Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hide your remotes and cell phones!

I am a true stereotypical as that may sound. I am. No, I don't sit on the toilet and read the paper (yet), and I don't think I'm the only person that can drive (yet). I do, however, go after the tv remote and anyone's cell phone. Basically, if I can see it, I go after it. I like to drool all over it, turn the tv 'on' and then mute it or change the channels. I'm pretty good at it. Another thing I'm good at is dancin'.

Now, my Mommy and I had a big day today. On our morning walk, we said 'hi' to Ben and Jerry (how ironic is that!) in front of our grocery store and when we got home, I was a little bit fussy. So Mommy turned on some music and we had a dance contest! An old Beastie Boys song came on and Mommy was dancin' up a storm to get me to laugh. It didn't take long to should see her dance! We had a little dance contest goin' on and Mommy said she won. I let her win, actually. I can't do as many moves as she can. I can't even stand up yet! I mean, c'mon!

We ran a lot of errands and I got to watch Mommy try on funny sunglasses at Target. She didn't buy any because they made her look like a bug! Big glasses are in, but she just looks stupid. Don't yell at me for saying that. She said it about herself first! : ) After some stores, we hit the library. I was too tired by then so I cried when we went in. We're going tomorrow though. Mommy wants to find storytime for me and check out the cool library in Matthews. I'll definitely be up for it!

This afternoon, I had a bath and made little bubbles come up from the bottom. Okay, my bottom. My Mom thought it was so cute so I might just do it again. My hair and my skin smells so clean right now. Mmmmm. I also got to eat some vegetables today. That means, I officially eat more vegetables than my Daddy! Yeah for me! My Mom is just worried about what my diaper is going to look like in the morning as a result. I'll see what I can do for her!

Bye, Friends! Love, TJ
PS-In this picture, she is not pinching me. She is tickling me to get me to smile for the camera. I just wanted to clarify that for you. Okay, bye.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gusher's Fruit Snacks

I was the best little boy ever today on my first "non-family social outing" since being born. Mommy got to know some girls over email from our new church, and decided to take me to a new park to meet some new friends. She was nervous about going but I give her lots of strength. So we went...and had THE BEST time. I was such a great kid! I sat on Mommy's lap on the playground and then got down to play on my tummy and back on a blanket. I didn't make one peep the whole time and there were tons of kids there. Mommy thinks I might be shy. She's never had any reason to believe that before, but once we got in front of people I didn't know, I was quiet as a mouse! I slept on the drive home and I can't wait to go to the Sprinkler Park next week. I'll be sportin' my new swim trunks. Hopefully, the babes will want my digits. Gotta work on my abs until then...

Daddy bought Gusher's Fruit Snacks the other day and my Mommy told me today that her heart was gushing with pride at how I did with my new friends. Does that mean that her heart is leaking fruit juice? I'm trying to figure it out.

After our time at the park, we went to Kohl's so Mommy could return a pair of work pants Daddy bought. She tried a couple of t-shirts on and I told her which one I liked best. I slept the rest of the time until we got home. Then, I had a bowl of oatmeal. It wasn't too hot, and it wasn't too cold. It was jussssssst right. Mmmm. I washed it down with a little bit of a bottle and then filled my diaper up to the brim. What a relief!

We just got back from our evening walk. We left pretty late compared to usual, but Mommy wants me to stay up as long as I can because she misses me when I sleep. Daddy is gone on a trip too, so that makes her very lonely. Good thing she has ME! I keep her nice and busy. Anyway, we passed tons of houses on our walk and Scooter pranced next to the stroller the whole time. He was great.

I'll have an exciting report tomorrow. We're going to another park with the babyjogger, and then we're going to see if Mommy can find a place to get her hair cut. I can't wait!

G'nite y'all! tj


Monday, May 28, 2007

Weekend at Budic's

My Grandma and Grandpa B and Auntie Melissa came to visit our house this weekend! It was a fun time and I was pretty crabby for awhile. But I got over it most days and played with them a lot. We went for walks in the 90 degree heat, wore out Scooter so he was actually good at home, and had a fun cookout too! I have a new ceiling fan in my room thanks to Daddy and Grandpa. I love to stare at it and it keeps me nice and cool.

