filled out eight thousand forms. I tooted a few times but said 'sue me' after each one. I made a lady in a wheelchair go from 'kying' to happy and laughing in a few minutes. It was nice of me to do, huh!

When my name got called, I walked back (I walk just like my Daddy) with Mommy and didn't cry when I got on the scale! Usually it's very scary to me. Anyhow, I weigh just a bit under 30 pounds and I'm 35 inches tall. Mommy did a height predictor and almost fell over when she saw that I could be 6 feet tall when I grow up! She's pretty happy about that, but can't imagine looking up at me eventually. Weird.
I met my new doctor and was tentative but I was very polite. I let her look in my ears (unheard of!) and press on my tummy. I even opened up VERY wide when she wanted to look in my mouth. Hooray for 2-year molars. They're in! : ) Then my doctor friend left and Mommy and I played with cotton balls until the nurse came back in. I saw the two needles in her hand and started yelling "ride car! RIDE CAR!". I let her stick me...and then cried out "I sowwy! I sowwy!" The nurse felt so badly that she gave me some Pringles stix and some Cars stickers. I got over it very quickly.

I still have little, tiny bruises on my sensitive thighs from the shots, but I was proud to walk in the front door of our new house and tell Daddy "two shots! two shots! kying. kying." He didn't blame me for crying. I got big hugs and snuggles on the couch with popcorn. It was a good night after that!!!

The next day, I felt so big and brave that I wanted to go potty on "Tee-Day's pott". So Mommy told me she had to take my diaper off and I was okay with that. So, after two tries, I went pee pee in the potty and had a few drops come out. I was so excited. SO excited! I've done it again since, but I'm in no hurry to be potty trained. Mommy knows boys take longer and she doesn't want to have me do it until I'm ready. I'll let her know.

Love, Brave Little TJ


Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter snow in the new back yard...

Today, Mommy and I went out to play in the snow. It took about 40 minutes for her to get me dressed in my "so pee-ants" (snow pants) and everything else. (Lots of times, I wander around and play while she's dressing me.) Then she got dressed up for the cold and we went out to explore our new yard. There's a little swingset and slide in our new yard and I went straight for it...dragging my feet as I went. I just LOVE to kick the snow and "watch it" fall over my boots.

I went on the baby swing. Then the big boy swing. And then climbed the climbing wall to the slide and went down fast! My snow pants on the plastic slide made for a really fast ride and I did it a few times. I landed flat on my back in the snow and there was NO way I could get up by myself. "Hope! Hope!" I had to call out for help because I was dressed in so many layers. Mommy had to laugh before she helped me up. Nice, Mom. Nice.

Then we went over to play with cars and trucks on the steps of the back deck. I lined up all the cars and trucks just like I do inside. Then I stacked them until they fell. I played hard for nearly an hour with Mommy. We took a walk around the yard and looked at footprints and through the fence at the neighbor's yard. I didn't talk a whole lot because I was working so hard. I asked for a "kee-nux" for my nose a few times and pointed at a squirrels because I wanted to "tut-ch 'em".

When we went inside, I cried but got over it pretty quickly when I got a cookie.

I still say "day du" all the time so my polite nature is going strong. I say 'no' a lot still but I've added a twist and say "no, day du" a lot too. It's actually worked quite a few times for me. I'm not sure why I say "sowwy" so much...gonna have to figure that one out.

Yesterday morning, I had so much fun playing in the bathroom sink while Mommy got ready for the day. She washed her face - so I washed mine too. Then she was putting makeup on, so I washed the wall. I colored on the window with a wet Q-tip and then brushed my teeth without any help. We're loving the double sinks in the bathroom. Woohoo!

I have a BIG story for you tomorrow, but Mommy wants to post a picture with it so you'll have to wait til tomorrow. Love, TJ


Santa and Buzz

I went to a pancake breakfast at my Mommy's old high school this weekend. Her PawPaw used to sell tickets for it every year. PawPaw would have been very proud of how I acted. When Daddy asked if I wanted to see Santa, I said "yes". And when we walked over to him, he asked me again if I wanted to sit on his lap. I said "yes". And then I did it. I actually walked up to him...sat on his lap, studied his face, smiled for a few pictures, and then got my Slinky and left. My Mom's mouth was on the ground the whole time. She could not believe how brave I was. I'm gonna have to find last year's picture...just to remind you all of how much I did not like the man in the red suit at that time. Shoot, I was just a baby then.
The picture of last year is at the kitchen sink here in the new house. Every time Mommy washes my hands in that sink, I look over at the picture and say "Bebe" or "TJ" and then I say "ky-ing". Mommy laughs and says yep, but that I'm a big boy now. "Be boi", I say. Cuz I am.