I can make a new noise, everybody! I rattle my tongue against the top of my mouth and make a "brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" noise. There is really no other way to explain it. Actually, there probably is but I just can't figure out how to explain it. It's so cute though and I do it all day long.

You know how Indiana Jones was named after his dog? Well, my Auntie Melissa gave me a new nickname after the red soil of North Carolina. She now calls me "Soilhead" because my hair is exactly the color of the soil in my backyard. My Mommy giggles just thinking about it.

They are on their way home now and we are sad. But, it won't be long before I see them again. Maybe they will come back for my Grandma's birthday!?!? Mommy and I went to the track to watch Daddy do a steeple workout today. It was so hot and I was very good with Mommy...she walked me around the track with my hat on and an umbrella. Ella. Ella. (That's for Uncle Bill.)

I get to look forward to the park tomorrow with new friends, Auntie Melissa and Uncle Bill in a week, the beach after that, and Grammie and Poppy (or whatever I name everyone) in July. This summer is going to go so fast!!!

love, tj


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Killer boots, man!

Do I look like a million bucks, or what!?!?! My Grammie gave me these boots and even though they're for kids "age 2+", I almost fit in them. I am a silly boy with very big feet. I have big hands too. The nurse commented on them when I was born. She said to my Mommy, "you know what that means, don't you?" My Mommy was afraid of her answer. The nurse said, "He's going to be a pianist!" Somewhat relieved, my Mommy chuckled, "Ohhhh."

Lately, when I eat, I grab at people's faces. Mostly my Mommy's because she and Daddy are my only feeders here in Charlotte. But when I'm sippin' my bottle, I reach my arm up and pull on mouths or hair or lips or chins or whatever I can grasp. It's really fun to see my Mommy and Daddy wince in pain when I yank on their face or hair. They don't stop me because it's cute. Obviously, I run the show in this family. So far. So good. I wonder who my disciplinarian is going to be. Hmmmm.

My Mommy was mopping the floor while watching the Cavs game (don't even get me started about the series so far) and my Daddy was painting the bathroom. All of a sudden, the mop goes flying and Mommy yelps really loud! I could hear her all the way from my crib! Apparently, a huge black wasp flew out of the handle of the mop straight into her eyeball! It bounced off and did a swirly around her head. Daddy came running out of the bathroom and they chased a big huge wasp around the house with Cooking Light magazines. They couldn't find the fly-swatter. (Maybe because they don't have one.) After a minute or two, the wasp took off and they haven't seen it since. Only the wasp knows where he's laying his head down for the night. Guess Mommy and Daddy will be sleeping with their mouths closed tonight.

Welp, see ya later! tj "boots" budic


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Art of Sleeping

I believe sleeping to be one of my greatest talents these days. Through the years...okay, months, I've mastered the art of sleeping. My habits have been changing (for the better, Momma says) and I thought I'd walk you through my steps of mastering the act.

Here, I am a new beginner at sleeping. I didn't sleep much when I was in my Mommy's big fat belly. I mostly kicked around and turned A LOT, making it hard for my Mom to do much of anything without her whole tummy changing shape because of me. So, when I came into the world, it was a shock.

When I was a teenie baby, my Mom and Dad had a hard time figuring out my sleep pattern. They soon figured out that if my arms were up over my head, that meant I was really "out" and would be sleeping for awhile. Mommy will never forget that.

Sometimes you need a partner to sleep best. For me, my Daddy is a great sleepin' shown. Mommy loves this one-it's her two favorite dudes takin' a nap. Other times, you need to have your mouth open. It's more relaxing even if it is a tad bit embarrassing.

The "tongue out" method of sleep is even more relaxing than the mouth open method, but sometimes, you just need to put your head down on your desk or, in my case, saucer and float right off to sleep. Keep in mind, this may leave a funny mark on your forehead.

Lately, I've been excellent at keeping myself from sleeping. I rub my eyes and crinkle my nose and kick my legs to tell my Mommy I'm tired...and keep myself asleep. Just a few minutes ago, I was so sleepy that my eyes were rolling back in my head (which Mommy hates because it looks scary)...but I kept on rubbing my face with the back of my chubby little hand to stay awake. I slap my knees and try my hardest to stay up at times...but I always lose that battle. Snuggling with my Mommy or Daddy and suckin' on a bottle does me in. Besides, with a pal like Benjamin Bunny, sleeping is a nice end to my happy days. Can't wait for tomorrow!

Go Cavs! Go LeBron!
love, tj


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Time Flies...

I know I already wrote today, but I just can't believe how much I've grown since I started breathing air on my own 6 months ago. Take a look down memory lane. Mommy is sad about this already~
A day old...gee, I kinda look like a doll. Don't I?
A month old or my Gap "prison" outfit.
Not sure what I was crying about here. I was such a baby. Seriously. Wahhh.
And now I'm starting to become a big boy. Well, I have a lot of growin' to do...
Just wanted to say 'hi' again!
love, tj


Overalls, overall.

I have to admit, I thought I made it through my last appointment to see the Doc in the clear. Wrong. Last week I went in for a skin rash and it's all gone. Today, I had to go back for my 6-month check up...and 2 shots. Now, my Mommy wanted to slap that nurse up side the head when she jabbed my pudgy thigh with those needles but she held herself under control. I, on the other hand, let her have it. I kicked the nurse right in the forearm after she "shot" me and the needle cap went flying. Then, I screamed at the top of my lungs for a minute. My Mommy picked me up and I just sobbed a sad little sob. Okay, a sad BIG sob. I had cried so hard that I kept sighing to catch my breath and my Mommy just wanted to die. I think it was harder for her than for me.

When I got home, Daddy picked me up and I just snuggled right into his armpit with my whole fist in my mouth. Then Mommy changed me, washed my face, and gave me a bottle. I fell asleep in no time. I've been pretty crabby ever since, but can you really blame me?

I got to see my Grandma's and Grandpa's again this weekend! We finally sold our house in Cleveland and my Mom and Dad had to do a bunch of stuff to close on the house. So...I got to see Cleveland again. It was so much fun. I went for walks and played with toys and had new people to hold me all day long. Vader got "friendly" with my diaper bag and Scooter peed on the new carpeting. I saw two doggies get in trouble!!! I even saw my Great Grandpa a few times. He still knows my name and tells me I'm so cute. Over and over! : ) I got to see friends at a cookout too. I was pretty good there and even got to hold a baseball bat BY MYSELF! I'm a strong little kid.

Just in case you were interested in my teeth, I now have TWO (count 'em) TWO teeth in my mouth. I play with those guys all day long with my tongue and make silly noises. I was in the Jumperoo today, and started to get sad again. So, my Mommy was jumping and dancing in front of my like a weirdo. I laughed. Then I cried again. She tried to get me to say "Dada" or "Mama" or "Doggie". But I just felt like crying. Then, she said "Can you say, Peepee?" and I laughed. PEEPEE! She said laughing. So I laughed again. But that was it. I think she was afraid of me actually saying "peepee" as my first word. Wouldn't that be cruel if it was my first word? How embarrassing. I already know what I'm going to say first...but I'm not telling. It's a secret.

I love my overalls! I have lots of them and I just love 'em because it's like I have a built-in toy attached to the front of me! All I have to do is look down and chew right on the top of the overalls. PERFECT! Ingenius!

Until my adventures tomorrow...


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Food! Food! Food!

Hi Guys! Wow-I just ate my first "real" food and it was great! It was pasty and tasty all at the same time. My Mommy tried it "just to see" what baby rice cereal tastes like and she made a funny face...not me. She said it tasted like paper. I'm not sure what paper is, but I might end up liking paper too because this stuff was not bad. At first, I wasn't sure what to do with a spoon in my mouth, but I got the hang of it and just slurped the cereal right off the spoon. I spit it out a few times just to do it, but I ate most of it.