Buh White-ear is my new favorite character to name. I think Buzz Lightyear is so cool, but not as cool as You-ey (Woody). It's funny, Mommy and Daddy just put two and two together and discovered that I say "to wescue" (to the rescue) and "ahmbee-and" (and beyond) just like the movie too. Mommy kept thinking I was saying armband and didn't know why I was talking about an armband. Duh, I was saying to infinite and beyond!

Okay, that's enough of my chatter. Love you all, TJ


Biker Dude

I have a serious look on my face here because I am seriously pumped that I got Cars!

Auntie Wissa helping me unwrap my Elmo Live whom I love.

Tiss 'em. (I like to kiss Elmo on the nose...aaaand knock him over so he'll ask me to pick him up again.) So cute!
I'm growing into my bike ... and love to ride it around the house! I have a sweet helmet that I wear all the time (mostly when I'm NOT on my bike...hehehe). Randomly, I'll just yell out "hull-met" and put it on for the next hour.
I make vrooom vrooom sounds on my bike and it is so unbelievably cute when I turn corners and try to ride it around the perimeter of my train table even though I know it won't fit.
Loooooove, TJ


The Wig

My Mommy and Daddy got to go to the Cavs game last Friday night and had an AWESOME time. Daddy kept smiling at Mommy because she had a silly grin on her face all night...screaming for LeBron and the rest of the boys. At one point, she was ready to go defend LeBron when a fight started to break out on the floor. (He's a big boy though, and took care of himself.) The seats were ON the floor and so incredible. LeBron's mom was right down the row and Mommy kept staring at her diamond-covered hat wondering how much it was worth. (No, she was not considering stealing it.) Nonny got to babysit me ... thank you, Nonny! : )
It was Anderson Verajao wig night so Daddy gave me his the next morning...and I am still wearing it a few days later. I put it on my Elmo, and my Curious George and other things including my own head!

Love, TJ


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Catch Up

You probably thought I quit blogging, huh! Well, we've been through a lot over the past few weeks. A lot! And now I'm ready to start writing again. See, now that I'm two, I talk non-stop and have new words and sayings so often that it's hard for even me to keep up. If you ask me my name, I'll tell you. If you ask me how old I am, I'll tell you. And if you ask me who I pray to at dinner, I'll even tell you that (d'sus). But the best question I answer now is: what is your favorite drink? I say "dort-munder". Yep, I tackled that word last night at Bondie's house and they all couldn't believe it. Silly TJ.
For Thanksgiving, I was all ready to go to Grandma's and Grandpa's house...when I started throwing up all over the place. Mommy knew something was up when I just wanted to lay around all morning and fell asleep on her lap watching the parade. Yes, that is so very unusual for me that Mommy silently thought something might be brewing. But she didn't say anything. When I woke up from my nap on her, she went upstairs to get her purse - and when she came down, Daddy and Bondie were cleaning up my throw up. Mommy scooped me up and rocked me, trying to settle my screaming down. It was so scary! I drenched my Mommy in throw up all day and we both had to change about 5 more times until my sad little tummy had nothing left. Daddy and Mommy slept on either side of me in bed that night. They didn't sleep much because they were so worried about me. The next day, I was pretty weak. I just wanted to "way down" on the couch and when I got picked up, I couldn't even hold my own head up. I had lots of people loving me though and taking good care of me. Bondie bought me some great popsicles for sick little kids...and I ate a bunch of them so I wouldn't get dehydrated. I had a blue mouth for 3 days! : )
Sunday afternoon, Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Bill and Auntie Melissa (wee-wah or wissa) came to see our "new house". I love saying that phrase and I say it every time we drive onto our new street! They loved my new room and I got tons of prizes. Grandma brought me a cupcake that looked like a turkey and I ate all the icing by myself. Mmmmm. I have a sweet tooth just like my Mommy! We watched Cars and played with my new toys and had an awesome afternoon.
Tonight, I went to a winter parade with Mommy, Daddy and Bondie. We bundled up and saw horsies, Clifford, Elmo (I was afraid), tons of tids (kids) dressed up and singing, and got CANDY! Santa was my favorite at the end. I got to see him up close while the parade stopped for a minute. It was very cold and I looked pretty cute all snuggly warm. I ate a cay cane (candy cane) on the way home. Yum!
For some reason, I screamed during my whole bath tonight. Mommy and Daddy hope I'm not going into another stage of hating baths. Oh boy.

Now that we have internet in our new house, I will be back to writing more and more. I'll add pictures soon as well. Promise! Love, TJ


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