I tried to experiement at the end when I was full. I thought I could blow bubbles in it (just like my spit), but when I blew with the spoon in my mouth, all the thick cereal just flew off at my Mom. She laughed but I got it all over the high chair and all over her. I did this a few times before she said "ooookay, we're done". I think she's a slow learner. : )

On a sweeter note, my Mommy told me I have such a sweet smell. My own smell. She doesn't know how to describe it, but it's just my own smell. My whole room is filled with it and, contrary to what you may think, it's not the smell of poopy. It plain old sweet TJ smell. She wishes she could bottle it up and save it for my whole life. She's getting sappy on me...I'm gonna have to stop being so cute.

Well, my Daddy and I played and watched the men build the huge houses in our back yard while Mommy packed us up for our little trip. I just kind of melt into my Daddy when he holds me and I never squirm. I am pretty sure he's my favorite to cuddle with. Well, I'll attach some pictures of my first food experience that my Daddy took. Hope you like them!

love, tj


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Name Game

My Mom and Dad are really silly because they call me all sorts of names besides my real name...which is TJ. They call me: Lumpkin, Rufus Nader, Cheeseburger, Poopy Pants, Munchkin, Little Red, Cheech-n-Chong, Mr. Bigglesworth, Mr. Wiggles, Human Bean, ChickaChicka Slim TJ, and name a few. I smile every time they call me one of my other names! : )

Today, my friend Tenley came over. She's sooo nice and gentle. She talks to me in a cute voice and kisses me which I like because she's so pretty. We went to Kohl's because my Mommy had a coupon (she loves her coupons!) and some time to shop. I didn't get nuthin'! But I did get to grab at clothes on the rack and Mommy played with some Backyardigan toys with me. Then she put them back on the shelf. Hmmm. Not fair. But, I'll forget tomorrow. I have so many great toys here at home. Not in my crib though. I have to go to sleep when I'm in my crib because it's so boring!

I turn 6 months old tomorrow...AND I have a Dr. appointment. I'm thinking that spells trouble. I really, really hope there aren't shots in my future. I hate those needle things because they hurt and they make Mommy cry too.

My Auntie Care Care sent me a package in the mail the other day that had my Mommy laughing her head off. I think she did it to get on my Daddy's nerves. She's funny like that. Anyway, it's very comfy and I plan to wear it a lot. What do you guys think? She's a character - just like me!

I'm going to elevate my legs now! See you tomorrow!
love, chickachicka slim tj


Monday, May 14, 2007

Watch out Jackie Chan!

Whew! I had a great day of playing with my fire engines and pooping all over myself...all the way up my back. I surprised Mommy with my "gift" when she lifted me out of my Jumperoo today. I got a bath right after she held me and Daddy wiped me off. It was definitely a two-person job. I felt gooooood after that! : )

I am WAY into pounding, slapping, and backhanding everyone, everything and every dog that gets in my way. Oh, I don't mean any harm, but I just lose control over my arms when I get excited! So, I turn around every which way and swing my strong Jackie Chan a run for his money. Not only that, but when I'm sittin' on my Mommy's lap, I like to slap her leg 15 times or so before taking a break. Then I start all over again. When I'm in my Jumperoo or my saucer, I pound on the plastic bubble and try to get the butterflies out. I can't figure out how to do it, but I'll keep on trying.

My high chair is so cool! I sat at the dinner table with Mommy and Daddy today. They pulled up my high chair in between them and I played with my toys on the tray while they ate. I was so cute. I look so little in that thing. I think I'll attach a picture so you can see what I mean.

Daddy gave me a mo-hawk today with baby lotion. I look sweeet baby! My hair is getting long on top and my bald spot in the back is starting to fill in. My hair is still pretty reddish, and Mommy hopes it stays that way. She calls me little red sometimes. I'm not sure if I like that or not. Tomorrow, I'll list some of the other names my Mommy and Daddy call me. There are LOTS so I need tonight to make a list for you.

Love you guys! ~Lil' TJ


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Just Plane Fun

So, today is my very first Mother's Day. I've never had a mother before, so I'm particularly enjoying this was a day for just Daddy and me. Daddy bought Mommy a portrait of Audrey Hepburn (he calls her Aubrey and Mommy laughs). Then we got Mommy stuffed french toast from IHOP (her request) and we ate it together before church. Then Mommy had all day to herself to do whatever she wanted. Turns out, "whatever she wanted" was to be with us. She went to Target for some things we needed, and came home before running because she missed Daddy and me so much. Seriously, she looked frantic to see us! Anyway, it's been a great day watching basketball and doing boy stuff. I sure love my Dad!

I just HAVE to tell you about my FIRST PLANE RIDE! I went to Cleveland for a few days because my Mommy needed to see her Pawpaw who has been in the hospital with pneumonia and other complicated things like that for over a month now. But, of course, she wasn't going to drive just us and Daddy had to go to Florida for work. So, I got to go on an airplane! My trip TO Cleveland was a little scary. I cried when we first got on the plane and then I got a bottle. I whined a lot but didn't really cry so no one threatened to throw us out the window. BUT! The plane ride home was the best.

Mommy said our travels on Friday are her favorite mother-son memory so far. How cool, right?! Well, my Mommy was sad to leave her Mommy and Dad but she packed us up and we went to the airport. I got a new umbrella stroller for the airport and I rode around in it up and down the corridor for an hour. I had so much fun! I just carried my giraffe in my hand and smiled at everyone that went by me. When it was time to get on the plane, I didn't cry one bit! I fell asleep at takeoff with the bottle in my mouth and then I woke right up! After I finished eating, I jumped on Mommy's lap for at least 40 minutes. There was a man snoring across the aisle from us, and I LAUGHED OUT LOUD whenever he made the loud noise. The people around us were laughing at me. It was so fun! Mommy got a huge kick out of this and was soooo very proud of me. I shouted and sang and screeched ALL in happiness and didn't even whine one bit. When I got tired, I put my head on her shoulder and hummed for awhile. Then I got spit all over her neck and blew bubbles in it for awhile. That got boring and I fell asleep for the last 25 minutes or so. I didn't budge even when it got bumpy and Mommy felt sick. But my little self made her feel better because that's what I do! : )

Well, my little tooth and I are going to eat some dinner and then go to bed. I've been such a good boy that it makes me tired! G'nite everyone! Love, TJ


Break Out the Toothpaste!

Break out the toothpaste, everyone! I have my first tooth! It broke through about 2 days ago. My gums were really swollen and you could see my little tooth underneath for awhile. But now, it is OFFICIALLY here! Mommy is a little sad because I already look different! She says I'm already growing up too fast! What does she know. I've just started. : )

I can't wait to show off my tooth. I touch it with my finger and lick it with my tongue all day long. I even smack my gums and make different sounds because I know it's there now. Lately, I especially love my plastic animal chain links, my saucer, my camera, and my toes. Oh, and my animal book that makes noise!!! I am the one that contols it and I know it! Mommy puts it between my baby seat and the backseat of the car so I can press the buttons with my feet. She gets a kick out of me making the animal sounds...she thinks I'm so smart!

I got to see my Grandmas and my Grandpas this week! It was AWESOME! I miss them all so much. And I was pretty well-behaved too! I showed them my jumping skills and my screeching skills and my swollen gums!

Daddy is putting together my high chair right now. I hear they're pretty cool! I cannot WAIT to go in that thing. Rice cereal starts soon and I have no idea what I'm in for. Yippee!!!! I am SO very interested in everything that people eat these days. I grab and grab and Mommy and Daddy talk about being excited to let me try things but they haven't given me any yet. You have no idea how frustrating that is!

I'll write more today. I realize I took a break from blogging and I have to write about my first plane trips. Whoa. I want to be a pilot when I grow up. So far...

love, tj


Sunday, May 6, 2007

without my daddy...

i'm going to be without my daddy for a few days and that makes me so sad.

he's going to florida for his work, and i'm proud of him for what he does...but gosh, i love my daddy.

g'nite daddy!


Saturday, May 5, 2007

Poop on Daddy

Hello Everybody!
Today I have been my sweetest EVER! Daddy carried me in my front pack and we cheered for Mommy during her race. She was very happy with how she ran, but she was even happier to see Daddy and me yelling for her. She even smiled. She's silly. When Mommy went on her cooldown, Daddy and I went back to the Envoy to wait for her. Daddy smelled something bad coming from my diaper region, and changed me. What a surprise he had!!! Poop everywhere! He used almost a whole pack of wipes just to clean me up. When Mommy got to the car, I was asleep on Daddy and I didnt have any pants on. Daddy had this look on his face and Mom couldn't stop laughing. With me, even POOP is cute.

When we got home, I played for awhile and then ate some of my bottle. I've been eating a lot less lately. I think it's because I'm not in the middle of another growth spurt and my teeth really hurt. Anyhow, after my bottle, I just stared up at Mommy and starting singing. Then, my eyes got heavy, and I just hummed. Mommy put me on her shoulder to burp me and I blew bubbles in my spit on her neck...while humming. I just sunk my little face into her neck and did that for awhile until I fell asleep. Mommy cried a little bit. I make her so happy!

I keep forgetting to tell you that I like to sleep with my feet pressed against the bars of my crib. When I go to bed, I'm centered, but then when I squirm around and stuff, I usually flip the other direction and then put my feet against the bars. I do this almost every time I'm in bed. I'm not sure why...maybe because Mommy and Daddy elevate their legs so often. Hmmmm. Speaking of saying, "hmmm", it reminds me of humming. Hummm. Hummm. Hummmmmm. It's so fun to do.

Well, I am going out to dinner with the family tonight, so I have to be going now. Gotta go put on my jeans and a tight shirt to impress the ladies. ~tj


Friday, May 4, 2007

i don't even know what words are!

i'm tellin' you what, it's a very good thing that i won't remember this time in my life. my teeth have been hurting so badly! my gums are so swollen on the bottom that my mommy thinks i'll have a tooth or two there in the next week or so. she can feel something hard underneath!

my mommy and daddy are very excited about this...but i'm not sure if i am or not. i guess i'll let you know. but i'm wondering, just where do these teeth come from? do they just form and pop up for what? i don't think i have two sets of teeth just waiting in my jaws to come out one day...but the whole idea just perplexes me. then again, everything perplexes me because i'm a baby. actually, i can't think enough to be perplexed, so nevermind. i don't even know what words are!

speaking of words, my parents keep trying to get me to talk. but once i start, i don't get to stop so i'm just taking my time. they keep saying "say 'dada' tj. say 'mama' tj". and scooter says "say 'doggie' they don't get rid of me!" yep, he says that when we're alone because he's just been so bad lately that mommy is getting very, very fed up. she almost never gets mad at anything except maybe i'll say 'doggie' first, just to see what happens.

well, mommy is racing in the morning so i need to get a good night's sleep. i slept like a CHAMP last night...12 hours. so i think i'll go to bed in an hour or so. i had a great day. OH! and i get to try rice cereal in a week or so. not sure what i'll think, but i will keep you informed!

love, tj


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Bear...

Hi Friends!!!
My Mommy says I have a "fuzzy little chick head" because my hair is so soft and it tickles her face when she kisses me. She does that a lot! It's funny that she calls me that because today we saw a million baby chickies!!! Let me tell you the story:

Daddy came home from his morning run, and told Mommy that one of the chicks at the lake had fishing line caught around his leg and there was a huge knot at the end that kept getting caught on rocks and things. Daddy tried to take it off, but the big momma goose got really angry. So, Mommy decided that she and I would go to the park and tried to save this chick. I got so excited that I squealed really loud.

When we got to the park, we didn't find the geese right away. After walking twice around the lake, we ran into them. Mommy took tons of pictures and I'll post them here. A few minutes later, she saw the little guy with the fishing line around his leg. The momma goose kept stepping on the line and tripping the chicky. The momma goose let my Mommy very close, but once she touched the fishing line, the silly goose went after her. Back and forth they went, the protective goose and my Mommy. Finally, we walked back to the car and my Mommy told a ranger guy in a truck about the chick. Poor guy. Mommy is still worried about him.

After that big day at the park, I fell asleep before I even got into the car. I'm so cute!
Until tomorrow, TJ


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